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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Beat Miriam (Academy Ace Tournament)

Vincent Lau

This is a guide for defeating Miriam the Instructor during the Academy Ace Tournament in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

No need to worry about getting hurt with the school nurse around!

Miriam, the school nurse, is one of the trainers you can fight in the Academy Ace Tournament. She is a random participant during the second tournament onwards. She can appear during the first, second and third rounds.

What is the Academy Ace Tournament?

The Academy Ace Tournament is a single elimination tournament, consisting of 4 rounds, that you can participate in during the postgame. Your opponents will be trainers and faculty members from Naranja/Uva Academy.

To unlock the Academy Ace Tournament, you must complete the Area Zero story, perform the Gym Inspection for Geeta and report the results to her back at Naranja/Uva Academy.

Recommended Pokémon for Miriam (Academy Ace Tournament)

Miriam has a decent variety of Pokémon, so you should bring a good mix yourself. Ground, Bug and Fire types would be useful to have.

Her Pokémon are between Level 65 to 66, so you should be fine with Level 66+ Pokémon.

Here are some recommendations, if you need help:

  • Chi-Yu, a powerful Dark and Fire Legendary, found in a sealed shrine.
  • "Volcarona" IconVolcarona, a Bug and Fire type found in Area Zero.
  • If playing Scarlet, Great Tusk, a Ground and Fighting Paradox found in Area Zero.
  • If playing Violet, Iron Treads, a Ground and Steel Paradox found in Area Zero.
  • Clodsire, a Poison and Ground type, especially if it has the Water Absorb ability. You can catch one in North Province Area One, near the swamp.

What Pokémon Does Miriam (Academy Ace Tournament) Use?

Pokémon Level Type
"Hypno" IconHypno 65 Psychic Psychic
"Pincurchin" IconPincurchin 65 Electric Electric
"Sawsbuck" IconSawsbuck 65 Normal Normal Grass Grass
"Glalie" IconGlalie 65 Ice Ice
"Eelektross" IconEelektross 65 Electric Electric
"Toxapex" IconToxapex 66 Poison Poison Water Water (Tera Type: Poison Poison)


Besides Hypnosis, Reflect can be annoying for physical attackers.

First up is "Hypno" IconHypno, who’s main job is putting you to sleep. It can use "Zen Headbutt" iconZen Headbutt for STAB, "Drain Punch" iconDrain Punch to counter Dark types, Hypnosis to induce sleep, and "Reflect" iconReflect to weaken your physical moves.

Bug or Ghost types would be great here. Dark types are fine, if you’re confident or high Level.


"Pincurchin" IconPincurchin looks like it might be good for acupuncture. It can use Zing Zap for STAB, "Poison Jab" iconPoison Jab to hurt Grass types, plus "Spikes" iconSpikes and "Toxic Spikes" iconToxic Spikes to lay down hazards that trigger when you switch out. Its Lightning Rod ability will absorb Electric moves, but you shouldn’t be aiming any at it.

Obviously, Ground types are the way to go.


Miriam has an Autumn form Sawsbuck.

"Sawsbuck" IconSawsbuck could function as a make-shift ambulance maybe? None of Miriam’s other Pokémon seem fit for traveling. Anyway, it can use Horn Leech for STAB, Zen Headbutt to annoy Poison types, "Play Rough" iconPlay Rough to menace Fighting types, and Megahorn for additional coverage. Its Sap Sipper ability absorbs Grass moves, but again, you shouldn’t be using any.

Fire, Flying, Ice and Bug types are all fair game here. Next!


"Glalie" IconGlalie might be useful for keeping medicines at low temperatures, perhaps? Anyway, it can use Freeze-Dry for STAB and super-effective damage versus Water types, Ice Shard to try and go first, "Iron Head" iconIron Head to deter Rock types, and "Crunch" iconCrunch for general coverage.

Fire, Fighting and Steel types should have little issues here.


Miriam already has an Electric type in Pincurchin, so not sure why this one’s needed. Well, can’t hurt to have a spare defibrillator around… It can use "Thunder Punch" iconThunder Punch for STAB, "Liquidation" iconLiquidation to scare Ground types, Drain Punch for extra coverage, and Coil to boost its Attack, Defense and Accuracy. Levitate confers immunity to Ground moves.

Under normal circumstances, "Eelektross" IconEelektross has no weakness. But it’s not a massive deal since Eelektross is slow and easy to get hits in. If in doubt, field Grass or Dragon types, since they resist Electric at least.

Terastallized Toxapex

Don’t give Toxapex the chance to inflict poison with Toxic!

Finally, Miriam has a "Toxapex" IconToxapex, which we’re pretty sure no nurse really needs. She’ll Terastallize it into a pure Poison type, further boosting its Poison damage, while retaining its Water STAB.

For attacks, it has "Toxic" iconToxic to apply ever-increasing poison, "Venoshock" iconVenoshock for STAB and Tera-boosted damage and to deal increased damage to poisoned foes, Liquidation for Water STAB, and Recover to restore its own HP. If its opponent is poisoned, its attacks will also trigger critical hits due to Merciless.

For offense, Psychic types are recommended. Defensively, Steel or your own Poison types are safer, but may prolong the fight. As it happens, Clodsire with Water Absorb is the pefect counter, since it’s immune to everything and super-effective too!

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