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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Beat Champion Nemona

Vincent Lau

This page offers a guide on the Nemona final battle boss fight with her at Mesagoza in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet as part of the Victory Road story path. You will get a glimpse at what the Nemona final team looks like, so you can strategize against the fight before hand. You will first need to defeat the Pokémon League and become a Champion to challenge her.

Nemona has been waiting her entire life for this, probably.

Nemona Final Battle Walkthrough

As usual Nemona has a varied team, so your team should also be varied. A Fighting type or two is highly recommended since they’re strong against half of Nemona’s team (more if you picked Fuecoco).

Her Pokémon are Level 65 to 66, so you should aim to bring Pokémon of around Level 65+ into the fight.

If in doubt, here are some Pokémon suggestions:

  • Your starter fully evolved. Pretty much a no-brainer, since Nemona will use the starter that’s weak to yours. That said, if you benched your starter, don’t fret.
  • The Level 75 Tera "Lucario" IconLucario at Dalizapa Passage, in the underground tunnel. High level and a good all-rounder.
  • The Level 75 Tera "Dragonite" IconDragonite at the eastern edge of Paldea. High level with exceptional Attack.

Nemona’s Final Team

If you’re wondering what exactly Nemona’s final team is, we have provided you with a table reflecting the Pokémon, their level, and the types they are. Here you can prepare some Pokémon to counter theirs and form your strategy before heading in.

Pokémon Level Type
"Lycanroc" IconLycanroc 65 Rock Rock
"Goodra" IconGoodra 65 Dragon Dragon
Dudunsparce 65 Normal Normal
Orthworm 65 Steel Steel
Pawmot 65 Electric Electric Fighting Fighting
Skeledirge (if you picked Quaxly) 66 Fire Fire Ghost Ghost (Tera Type: Fire Fire)
Meowscarada (if you picked Fuecoco) 66 Grass Grass Dark Dark (Tera Type: Grass Grass)
Quaquaval (if you picked Sprigatito) 66 Water Water Fighting Fighting (Tera Type: Water Water)


Here’s a battle between two edgy Pokémon.

To begin with, Nemona will send out a Midday Form "Lycanroc" IconLycanroc. It can use "Stone Edge" iconStone Edge for hard-hitting STAB, Accelerock to sneak in an attack before you, "Drill Run" iconDrill Run to damage Steel types and "Stealth Rock" iconStealth Rock to damage switch-ins.

Ground or Fighting types would be perfect here, to deal super-effective damage and resist Stone Edge. A fast victory is advised, in case it sets up Stealth Rock. The Tera Lucario won’t break a sweat.


This gooey dragon can use "Dragon Pulse" iconDragon Pulse for STAB, "Muddy Water" iconMuddy Water to lower accuracy, "Sludge Bomb" iconSludge Bomb to damage Fairy types and "Ice Beam" iconIce Beam for additional coverage.

We recommend fielding an Ice type. If you caught the Level 75 Tera Dragonite, you can demolish it with "Outrage" iconOutrage though.


Dudunsparce’s three segment form is incredibly rare! What a show-off.

Amazingly, Nemona has a 1/100 three-segment Dudunsparce. Hers can use Hyper Drill for STAB, Drill Run to get through Steel types, Dragon Rush for… reasons and Coil to boost its Attack, Defense and Accuracy.

Fighting types are the natural choice here. If you have the Level 75 Tera Lucario, it’ll be gone before you can say “"Aura Sphere" iconAura Sphere.”


This pure Steel type (not a Bug!) can use Iron Tail for STAB, "Earthquake" iconEarthquake to punish Fire types, plus "Body Press" iconBody Press and "Rock Blast" iconRock Blast for coverage. It has the Earth Eater ability, which absorbs Ground type damage.

Again, you should use a Fighting type here. Another easy job for the Tera Lucario.


Mimikyu is good because it can take a free hit due to Disguise.

Did anybody else have trouble trying to evolve Pawmo into this? Anyway, Nemona’s Pawmot can use Double Shock for massive Electric STAB damage, but removes its Electric type afterwards, "Close Combat" iconClose Combat for powerful Fighting STAB, but lowers its defensive stats, "Ice Punch" iconIce Punch to tickle Ground types and Quick Attack to try and attack first.

We recommend Psychic or Fairy types. Double Shock is a little dangerous, but after using it, Pawmot will lose its Electric STAB, making it less threatening.

Terastallized Skeledirge

Nemona will Terastallize her ace into a pure Fire type, further boosting its Fire attacks and retaining its Ghost STAB.

Her Skeledirge can use Torch Song for Fire STAB and to boost its Special Attack, "Shadow Ball" iconShadow Ball for Ghost STAB, "Snarl" iconSnarl to lower your Special Attack and "Earth Power" iconEarth Power to hit Rock and opposing Fire types.

Water types, especially your starter–hopefully fully evolved into Quaquaval–are highly recommended. Besides dealing super-effective damage, it’s a good idea to find ways to mitigate the damage from Tera-boosted Torch Song.

Terastallized Meowscarada

This is potentially the easiest Pokémon, if you’ve been diligently using your starter.

Nemona will Terastallize her ace into a pure Grass type, further boosting its Grass attacks and retaining its Dark STAB.

Her Meowscarada can use Flower Trick for Grass STAB (never misses and always criticals), "Thunder Punch" iconThunder Punch to target Flying types, "Play Rough" iconPlay Rough to counter Fighting types and "Shadow Claw" iconShadow Claw for additional coverage.

Fire types are highly recommended. If using your starter Skeledirge, you may want to Terastallize it so it loses its Ghost weakness.

Terastallized Quaquaval

Nemona will Terastallize her ace into a pure Water type, further boosting its Water attacks and retaining its Fighting STAB.

Her Quaquaval can use Aqua Step for Water STAB and to boost its Speed, "Brick Break" iconBrick Break for Fighting STAB and to shatter screens, "Ice Spinner" iconIce Spinner to hurt Grass types and destroy terrain and "Aerial Ace" iconAerial Ace just in case.

This one’s a tough cookie. Grass types would’ve been ideal, but Ice Spinner can take a good chunk of their HP. Meanwhile Electric types will take the full brunt of Aqua Step, which isn’t ideal, especially since Quaquaval is likely to outspeed you afterwards.

Your starter Meowscarada is also susceptible to STAB Brick Break, although you can Terastallize to remove the Fighting weakness.

If you’re stuck, try grabbing the Tera "Tsareena" IconTsareena from Socarrat Trail. You can use its Trop Kick to deal super-effective damage and lower Quaquaval’s Attack at the same time. Most likely, Quaquaval will try and use Ice Spinner or Aerial Ace, but you can Terastallize to remove your weakness. After one Trop Kick, Quaquaval should be less dangerous.

After the Fight

This marks the end of Victory Road.

Congratulations, Nemona will stop hounding you for a battle… for 10 seconds anyway!

Afterwards, you’ll need to complete the Path of Legends and Starfall Street story paths to unlock the Area Zero story. This concludes the Nemona final battle and team walkthrough. Good luck on beating Nemona yourself!

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