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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Delibird Presents: Mesagoza Item List

Jessica Dillon

"Delibird" IconDelibird Presents is a unique shop where you can exchange money for rare items. These items are needed to help boost Pokemon stats, evolve certain Pokemon like "Eevee" IconEevee, and customize your "Rotom Phone" iconRotom Phone.

The first Delibird store you will encounter is in Mesagoza, just down from the Pokemon Academy.

Below is what they sell, where they are located, and some information about all the items.

!Delibird Presents storefront in Mesagoza.

Delibird Presents Mesagoza

You can find the Mesagoza Delibird shop located at the bottom of the city. Simply take a left after entering through the gate that connects to Los Platos, and you will see the storefront.

Battle Items

Delibird Presents Battle Item List.

Item Name Description Cost
"Miracle Seed" iconMiracle Seed Boosts Grass-Type Moves. 3,000
"Charcoal" iconCharcoal Boosts Fire-Type Moves. 3,000
"Mystic Water" iconMystic Water Boosts Water-Type Moves. 3,000
"Silk Scarf" iconSilk Scarf Boosts Normal-Type Moves. 3,000
"Sharp Beak" iconSharp Beak Boosts Flying-Type Moves. 3,000
"Silver Powder" iconSilver Powder Boosts Bug-Type Moves. 3,000
"Muscle Band" iconMuscle Band Boosts Physical Moves. 8,000
"Wise Glasses" iconWise Glasses Boosts Special Moves. 8,000
"Focus Band" iconFocus Band When hit with a knockout move, the Pokemon will only drop to one health 10,000
"Ability Shield" iconAbility Shield The Holder Can’t Have its Type Changed. 20,000
"Quick Claw" iconQuick Claw Will Occasionally Let Your Pokemon Go First. 8,000

These are the unlockable items from Delitbird Presents.

Item Name Description Cost Unlock Requirment
"Choice Scarf" iconChoice Scarf Boosts speed, but only allows the user to use a single move. 100,000 Four Gym Badges
"Clear Amulet" iconClear Amulet Keeps the holder from having it’s stats lowered 30,000 Four Gym Badges
"Destiny Knot" iconDestiny Knot Causes both Pokemon to become infatuated 20,000 Four Gym Badges
"Expert Belt" iconExpert Belt Boosts attack of super-effective moves 30,000 Four Gym Badges
"Focus Sash" iconFocus Sash The holder can endure a knockout hit once. 50,000 Four Gym Badges
"Grip Claw" iconGrip Claw Causes multi-turn attacks to go on for longer. 10,000 Four Gym Badges
"King’s Rock" iconKing’s Rock May cause flinch when an attack hits and is used to get "Slowking" IconSlowking 8,000 Four Gym Badges
"Punching Glove" iconPunching Glove Boosts punching moves and prevents direct contanct with other Pokemon while using them. 15,000 Four Gym Badges
"Throat Spray" iconThroat Spray Raise the special attack of sound moves. 20,000 Four Gym Badges
"Assault Vest" iconAssault Vest Raises Special Defense, but the user can’t use status moves 50,000 Post-Game
"Blunder Policy" iconBlunder Policy Raises speed, but decrease accuracy. 50,000 Post-Game
"Choice Band" iconChoice Band Boosts attack, but only allows the holder to use a single move. 100,000 Post-Game
"Choice Specs" iconChoice Specs Boosts special attack, but only allows the holder to use a single move. 100,000 Post-Game
"Eviolite" iconEviolite Raises defense and special defense of the holder if they can still evolve. 50,000 Post-Game
"Life Orb" iconLife Orb Reduces the holders health each attack, but boosts power of the attacks. 50,000 Post-Game
"Weakness Policy" iconWeakness Policy If the holder is hit by a super effective move, it’s attack and special attack increases. 50,000 Post-Game
"Rocky Helmet" iconRocky Helmet If your Pokemon is hit with a physical attack, the opponent will be hit with recoil damage. 50,000 Post-Game

General Goods

Delibird Presents General Goods List.

Item Name Description Cost
"Fire Stone" iconFire Stone Makes Certain fire-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Thunder Stone" iconThunder Stone Makes Certain Electric-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Leaf Stone" iconLeaf Stone Makes Certain Grass-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Water Stone" iconWater Stone Makes Certain Water-Types Evolve. 3,000
"Sweet Apple" iconSweet Apple Evolves "Applin" IconApplin Into "Appletun" IconAppletun. 2,200
"Tart Apple" iconTart Apple Evolves "Applin" IconApplin Into "Flapple" IconFlapple. 2,200
"Red Nectar" iconRed Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Baile Style. 300
"Yellow Nectar" iconYellow Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Pom-Pom Style. 300
"Pink Nectar" iconPink Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Pa’u Style. 300
"Purple Nectar" iconPurple Nectar Changes "Oricorio" IconOricorio to Sensu Style. 300
"Smoke Ball" iconSmoke Ball Guarantees Your Pokemon Can Run 15,000
"Soothe Bell" iconSoothe Bell Makes Pokemon Calm. 5,000
"Everstone" iconEverstone Keeps a Pokemon From Evolving 3,000
"Power Weight" iconPower Weight Reduces Speed, But Helps HP Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Bracer" iconPower Bracer Reduces Speed, But Helps Attack Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Belt" iconPower Belt Reduces Speed, But Helps Defense Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Lens" iconPower Lens Reduces Speed, But Helps Special Attack Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Band" iconPower Band Reduces Speed, But Helps Special Defense Stat Grow. 10,000
"Power Anklet" iconPower Anklet Reduces Speed, But Helps Speed Stat Grow. 10,000

Poké Balls

Delibird Presents Poke Ball List.

Item Name Description Cost
"Poké Ball" iconPoké Ball Lowest level ball. 200
"Great Ball" iconGreat Ball Provides a better catch rate than a Poke Ball. 600
"Heal Ball" iconHeal Ball Heals its Pokemon and Eliminates Status Ailments. 300
"Net Ball" iconNet Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Water and Bug-Types. 1,000
"Repeat Ball" iconRepeat Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Pokemon That You’ve Already Captured. 1,000
"Nest Ball" iconNest Ball Makes it Easier to Catch Low-Level Pokemon. 1,000

Rotom Cases

Delibird Presents Rotom Phone Cases List.

Item Name Cost
Fuecoco Case 3,000
Sprigatito Case 3,000
Quaxly Case 3,000
Yellow Case 1,000
Purple Case 1,000
Pink Case 1,000
Green Case 1,000
Blue Case 1,000
Turquoise Case 1,000
Olive Case 1,000
Rose Case 1,000
Brown Case 1,000
Lavender Case 1,000
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