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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

All TM Crafting Materials & Where to Get Them

Sophia Hayes

This page lists all TM Materials in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. It also lists up to four source Pokémon drops for each TM Material. TM materials are found by players after winning battles and defeating wild Pokémon. You can find more information by clicking the individual TM Material’s and visiting our corresponding TM Materials database page. You can also vist our Pokédex to learn more about each Pokémon!

You can use these TM materials to craft an assortment of TMs at any Poké Center.

List of TM Crafting Materials & Pokémon Drops

Pokemon Material Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4
"Alomomola Mucus" iconAlomomola Mucus "Alomomola" IconAlomomola
"Applin Juice" iconApplin Juice "Applin" IconApplin "Flapple" IconFlapple "Appletun" IconAppletun
"Arrokuda Scales" iconArrokuda Scales "Arrokuda" IconArrokuda "Barraskewda" IconBarraskewda
"Axew Scales" iconAxew Scales "Axew" IconAxew "Fraxure" IconFraxure "Haxorus" IconHaxorus
"Azurill Fur" iconAzurill Fur "Azurill" IconAzurill "Marill" IconMarill "Azumarill" IconAzumarill
"Bagon Scales" iconBagon Scales "Bagon" IconBagon "Shelgon" IconShelgon "Salamence" IconSalamence
"Barboach Slime" iconBarboach Slime "Barboach" IconBarboach "Whiscash" IconWhiscash
"Basculin Fang" iconBasculin Fang "Basculin" IconBasculin
"Bergmite Ice" iconBergmite Ice "Bergmite" IconBergmite "Avalugg" IconAvalugg
"Bombirdier Feather" iconBombirdier Feather Bombirdier
"Bonsly Tears" iconBonsly Tears "Bonsly" IconBonsly "Sudowoodo" IconSudowoodo
"Bounsweet Sweat" iconBounsweet Sweat "Bounsweet" IconBounsweet "Steenee" IconSteenee "Tsareena" IconTsareena
"Bramblin Twig" iconBramblin Twig Bramblin Brambleghast
"Bronzor Fragment" iconBronzor Fragment "Bronzor" IconBronzor "Bronzong" IconBronzong
"Bruxish Tooth" iconBruxish Tooth "Bruxish" IconBruxish
"Buizel Fur" iconBuizel Fur "Buizel" IconBuizel "Floatzel" IconFloatzel
"Cacnea Needle" iconCacnea Needle "Cacnea" IconCacnea "Cacturne" IconCacturne
"Capsakid Seed" iconCapsakid Seed Capsakid Scovillain
"Cetoddle Grease" iconCetoddle Grease Cetoddle Cetitan
"Charcadet Soot" iconCharcadet Soot Charcadet Armarouge Ceruledge
"Chewtle Claw" iconChewtle Claw "Chewtle" IconChewtle "Drednaw" IconDrednaw
"Clauncher Claw" iconClauncher Claw "Clauncher" IconClauncher "Clawitzer" IconClawitzer
"Combee Honey" iconCombee Honey "Combee" IconCombee "Vespiquen" IconVespiquen
"Crabrawler Shell" iconCrabrawler Shell "Crabrawler" IconCrabrawler "Crabominable" IconCrabominable
"Croagunk Poison" iconCroagunk Poison "Croagunk" IconCroagunk "Toxicroak" IconToxicroak
"Cryogonal Ice" iconCryogonal Ice "Cryogonal" IconCryogonal
"Cubchoo Fur" iconCubchoo Fur "Cubchoo" IconCubchoo "Beartic" IconBeartic
"Cufant Tarnish" iconCufant Tarnish "Cufant" IconCufant "Copperajah" IconCopperajah
"Cyclizar Scales" iconCyclizar Scales Cyclizar
"Dedenne Fur" iconDedenne Fur "Dedenne" IconDedenne
"Deerling Hair" iconDeerling Hair "Deerling" IconDeerling "Sawsbuck" IconSawsbuck
"Deino Scales" iconDeino Scales "Deino" IconDeino "Zweilous" IconZweilous "Hydreigon" IconHydreigon
"Delibird Parcel" iconDelibird Parcel "Delibird" IconDelibird
"Diglett Dirt" iconDiglett Dirt "Diglett" IconDiglett "Dugtrio" IconDugtrio
"Ditto Goo" iconDitto Goo "Ditto" IconDitto
"Dondozo Whisker" iconDondozo Whisker Dondozo
"Dratini Scales" iconDratini Scales "Dratini" IconDratini "Dragonair" IconDragonair "Dragonite" IconDragonite
"Dreepy Powder" iconDreepy Powder "Dreepy" IconDreepy "Drakloak" IconDrakloak "Dragapult" IconDragapult
"Drifloon Gas" iconDrifloon Gas "Drifloon" IconDrifloon "Drifblim" IconDrifblim
"Drowzee Fur" iconDrowzee Fur "Drowzee" IconDrowzee "Hypno" IconHypno
"Dunsparce Scales" iconDunsparce Scales "Dunsparce" IconDunsparce Dudunsparce
"Eevee Fur" iconEevee Fur "Flareon" IconFlareon "Sylveon" IconSylveon
"Eiscue Down" iconEiscue Down "Eiscue" IconEiscue
"Falinks Sweat" iconFalinks Sweat "Falinks" IconFalinks
"Fidough Fur" iconFidough Fur Fidough Dachsbun
"Finizen Mucus" iconFinizen Mucus Finizen Palafin Palafin
"Finneon Scales" iconFinneon Scales "Finneon" IconFinneon "Lumineon" IconLumineon
"Flabébé Pollen" iconFlabébé Pollen Flabebe "Floette" IconFloette "Florges" IconFlorges
"Flamigo Down" iconFlamigo Down Flamigo
"Fletchling Feather" iconFletchling Feather "Fletchling" IconFletchling "Fletchinder" IconFletchinder "Talonflame" IconTalonflame
"Flittle Down" iconFlittle Down Flittle Espathra
"Fomantis Leaf" iconFomantis Leaf "Fomantis" IconFomantis "Lurantis" IconLurantis
"Foongus Spores" iconFoongus Spores "Foongus" IconFoongus "Amoonguss" IconAmoonguss
"Frigibax Scales" iconFrigibax Scales Frigibax Arctibax Baxcalibur
"Gastly Gas" iconGastly Gas "Gastly" IconGastly "Haunter" IconHaunter "Gengar" IconGengar
"Gible Scales" iconGible Scales "Gible" IconGible "Gabite" IconGabite "Garchomp" IconGarchomp
"Gimmighoul Coin" iconGimmighoul Coin Gimmighoul Gholdengo
"Girafarig Fur" iconGirafarig Fur "Girafarig" IconGirafarig Farigiraf
"Glimmet Crystal" iconGlimmet Crystal Glimmet Glimmora
"Goomy Goo" iconGoomy Goo "Goomy" IconGoomy "Sliggoo" IconSliggoo "Goodra" IconGoodra
"Gothita Eyelash" iconGothita Eyelash "Gothita" IconGothita "Gothorita" IconGothorita "Gothitelle" IconGothitelle
"Greavard Wax" iconGreavard Wax Greavard Houndstone
"Grimer Toxin" iconGrimer Toxin "Grimer" IconGrimer "Muk" IconMuk
"Growlithe Fur" iconGrowlithe Fur "Growlithe" IconGrowlithe "Arcanine" IconArcanine
"Gulpin Mucus" iconGulpin Mucus "Gulpin" IconGulpin "Swalot" IconSwalot
"Happiny Dust" iconHappiny Dust "Happiny" IconHappiny "Chansey" IconChansey "Blissey" IconBlissey
"Hatenna Dust" iconHatenna Dust "Hatenna" IconHatenna "Hattrem" IconHattrem "Hatterene" IconHatterene
"Hawlucha Down" iconHawlucha Down "Hawlucha" IconHawlucha
"Heracross Claw" iconHeracross Claw "Heracross" IconHeracross
"Hippopotas Sand" iconHippopotas Sand "Hippopotas" IconHippopotas "Hippowdon" IconHippowdon
"Hoppip Leaf" iconHoppip Leaf "Hoppip" IconHoppip "Skiploom" IconSkiploom "Jumpluff" IconJumpluff
"Houndour Fang" iconHoundour Fang "Houndour" IconHoundour "Houndoom" IconHoundoom
"Igglybuff Fluff" iconIgglybuff Fluff "Igglybuff" IconIgglybuff Jigglypuf "Wigglytuff" IconWigglytuff
"Impidimp Hair" iconImpidimp Hair "Impidimp" IconImpidimp "Morgrem" IconMorgrem "Grimmsnarl" IconGrimmsnarl
"Indeedee Fur" iconIndeedee Fur "Indeedee" IconIndeedee
"Klawf Claw" iconKlawf Claw Klawf
"Klefki Key" iconKlefki Key "Klefki" IconKlefki
"Komala Claw" iconKomala Claw "Komala" IconKomala
"Kricketot Shell" iconKricketot Shell "Kricketot" IconKricketot "Kricketune" IconKricketune
"Larvesta Fuzz" iconLarvesta Fuzz "Larvesta" IconLarvesta "Volcarona" IconVolcarona
"Larvitar Claw" iconLarvitar Claw "Larvitar" IconLarvitar "Pupitar" IconPupitar "Tyranitar" IconTyranitar
"Lechonk Hair" iconLechonk Hair Lechonk Oinkologne Oinkologne
"Litleo Tuft" iconLitleo Tuft "Litleo" IconLitleo "Pyroar" IconPyroar
"Luvdisc Scales" iconLuvdisc Scales "Luvdisc" IconLuvdisc
"Magikarp Scales" iconMagikarp Scales "Magikarp" IconMagikarp "Gyarados" IconGyarados
"Magnemite Screw" iconMagnemite Screw "Magnemite" IconMagnemite "Magneton" IconMagneton "Magnezone" IconMagnezone
"Makuhita Sweat" iconMakuhita Sweat "Makuhita" IconMakuhita "Hariyama" IconHariyama
"Mankey Fur" iconMankey Fur "Mankey" IconMankey "Primeape" IconPrimeape
"Mareanie Spike" iconMareanie Spike "Mareanie" IconMareanie "Toxapex" IconToxapex
"Mareep Wool" iconMareep Wool "Mareep" IconMareep "Flaaffy" IconFlaaffy "Ampharos" IconAmpharos
"Maschiff Fang" iconMaschiff Fang Maschiff Mabosstiff
"Meditite Sweat" iconMeditite Sweat "Meditite" IconMeditite "Medicham" IconMedicham
"Meowth Fur" iconMeowth Fur "Meowth" IconMeowth "Persian" IconPersian
"Mimikyu Scrap" iconMimikyu Scrap "Mimikyu" IconMimikyu
"Misdreavus Tears" iconMisdreavus Tears "Misdreavus" IconMisdreavus "Mismagius" IconMismagius
"Mudbray Mud" iconMudbray Mud "Mudbray" IconMudbray "Mudsdale" IconMudsdale
"Murkrow Bauble" iconMurkrow Bauble "Murkrow" IconMurkrow "Honchkrow" IconHonchkrow
"Nacli Salt" iconNacli Salt Nacli Naclstack Garganacl
"Noibat Fur" iconNoibat Fur "Noibat" IconNoibat "Noivern" IconNoivern
"Numel Lava" iconNumel Lava "Numel" IconNumel "Camerupt" IconCamerupt
"Nymble Claw" iconNymble Claw Nymble Lokix
"Oranguru Fur" iconOranguru Fur "Oranguru" IconOranguru
"Oricorio Feather" iconOricorio Feather "Oricorio" IconOricorio
"Orthworm Tarnish" iconOrthworm Tarnish Orthworm
"Pachirisu Fur" iconPachirisu Fur "Pachirisu" IconPachirisu
"Passimian Fur" iconPassimian Fur "Passimian" IconPassimian
"Pawmi Fur" iconPawmi Fur Pawmi Pawmo Pawmot
"Pawniard Blade" iconPawniard Blade "Pawniard" IconPawniard "Bisharp" IconBisharp Kingambit
"Petilil Leaf" iconPetilil Leaf "Petilil" IconPetilil "Lilligant" IconLilligant
"Phanpy Nail" iconPhanpy Nail "Phanpy" IconPhanpy "Donphan" IconDonphan
"Pichu Fur" iconPichu Fur "Pichu" IconPichu "Pikachu" IconPikachu "Raichu" IconRaichu
"Pincurchin Spines" iconPincurchin Spines "Pincurchin" IconPincurchin
"Pineco Husk" iconPineco Husk "Pineco" IconPineco "Forretress" IconForretress
"Psyduck Down" iconPsyduck Down "Psyduck" IconPsyduck "Golduck" IconGolduck
"Qwilfish Spines" iconQwilfish Spines "Qwilfish" IconQwilfish
"Ralts Dust" iconRalts Dust "Ralts" IconRalts "Kirlia" IconKirlia "Gardevoir" IconGardevoir "Gallade" IconGallade
"Rellor Mud" iconRellor Mud Rellor Rabsca
"Riolu Fur" iconRiolu Fur "Riolu" IconRiolu "Lucario" IconLucario
"Rockruff Rock" iconRockruff Rock "Rockruff" IconRockruff "Lycanroc" IconLycanroc "Lycanroc" IconLycanroc "Lycanroc" IconLycanroc
"Rolycoly Coal" iconRolycoly Coal "Rolycoly" IconRolycoly "Carkol" IconCarkol "Coalossal" IconCoalossal
"Rookidee Feather" iconRookidee Feather "Rookidee" IconRookidee "Corvisquire" IconCorvisquire "Corviknight" IconCorviknight
"Rotom Sparks" iconRotom Sparks "Rotom" IconRotom
"Rufflet Feather" iconRufflet Feather "Rufflet" IconRufflet "Braviary" IconBraviary
"Sableye Gem" iconSableye Gem "Sableye" IconSableye
"Salandit Gas" iconSalandit Gas "Salandit" IconSalandit "Salazzle" IconSalazzle
"Sandile Claw" iconSandile Claw "Sandile" IconSandile "Krokorok" IconKrokorok "Krookodile" IconKrookodile
"Sandygast Sand" iconSandygast Sand "Sandygast" IconSandygast "Palossand" IconPalossand
"Scatterbug Powder" iconScatterbug Powder "Scatterbug" IconScatterbug "Spewpa" IconSpewpa "Vivillon" IconVivillon
"Scyther Claw" iconScyther Claw "Scyther" IconScyther "Scizor" IconScizor Kleavor
"Seviper Fang" iconSeviper Fang "Seviper" IconSeviper
"Shellder Pearl" iconShellder Pearl "Shellder" IconShellder "Cloyster" IconCloyster
"Shellos Mucus" iconShellos Mucus "Shellos" IconShellos "Gastrodon" IconGastrodon
"Shinx Fang" iconShinx Fang "Shinx" IconShinx "Luxio" IconLuxio "Luxray" IconLuxray
"Shroodle Ink" iconShroodle Ink Shroodle Grafaiai
"Shroomish Spores" iconShroomish Spores "Shroomish" IconShroomish "Breloom" IconBreloom
"Shuppet Scrap" iconShuppet Scrap "Shuppet" IconShuppet "Banette" IconBanette
"Silicobra Sand" iconSilicobra Sand "Silicobra" IconSilicobra "Sandaconda" IconSandaconda
"Sinistea Chip" iconSinistea Chip "Sinistea" IconSinistea "Polteageist" IconPolteageist
"Skiddo Leaf" iconSkiddo Leaf "Skiddo" IconSkiddo "Gogoat" IconGogoat
"Skrelp Kelp" iconSkrelp Kelp "Skrelp" IconSkrelp "Dragalge" IconDragalge
"Skwovet Fur" iconSkwovet Fur "Skwovet" IconSkwovet "Greedent" IconGreedent
"Slakoth Fur" iconSlakoth Fur "Slakoth" IconSlakoth "Vigoroth" IconVigoroth "Slaking" IconSlaking
"Slowpoke Claw" iconSlowpoke Claw "Slowpoke" IconSlowpoke "Slowbro" IconSlowbro "Slowking" IconSlowking
"Smoliv Oil" iconSmoliv Oil Smoliv Dolliv Arboliva
"Sneasel Claw" iconSneasel Claw "Sneasel" IconSneasel "Weavile" IconWeavile
"Snom Thread" iconSnom Thread "Snom" IconSnom "Frosmoth" IconFrosmoth
"Snorunt Fur" iconSnorunt Fur "Snorunt" IconSnorunt "Glalie" IconGlalie "Froslass" IconFroslass
"Snover Berries" iconSnover Berries "Snover" IconSnover "Abomasnow" IconAbomasnow
"Spiritomb Fragment" iconSpiritomb Fragment "Spiritomb" IconSpiritomb
"Spoink Pearl" iconSpoink Pearl "Spoink" IconSpoink "Grumpig" IconGrumpig
"Squawkabilly Feather" iconSquawkabilly Feather Squawkabilly
"Stantler Hair" iconStantler Hair "Stantler" IconStantler
"Starly Feather" iconStarly Feather "Starly" IconStarly "Staravia" IconStaravia "Staraptor" IconStaraptor
"Stonjourner Stone" iconStonjourner Stone "Stonjourner" IconStonjourner
"Stunky Fur" iconStunky Fur "Stunky" IconStunky "Skuntank" IconSkuntank
"Sunkern Leaf" iconSunkern Leaf "Sunkern" IconSunkern "Sunflora" IconSunflora
"Surskit Syrup" iconSurskit Syrup "Surskit" IconSurskit "Masquerain" IconMasquerain
"Swablu Fluff" iconSwablu Fluff "Swablu" IconSwablu "Altaria" IconAltaria
"Tadbulb Mucus" iconTadbulb Mucus Tadbulb Bellibolt
"Tandemaus Fur" iconTandemaus Fur Tandemaus Maushold
"Tarountula Thread" iconTarountula Thread Tarountula Spidops
"Tatsugiri Scales" iconTatsugiri Scales Tatsugiri
"Tauros Hair" iconTauros Hair Paldean "Tauros" IconTauros
"Teddiursa Claw" iconTeddiursa Claw "Teddiursa" IconTeddiursa "Ursaring" IconUrsaring
"Tinkatink Hair" iconTinkatink Hair Tinkatink Tinkatuff Tinkaton
"Toedscool Flaps" iconToedscool Flaps Toedscool Toedscruel
"Torkoal Coal" iconTorkoal Coal "Torkoal" IconTorkoal
"Toxel Sparks" iconToxel Sparks "Toxel" IconToxel "Toxtricity" IconToxtricity "Toxtricity" IconToxtricity
"Tropius Leaf" iconTropius Leaf "Tropius" IconTropius
"Tynamo Slime" iconTynamo Slime "Tynamo" IconTynamo "Eelektrik" IconEelektrik "Eelektross" IconEelektross
"Varoom Fume" iconVaroom Fume Varoom Revavroom
"Veluza Fillet" iconVeluza Fillet Veluza
"Venonat Fang" iconVenonat Fang "Venonat" IconVenonat "Venomoth" IconVenomoth
"Voltorb Sparks" iconVoltorb Sparks "Voltorb" IconVoltorb "Electrode" IconElectrode
"Wattrel Feather" iconWattrel Feather Wattrel Kilowattrel
"Wiglett Sand" iconWiglett Sand Wiglett Wugtrio
"Wingull Feather" iconWingull Feather "Wingull" IconWingull "Pelipper" IconPelipper
"Wooper Slime" iconWooper Slime Paldean "Wooper" IconWooper Clodsire
"Yungoos Fur" iconYungoos Fur "Yungoos" IconYungoos "Gumshoos" IconGumshoos
"Zangoose Claw" iconZangoose Claw "Zangoose" IconZangoose
"Zorua Fur" iconZorua Fur "Zorua" IconZorua "Zoroark" IconZoroark
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