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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Gym Test: Warm up the Audience For Ryme's Concert!

Shane Williams

This page offers a guide on how to beat the Ghost Gym Test in Montenevera in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Gym Test: Warm Up The Audience For Rhymes Concert.

How To Begin The Ghost Gym Test in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The Ghost Gym can be found in Montenevera. To get there, you’ll need to scale the Glaseasdo Mountain. If you’ve visited the Glaseasdo Mountain Pokemon Center, then you’ll want to fast travel there and follow the path along to the east. You’ll want to tackle the Ghost Gym once you’re around Level 43, as the Pokemon inside will be around Level 41-42.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have at least some Ghost Ghost and Dark Dark Pokémon in your team as they’ll do x2 damage. You should avoid bringing in Normal Normal
and Fighting Fighting types because they won’t do any damage to Ghost-types!

In order to start the Gym Challenge you’ll want to enter the Ghost Gym Building and speak with the woman at the counter, then she’ll inform you that as a part of your Gym Test you’ll need to warm the audience which will involve battling several Trainers. Exit the building and walk over to the stage on the left and speak with MC Sledge to get started!

Recommended Pokémon for Fighting Ghost Gym Trainers

Pokemon Type
Mabosstiff Dark Dark
"Impidimp" IconImpidimp Dark Dark
"Haunter" IconHaunter Ghost Ghost
"Gastly" IconGastly Ghost Ghost
"Sandygast" IconSandygast Ghost Ghost

How To Beat The Ghost Gym Trainers

(1 of 3) You’ll face Gym Trainer Tas

Battle #1 - Gym Trainer Tas

Pokemon Level Type
"Shuppet" IconShuppet 40 Ghost Ghost
Greavard 40 Ghost Ghost

Battle #2 - Gym Trainer - Gym Trainer Lani

Pokemon Level Type
"Misdreavus" IconMisdreavus 40 Ghost Ghost
"Haunter" IconHaunter 40 Ghost Ghost Poison Poison

Battle #3 - Gym Trainer - Gym Trainer MC Sledge

Pokemon Level Type
"Drifblim" IconDrifblim 40 Ghost Ghost Flying Flying
"Sableye" IconSableye 40 Ghost Ghost

During this Gym Test you’ll face six Pokemon in 3 separate battles against Trainers. Throughout these battles you’ll face Ghost Ghost type Pokemon, so if you’ve brought along any of the Pokemon listed above, then this battle shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem. Once the battle begins you’ll try to focus on one Pokemon at a time until its defeated, as this will prevent you from getting hit twice and losing lots of Health when its their turn.

If you do take a look of damage, then make sure to make use of "Super Potion" iconSuper Potions before continuing to attack. As long as you’re around the same level and aren’t using any Pokemon is it can do 2x damage towards, such as "Psychic" iconPsychic Psychic, then you shouldn’t lose loads of health. Throughout the battle the crowd will cheer which will increase your Pokemon’s stats causing you to deal more damage. Finally, save your Terastaliize Attack for the final battle.

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