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How To Evolve Finizen Into Palafin

Shane Williams

This page explains everything you may wish to know about catching a Finizen in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. These are hidden throughout Paldea and are required for completing the Pokédex.

Finizen is a Water Type Pokemon.

Finizen is a new Pokémon to the Pokédex and is a Water Water Type

Where to Catch Finizen

If you haven’t yet caught yourself a Finizen, then there’s a few locations where you can find one. Finizen can be found in the North, East and Paldean Sea. The quickest way of reaching it is by fast traveling over to either the Porto Marinada Pokemon Center or Levincia Pokemon Center and then heading out into ocean to find them nearby. However, you’ll need to access to the swim travel ability which is acquired from defeating Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan.

Finizen is extremely weak to Electric Electric and Grass Grass and will take 2x damage from them, so you want to use those Pokemon Types which are slightly above its level to lower its health before attempting to catch it. If you picked Sprigatito, then that’ll be great candidates here.

How To Evolve Finizen Into Palafin

(1 of 4) Open the main menu and select "Poké Portal".

The requirement for evolving Finizen Into Palafin is to get it up to Level 38 whilst playing with friends. In order to play with friends you’ll want to open up the main menu with Joy-Con-ButtonX, select Poké Portal and then Union Circle. If you want to play online, you should press Joy-Con-L to connect to the Internet before entering the Union Circle.

As for the leveling side you can defeat Trainers that are at a slightly higher level throughout the Paldea region. If you are struggling to locate them, then refer to our map, as we have their locations for all areas in the game! You can also catch or defeat Pokemon which are a slightly higher level then you for large chunks of EXP.

(1 of 2) You can beat up some Chansey or other high level mons.

You can beat up some Chansey or other high level mons. (left), Level Up to 38 or higher and Finizen should evolve! (right)

Alternatively, you can complete Tera Raids, as this will reward you with Exp. Candy that you can use to level your Finizen. However, you wont get your hands on the "Exp. Candy M" iconExp. Candy M until you tackle the 3 star raids. Whilst you’re trying to level your Pokemon you may want to consider giving it an item to hold, such as the “"Lucky Egg" iconLucky Egg” as this will cause them to earn more EXP after battles.

Finally, you can eat "Sandwich" iconSandwiches which have the Exp. Point Power buff on it to allow you Pokemon to get more exp from defeating Pokemon of that specific type. You can find all the available Sandwiches in the game via this page: Every Sandwich Recipe in Scarlet & Violet.

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