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We’re going to tell trainers how to find "Vullaby" IconVullaby and evolve it into "Mandibuzz" IconMandibuzz in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask in this guide. Looking for the best Mandibuzz competitive build too? Don’t worry, we’ve got trainers covered there too. As a returning Pokémon to the Kitakami, Vullaby is in demand for Pokédex completionists, so let’s get straight into it.

How To Find Vullaby

Fast Travel to Paradise Barrens to find Vullaby wandering around in the wilds there. We found our Vullaby towards the south west side of Paradise Barrens. Use a "Quick Ball" iconQuick Ball when encountering for a solid chance of capture, failing that have a level 60 to 65 Pokémon or level 100 with "False Swipe" iconFalse Swipe and a status move.

(1 of 6) Head to the Paradise Barrens fast travel point.

How To Evolve Vullaby Into Mandibuzz

Vullaby evolves into Mandibuzz at level 54, so with the wild Vullabys being above level 60 in Paradise Barrens, trainers only have to gain one level to evolve.

(1 of 4) Vullaby evolves into Mandibuzz at level 54, so just raising one level will trigger an evolution.

The Best Mandibuzz Competitive Build

Stat Description
Level 100
Tera Type Flying
Nature Sassy
Ability Big Pecks
Held Item "Leftovers" iconLeftovers
Moveset "Brave Bird" iconBrave Bird, "Iron Defense" iconIron Defense, Payback and Roost
Base Stats HP: 110 Attack: 65, Defense: 105, Sp. Atk: 55, Sp. Def, 95 and Speed: 80
EVs HP: 252, Attack: 48, Defense: 36 and Special Defense: 172
IVs HP: 31, Attack: 31, Defense: 31, Sp. Atk: 0 Sp. Def. 31 and Speed: 31

The Big Pecks ability and "Iron Defense" iconIron Defense combination make Mandibuzz an amazing wall. Start by building up Iron defense three or four times and use Roost when hitting a rough spot. "Leftovers" iconLeftovers and Roost also balance out the self-inflicting damage of "Brave Bird" iconBrave Bird, so it’s well worth taking the risk. Finally Payback and a low speed stat makes for a solid quick-hitting move that gets damage dealt quickly.

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