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How to Beat Elite Four Rika

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to beat the first of the Elite Four, Rika. This is a part of the Pokémon League’s Champion Assessment and comes at the end of the Victory Road Walkthrough.

Time to face the first elite four member: Rika!

Below you’ll find information on Rika’s Pokémon and what Pokémon you should bring in to counter hers!

Recommended Pokémon for Elite Four Rika

Rika will bring out Ground-type Pokémon. They’ll be around Level 57, but you should aim to bring Pokémon of around Level 60+ into the fight, as the Elite Four will become higher levelled as you go through the ranks.

For Rika, you’ll want to bring in a strong Water and/or Grass-type to lead your party. Be careful with some match ups, as the some of her Pokémon will do lots of damage against Grass-types since they have Poison-type moves so make sure you think carefully about which Pokémon you send out.

If you need some ideas, here are some Pokémon you could use:

What Pokémon does Elite Four Rika have?

Pokémon Level Type
"Whiscash" IconWhiscash 57 Water Water Ground Ground
"Camerupt" IconCamerupt 57 Fire Fire Ground Ground
"Donphan" IconDonphan 57 Ground Ground
"Dugtrio" IconDugtrio 57 Ground Ground
Clodsire 58 Poison Poison Ground Ground(Tera Type: Ground Ground)


"Whiscash" IconWhiscash is a Water / Ground-type Pokémon which means a good Grass-type Pokémon will be able to do x4 damage to it, easily one-shotting it before it gets a chance to drop a move! Meowscarada (the grass-starter evolution), can easily deal with "Whiscash" IconWhiscash using Flower Trick.

If you aren’t able to one shot it, you leave yourself vulnerable to its strong ground-type move "Earth Power" iconEarth Power, which inflicts a ton of damage and also has a chance of lowering Special Defense. It also knows "Blizzard" iconBlizzard, which is an Ice-type move which can do x2 damage to Grass-types so watch out that your Grass-type doesn’t get one-shot by it!

"Whiscash" IconWhiscash is the first Pokémon to come out!


"Camerupt" IconCamerupt can also be one-shot if you have Meowscarada and use Flower Trick! That being said, if you don’t have Meowscarada, it’s best not to bring out a Grass-type this time as it knows "Fire Blast" iconFire Blast and that’ll undoubtedly one-shot if you don’t one shot it first! A good Water-type Pokémon would be very strong here as it’d do x4 times damage versus the "Camerupt" IconCamerupt’s ground/water-type. Additionally, "Camerupt" IconCamerupt knows "Earth Power" iconEarth Power and Yawn. If hit by Yawn, it’ll take one turn to put your Pokémon to sleep. This, of course, will be quite bad for your Pokémon, so if you get hit with drowsy, try to deal with "Camerupt" IconCamerupt before your Pokémon falls asleep.


"Donphan" IconDonphan is a Ground-type but it knows a couple of non-ground moves that might catch you off guard. For starters, it will use "Poison Jab" iconPoison Jab fairly frequently, which is a Poison move that inflicts damage and has a 30% chance of applying Poison which you definitely don’t want as you’ll take damage at the start of every turn! Avoid bringing out a Grass-type versus "Donphan" IconDonphan because Poison will do x2 damage. Instead, bring out a strong Water-type to deal x2 damage and try to chunk him down quickly.

In addition to being reasonably tanky, it also has Sturdy which means it cannot be one-shot. This means you will have to do at least two turns against "Donphan" IconDonphan. It also knows "Earthquake" iconEarthquake, which is a strong Ground type move that does lots of damage.

"Donphan" IconDonphan has the sturdy ability.


"Dugtrio" IconDugtrio is a Ground-type that also knows a few Rock moves, including "Sandstorm" iconSandstorm and "Rock Slide" iconRock Slide. Rockslide is a powerful rock-type move that inflicts damage whilst "Sandstorm" iconSandstorm creates an environment around the battle field that allows "Dugtrio" IconDugtrio (and any other Rock-type on the battlefield) to have their Special Defense raised by 50% for five turns. Like "Donphan" IconDonphan, "Dugtrio" IconDugtrio also knows "Earthquake" iconEarthquake.

Given that "Dugtrio" IconDugtrio is another standard Ground-type, you’ll want to bring in either a strong Water or Grass-type to deal x2 damage.

"Dugtrio" IconDugtrio is the penultimate Pokémon in Rika's party.

Terastallized Clodsire

Clodsire is Rika’s final Pokémon, and will be terastallized into its Ground tera-type. For raw damage, it can use "Earthquake" iconEarthquake and the water-type move "Liquidation" iconLiquidation. It’s also carrying the annoying Toxic and "Protect" iconProtect combo–Toxic inflicts Poison that ramps up over time, while "Protect" iconProtect shields Clodsire from harm and prolongs the fight, making you suffer more Poison damage.

Don’t use Water types because Clodsire has Water Absorb. Instead, go with Grass or Ice. If you get hit with Poison, cure it ASAP. Chances are, if you get poisoned, Clodsire will use "Protect" iconProtect on the next turn, so you wouldn’t be able to attack it anyway. Switching out is also viable, if you have reliable Pokémon on the bench.

Clodsire has been terastallized!

Once you’ve defeated Clodsire, you’ll have beaten the first Elite Four! Next up is Elite Four Poppy!


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