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Delibird Presents: Levincia Item List

Jessica Dillon

Delibird Presents is a unique shop where you can exchange money for rare items. These items are needed to help boost Pokemon stats, evolve certain Pokemon like "Eevee" IconEevee, and customize your "Rotom Phone" iconRotom Phone.

The second Delibird store you will encounter is in Levincia, just up the road from the Electric Gym.

Below we go over everything this location sells and what the items will do for you in battle.

!Delibird Presents storefront in Levincia.

Delibird Presents Levincia

You can find the Levinca Delibird shop located at the top of the city. Simply right at the northern Pokemon center and it will be in the last shop building across from the Center: Map Marker

Battle Items

Delibird Presents Battle Item List.

Item Name Description Cost
"Soft Sand" iconSoft Sand Boosts Ground-Type Moves. 3,000
"Black Glasses" iconBlack Glasses Boosts Dark-Type Moves. 3,000
"Black Belt" iconBlack Belt Boosts Fighting-Type Moves. 3,000
"Never-Melt Ice" iconNever-Melt Ice Boosts Ice-Type Moves. 3,000
"Twisted Spoon" iconTwisted Spoon Boosts Psychic-Type Moves. 3,000
"Metal Coat" iconMetal Coat Boosts Steel-Type Moves. 3,000
"Loaded Dice" iconLoaded Dice Helps Multi-Hit Moves Hit More Times. 20,000
"Shell Bell" iconShell Bell Restores HP When an Attack Hits an Opponent. 20,000
"Metronome" iconMetronome Boosts The Power of Repeat Moves. 15,000
"Scope Lens" iconScope Lens Boosts The Chance of Critical Hits. 15,000
"Eject Button" iconEject Button Switches out your Pokemon if they are hit with an attack. 30,000
"Wide Lens" iconWide Lens Boosts Accuracy 20,000
"Covert Cloak" iconCovert Cloak Protects Pokemon From Moves’ Secondary Effects 20,000

These are the unlockable items from Delitbird Presents.

Item Name Description Cost Unlock Requirment
"Black Sludge" iconBlack Sludge Given to a poison-type Pokemon to restore 6.25% of their health, if the Pokemon holding this item is not a poison-type, then you lose 6.25% of their health. 10,000 Four Gym Badges
"Eject Pack" iconEject Pack Switches out your Pokemon if their stats are lowered. 30,000 Four Gym Badges
"Heavy-Duty Boots" iconHeavy-Duty Boots Keeps your Pokemon from being affected by traps. 20,000 Four Gym Badges
"Protective Pads" iconProtective Pads Your Pokemon can’t be hurt from making contact with an opponent. 15,000 Four Gym Badges
"Safety Goggles" iconSafety Goggles Levincia "Delibird" IconDelibird Presents Your Pokemon will be resistant to powder-based moves and weather. 15,000 Four Gym Badges
"Scope Lens" iconScope Lens Your Pokemons Critical Hit ratio is increased by one. 15,000 Four Gym Badges
"Zoom Lens" iconZoom Lens Accuracy is boosted by 20% if your move lasts the whole turn. 10,000 Four Gym Badges
"Lagging Tail" iconLagging Tail "Trick" iconTrick room can no longer affect your Pokemon, and they will always go last. 20,000 Post-Game
"Iron Ball" iconIron Ball Your Pokemon gets a 50% speed reduction and is now able to be affected by ground-type moves. 20,000 Post-Game
"Flame Orb" iconFlame Orb The holder will be burned at the end of every turn. 15,000 Post-Game
"Red Card" iconRed Card If your Pokemon has a phsyical moved used agaisnt it, it will retreat from battle. 30,000 Post-Game
"Ring Target" iconRing Target Your Pokemon will disregard its immunities when being damaged. 10,000 Post-Game
"Room Service" iconRoom Service Lowers your speed when "Trick Room" iconTrick Room is active. 20,000 Post-Game
"Sticky Barb" iconSticky Barb Your Pokemon will take 12.5% damage each turn, but if an opponent attacks you, they will lose 12.5% Health, and the item will latch onto them if they aren’t holding an item. 10,000 Post-Game
"Toxic Orb" iconToxic Orb Poisons your Pokemon at the end of each turn. 15,000 Post-Game

General Goods

!Delibird Presents General Goods List.

Item Name Description Cost
"Fire Stone" iconFire Stone Makes Certain fire-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Thunder Stone" iconThunder Stone Makes Certain Electric-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Leaf Stone" iconLeaf Stone Makes Certain Grass-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Water Stone" iconWater Stone Makes Certain Water-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Sweet Apple" iconSweet Apple Evolves "Applin" IconApplin Into "Appletun" IconAppletun. 2,200
"Tart Apple" iconTart Apple Evolves "Applin" IconApplin Into "Flapple" IconFlapple. 2,200
"Red Nectar" iconRed Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Baile Style. 300
"Yellow Nectar" iconYellow Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Pom-Pom Style. 300
"Pink Nectar" iconPink Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Pa’u Style. 300
"Purple Nectar" iconPurple Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Sensu Style. 300
"Smoke Ball" iconSmoke Ball Guarantees Your Pokemon Can Run 15,000
"Soothe Bell" iconSoothe Bell Makes Pokemon Calm. 5,000
"Everstone" iconEverstone Keeps a Pokemon From Evolving 3,000
"Power Weight" iconPower Weight Reduces Speed, But Helps HP Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Bracer" iconPower Bracer Reduces Speed, But Helps Attack Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Belt" iconPower Belt Reduces Speed, But Helps Defense Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Lens" iconPower Lens Reduces Speed, But Helps Special Attack Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Band" iconPower Band Reduces Speed, But Helps Special Defense Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Anklet" iconPower Anklet Reduces Speed, But Helps Speed Stat Grow. 10,000

Poke Balls

!Delibird Presents Poke Ball List.

Item Name Description Cost Unlock Requirment
"Poké Ball" iconPoké Ball Lowest level ball. 200
"Great Ball" iconGreat Ball Provides a better catch rate than a Poke Ball. 600
"Heal Ball" iconHeal Ball Heals its Pokemon and Eliminates Status Ailments. 300
"Net Ball" iconNet Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Water and Bug-Types. 1,000
"Repeat Ball" iconRepeat Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Pokemon That You’ve Already Captured. 1,000
"Nest Ball" iconNest Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Low-Level Pokemon. 1,000

Rotom Cases

!Delibird Presents Rotom Phone Cases.

Item Name Cost
"Pikachu" IconPikachu Case 6,000
"Eevee" IconEevee Case 6,000
Cream Case 1,000
Dark Green Case 1,000
Wine Red Case 1,000
Orange Case 1,000
Sky Blue Case 1,000
Navy Blue Case 1,000
Cocoa Brown Case 1,000
Dark Brown Case 1,000
White Case 1,000
Black Case 1,000
"Swablu" IconSwablu Case 5,000
"Combee" IconCombee Case 5,000
"Applin" IconApplin Case 5,000


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