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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Prepare for Area Zero

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to prepare for Area Zero in the crater at the center of Paldea in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon Team for Area Zero

This will most likely be a given by the time you reach the final chapter in the game, but you’ll need a strong team. We’d recommend starting with a team of at least level 70 to save on healing items and to handle Area Zero efficiently. A good type coverage spread is always good, we tackled the area with the following team:

Pokémon Moveset
Meowscarada Flower "Trick" iconTrick, "Grassy Terrain" iconGrassy Terrain, "U-turn" iconU-turn, "Play Rough" iconPlay Rough
"Dragonite" IconDragonite Extreme Speed, "Outrage" iconOutrage, "Thunder Punch" iconThunder Punch, "Fire Punch" iconFire Punch
"Tyranitar" IconTyranitar "Stealth Rock" iconStealth Rock, "Earthquake" iconEarthquake, "Stone Edge" iconStone Edge, "Crunch" iconCrunch
Pawmot "Wild Charge" iconWild Charge, "Dig" iconDig, Revival Blessing, "Close Combat" iconClose Combat
Armarouge "Expanding Force" iconExpanding Force, "Psyshock" iconPsyshock, "Flamethrower" iconFlamethrower, Armor Cannon
"Azumarill" IconAzumarill "Hydro Pump" iconHydro Pump, "Play Rough" iconPlay Rough, "Tera Blast" iconTera Blast, Superpower

Make sure to bring some strong Pokémon with you into Area Zero!

Items to Use in Area Zero

In addition to a strong We would also recommend stocking up on the following items before entering. There will be lots of new Pokémon to catch and some challenges that will require healing items:

Item Use
"Quick Ball" iconQuick Balls To save PP and time during wild Pokémon encounters. Use them at the start of an encounter for the best catch chance.
"Timer Ball" iconTimer Balls To catch awkward Pokémon that won’t stay in an "Ultra Ball" iconUltra Ball. Use when an encounter has gone over three turns.
"Dusk Ball" iconDusk Balls Ideal for catching Pokémon in caves and dark areas that take up the latter half of Area Zero.
"Ultra Ball" iconUltra Balls The strongest type of standard Pokéball. Use once an encountered Pokémon’s health is in the red or has been knocked down significantly and has a status condition.
"Max Potion" iconMax Potions Fully restores the max health of any Pokémon.
"Revive" iconRevive "Revive" iconRevive a knocked-out Pokémon.
"Full Heal" iconFull Heal Cure any status condition.
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