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How to Beat the Poison Crew in Scarlet & Violet

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to beat Team Star’s Poison Crew in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. We go into detail about where exactly you can find their base, the best way to reach the base and when you should take on the task of fighting the Team Star Poison Crew and their leader, Atticus.

Where is the Poison Crew Located?

(1 of 2) The Poison Crew's base is inside Tagtree Thicket.

The Poison Crew's base is inside Tagtree Thicket. (left), Location on the map. (right)

Team Star’s Poison Crew is located next to Tagtree Thicket, around north-east Paldea.

Best Way to Reach the Poison Crew

To reach the Poison Crew’s base, we suggest heading north-west from Levincia, where the Electric Gym is. To reach Levincia from Mesagoza, exit via the east gate and pass through South Province (Area Three) towards Artazon. Leave via the east gate of Artazon and follow the road north-west and eventually east.

At Levincia, exit via the north gate into East Province (Area Three). Follow the road north, then west. Halfway along, you can encounter the Steel Titan. At this point, travel west-north-west to reach a Pokémon Center outside Tagtree Thicket. The base entrance isn’t far from here.

When to Fight the Poison Crew?

We recommend attempting the Dark Crew when your Pokémon are above Level 33. Also, since your opponents mainly use Poison Poison type Pokémon, you’ll want at least one or two Pokémon that can handle them in your team.

Recommended Pokémon for the Poison Crew

In general, Ground Ground and "Psychic" iconPsychic Psychic types are strong, while Steel Steel is immune from Poison damage.

(1 of 2) Gabite in West Province (Area Two).

Gabite in West Province (Area Two). (left), Brozong in West Province (Area Three). (right)

Here are some suggestions:

  • Paldean "Wooper" IconWooper or its evolved form Clodsire, both Poison Poison and Ground Ground. You can find these around southern Paldea.
  • "Mudbray" IconMudbray or its evolved form "Mudsdale" IconMudsdale, both Ground Ground. You may find these in mountainous areas.
  • "Gible" IconGible or "Gabite" IconGabite, both Dragon Dragon and Ground Ground. These wander inside Colonnade Hollow, east from Port Marinada.
  • Flittle or its evolved form Espathra, both Psychic Psychic. These are found in desert or mountainous areas.
  • "Girafarig" IconGirafarig or its evolved form Farigiraf, both Normal Normal and Psychic Psychic. The former roams West Province (Area 2). You can then evolve it after Level 32, when it learns Twin Beam.
  • "Bronzor" IconBronzor or its evolved form "Bronzong" IconBronzong, both Steel Steel and Psychic Psychic. These are found near ruins–of note, there are Level 35 ish Bronzong at the ruins near Medali.

Attacking the Poison Crew’s Base

Walk towards the barricade to trigger a cutscene. If you decide to fight, a fellow student will run in to assist Team Star.

Pokémon Trainer Youssef

(1 of 2) For a change, you don't fight a Grunt.

For a change, you don't fight a Grunt. (left), Youssef leads with Gulpin. (right)

Pokémon Level Type
"Gulpin" IconGulpin 30 Poison Poison
Shroodle 31 Poison Poison Normal Normal

Two very weak Pokémon, so nothing to worry about. Unless you’ve wandered in at a low Level.

"Gulpin" IconGulpin is susceptible to the standard Ground Ground and Psychic Psychic types. Shroodle is the same, but don’t bother using Ghost moves.

When you regain control, ring the doorbell at the gates to begin the gauntlet.

Star Barrage

In a Star Barrage, you must defeat opposing Pokémon by auto-battling with Joy-Con-R. Simply press the button to throw your Pokémon; it will then attack whatever is in front. You can send out up to three Pokémon simultaneously.

(1 of 2) Your opponents are all Poison type, but some have secondary types.

Your opponents are all Poison type, but some have secondary types. (left), No need to rush, as you get plenty of time. (right)

If your Pokémon take damage, you can speak to Clive to heal your Pokémon. If any get knocked out and you’ve ran out of "Revive" iconRevives, look for a vending machine. Finally, if it’s not looking good, you can press Joy-Con-ButtonY to give up.

You’ll lose the Star Barrage if all of your Pokémon are KO’d or you run out of time before defeating the required amount of Pokémon. On this occasion, you have 10 minutes to defeat 30 Pokémon.

Team Star Grunts should send out their Pokémon when you’re relatively close. After beating up those Pokémon, keep moving, in search of other grunts. There should be more than enough Pokémon and more than enough time. We managed to clear within 2 minutes.

Here are the Pokémon we encountered:

Image Pokémon Type
Seviper "Seviper" IconSeviper Poison Poison
Grimer "Grimer" IconGrimer Poison Poison
Gulpin "Gulpin" IconGulpin Poison Poison
Swalot "Swalot" IconSwalot Poison Poison
Venonat "Venonat" IconVenonat Bug Bug Poison Poison
Venomoth "Venomoth" IconVenomoth Bug Bug Poison Poison
Shroodle Shroodle Poison Poison Normal
Grafaiai Grafaiai Poison Normal Normal
Wooper-Paldean "Wooper" IconWooper (Paldean) Poison Poison Ground Ground
Clodsire Clodsire Poison Poison Ground Ground
Gastly "Gastly" IconGastly Ghost Ghost Poison Poison
Haunter "Haunter" IconHaunter Ghost Ghost Poison Poison
Varoom Varoom Poison Poison Steel Steel

Unlike the previous Star Barrage, there’s a decent variety of Pokémon here.

"Seviper" IconSeviper, "Grimer" IconGrimer, Gulpin and "Swalot" IconSwalot are pure Poison, so weak to the usual Ground Ground and Psychic Psychic mons.

For "Venonat" IconVenonat and "Venomoth" IconVenomoth, prioritize Psychic Psychic over Ground. Fire Fire, Rock Rock and Flying Flying are also great if you have them.

Shroodle and Grafaiai are in a similar boat to the first four.

Paldean Wooper and Clodsire have additional weaknesses in Water Water and Ice Ice.

"Gastly" IconGastly and "Haunter" IconHaunter have additional weaknesses in Ghost Ghost and Dark Dark.

Finally, for Varoom, prioritize Ground Ground over Psychic. Fire Fire is also a great choice.

After proving your skills, the leader of the Poison Crew will show their face.


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