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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Team Star Clive Fight

Jessica Dillon

At the end of the Team Star route, two extra fights remain. One is against Team Star’s leader, but before that, you will need to take on Clive, who is secretly Director Clavell. Depending on your team, this can be a rather tough fight to get through. Below we go over how to easily make your way through the fight, what Pokemon Clavell will use, and how to counter his team.

The start of Director Clavell’s Team Star Battle.

Starting Director Clavell’s Fight

Once you beat all five bosses of Team Star, the director will be waiting for you in front of the academy to fight. You can challenge him at any time during the day.

Clive’s Team

Director Clavell or Clive, has six Pokemon on his team covering a wide variety of types. The fight can be brutal if you don’t come prepared with proper counters for each Pokemon and medicine to cure status effects. In fact, grabbing a few full restore before battle may be a good idea.

Pokemon Level When He Uses It
"Oranguru" IconOranguru 60 Staple.
"Abomasnow" IconAbomasnow 60 Staple.
"Gyarados" IconGyarados 60 If you have Quaquaval or Meowscarada.
"Houndoom" IconHoundoom 60 If you have Skeleridge or Quaquaval.
"Amoonguss" IconAmoonguss 60 If you have Meowscarada or Skeleridge.
Skeleridge, Meowscarada, or Quaquaval 61 Opposite of Your Starter.

"Oranguru" IconOranguru is a Normal/ "Psychic" iconPsychic type Pokemon that can use light screen to make your attacks less effective. He also has yawn, which will put you to sleep, along with Dream Eater, which will damage your Pokemon as they snooze. You can use a Bug or **Dark-type ** Pokemon to make quick work of him.

"Abomasnow" IconAbomasnow is his second Pokemon, an ice/grass-type, and it loves to use Wood Hammer, which will easily wipe out water and rocky-type Pokemon. The move does recoil damage as well. He also has Aurora Veil, which decreases the amount of damage you can deal to him. Along with this, Abomasnow has the ice-type move "Blizzard" iconBlizzard. Luckily, a fire-type Pokemon can easily wipe out Abomasnow without breaking a sweat.

Next you will likely be facing "Houndoom" IconHoundoom, a dark/fire-type. This Pokemon has the ability to poison you and has "Thunder Fang" iconThunder Fang, as well as "Fire Blast" iconFire Blast. This makes him a generally well-rounded opponent, but he is weak to water-type moves. To avoid falling victim to "Thunder" iconThunder Fang if your Pokemon isn’t quick, use a Ground, Rock, or fighting-type Pokemon.

"Gyarados" IconGyarados is a powerful flying/water-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet with a fatal flaw. It can easily be taken down by an electric-type move. Be wary as he does have earthquake and will lower your attack upon entering the battlefield. Use your fastest type Electric Pokemon to hit him hard and make short work of Gyrados.

"Amoonguss" IconAmoonguss is a grass/poison Pokemon. For this battle, you will need to avoid status effects, but this Pokemon can easily be dealt with using fire, psychic, flying, or ground-type Pokemon.

Clavell’s Tera Pokemon in battle.

The next Pokemon that the director throws out will be the opposite starter of the one you chose. He will use his "Tera Orb" iconTera Orb on them as well. Here is what each of the starters is weak to give you a good gauge of what Pokemon to use against it.

Pokemon Weakness
Skeleridge Water, Dark, Ground, Rock, and Ghost.
Meowscarada Fire, Fairy, Poison, Ice, and Bug.
Quaquaval Grass, Electric, Flying, "Psychic" iconPsychic, and Fairy.
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FYI I fought a polteageist as his second to last pokemon.

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I fought poltergeist too. It is missing from this list.

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FYI I fought a polteageist as his second to last pokemon.

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I fought poltergeist too. It is missing from this list.

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