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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Beat Arven In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to beat Arven during the Path of Legends story in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. In order to battle Arven, you must first defeat all of the titans:

Once you’ve fought all the titans, you’ll need to head back to the Lighthouse near Poco Path to battle Arven.

Time to battle Arven!

How to Beat Arven In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Arven is tougher than you might expect. For starters, your Pokémon should be around Level 63 as this is the highest level in Arven’s Pokémon team. Arven has a total of six Pokémon that he’ll bring out during this battle and he doesn’t just collect Pokémon of one type unfortunately. As you’ll see in the table below, Arven has a wide range of different Pokémon types. With this in mind, you’ll need to make sure your team is quite varied! At this stage in the game you’re probably already crafting the perfect team to go up against the Elite Four and Top Champion Geeta.

You’ll want to bring a good Fighting Fighting Pokémon will be good for dealing extra damage to "Greedent" IconGreedent, Garganacl and Mabosstiff. A strong Grass Grass Pokémon is also a good shout, as they can deal extra damage to "Cloyster" IconCloyster, Garganacl and Toedscruel (x4 damage!) - the Sprigatito evolution, Meowscarada, is particularly strong for this battle.

Arven’s Pokémon Team

Since Arven can bring out any of the Pokémon to counter your current Pokémon, you may want to think carefully about which Pokémon is your first to battle. You don’t want your strongest Pokémon to be one shot by a good counter!

Pokémon Level Type
"Greedent" IconGreedent 58 Normal Normal
"Cloyster" IconCloyster 59 Water Water and Ice Ice
Scovillain 60 Grass Grass and Fire Fire
Toedscruel 61 Grass Grass and Ground Ground
Garganacl 62 Rock Rock
Mabosstiff 63 Dark Dark with Dark tera-type.

Greedent (Lv 58)

Greedent is the lowest level Pokémon of Arven’s bunch. It’s a normal-type and it’s biggest attack is the "Body Slam" iconBody Slam move, which does quite a lot of damage! You’ll want to bring out a Fighting-type Pokémon to do x2 damage! "Close Combat" iconClose Combat is a strong fighting type that you can one-shot Greedent with!

Use fighting moves to do big damage to Greedent!

Cloyster (Lv 59)

Cloyster is a water and ice-type Pokémon that you’ll be able to deal with easily if you have a strong grass type. It does possess the psychic move "Light Screen" iconLight Screen, which reduces damage from special attacks for five turns. This hopefully won’t be too much of an issue if you have strong grass-type moves like "Seed Bomb" iconSeed Bomb or Meowscarada’s signature move, Flower "Trick" iconTrick.

Light screen

Best bring out a strong grass-type to deal with Cloyster.

Scovillain (Lv 60)

Scovillain is a Fire and Grass-type so it knows some strong fire and grass moves. It seems to mostly use "Fire Blast" iconFire Blast, which is a powerful fire move that will do a ton of damage. Try not to bring out any of Pokémon weak to fire as they’ll likely get one-shot! A Grass and Fire type Pokémon can be a bit annoying to navigate as you’ll find that Pokémon that do x2 damage to Fire types often do x0.5 damage to Grass types. Rock types do x2 damage to Fire types and Flying and Poison do x2 damage to Grass types so those are your best bets.

Scovillain is a rare Grass and Fire-type - quite a tricky combo to navigate.

Toedscruel (Lv 61)

Toedscruel might be one of the most brutal Pokémon in Arven’s team. Toedscruel uses the move "Earth Power" iconEarth Power very frequently. It looks like a fire move but it’s actually a special ground-type move which inflicts a lot damage. Avoid bringing out Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock and Steel-type Pokémon as they’ll undoubtedly get one shot. Try to bring out something that takes x0.5 damage to increase longevity, such as a Bug or Grass-type. A strong Bug-type could would take x0.5 damage and deal x2 damage against the Toedscruel!

Toedscruel also knows the grass-type move Spore, which can put the target to sleep. Naturally, this can be quite devastating so ensure you have a strong Pokémon that can take Toedscruel out in one or two turns!

Toedscruel’s earth power is quite a damaging move!

Garganacl (Lv 62)

Garganacl is quite the tanky Rock-type Pokémon. It uses "Stone Edge" iconStone Edge and "Stealth Rock" iconStealth Rock. Stone Edge is a damaging move and has a high critical rate, whilst Stealth Rock will make an entry hazard in which opponent Pokémon will be damaged upon entering the battlefield. Bring out a strong water, grass, ground, steel or fighting type to deal x2 damage to Garganacl.

Garganacl is a rock-type - use Water, Grass, Ground, Steel or Fighting type moves to deal with it!

Terastallized Mabosstiff (Lv 63)

Mabosstiff, the cute dog you’ve been helping cure this whole time, is your final opponent! It comes into the battle and is immediately terastallized. It knows the fairy move "Play Rough" iconPlay Rough, which may catch you off guard. It will do x2 damage to Fighting types. We would still advise using Fighting Types, just ensure that you have plenty of healing and revives to keep your strong Fighting type alive. The Fighting type move Close Combat is great for doing big damage!

Terastallized Mabosstiff.

Once you defeat Mabosstiff, you’ll have concluded the battle against Pokémon Trainer Arven and finish up the Path of Legends story path.

You’ll need to finish the Starfall Street story and Victory Road to access Area Zero and the post-game content!

The Path of Legends is complete!

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