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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Beat Top Champion Geeta (La Primera)

Vincent Lau

This page details how to beat Top Champion Geeta, aka La Primera. This is a part of the Pokémon League’s Champion Assessment and comes at the end of the Victory Road Walkthrough.

Geeta is the final hurdle before you can become Champion!

Below you’ll find information on Geeta’s Pokémon and what Pokémon you should bring in to counter hers!

Recommended Pokémon for Top Champion Geeta

Like most Champions in the past, Geeta has a varied team, so you can’t pick a few Types and call it a day. That said, good Types to bring include Fighting, Bug and Fire (all strong versus half of her team). Ground and Dark types wouldn’t go amiss either.

Her Pokémon are around Level 61, so you should aim to bring Pokémon of around Level 60+ into the fight.

If in doubt, here are some Pokémon suggestions:

  • The Level 75 Tera "Lucario" IconLucario at Dalizapa Passage, in the underground tunnel. A strong Fighting type that you can fairly easily catch. Try and sneak behind it to stun it for 1 turn. Immediately Paralyze it, then whack it until it returns to normal–at which point, you can catch it.
  • Chi-Yu, a Dark and Fire Legendary, found in one of the sealed shrines.
  • "Skuntank" IconSkuntank, a Poison and Dark type. Found at Socarrat Trail.

What Pokémon does Top Champion Geeta have?

Pokémon Level Type
Espathra 61 Psychic Psychic
"Gogoat" IconGogoat 61 Grass Grass
Veluza 61 Water Water Psychic Psychic
"Avalugg" IconAvalugg 61 Ice Ice
Kingambit 61 Dark Dark Steel Steel
Glimmora 62 Rock Rock Poison Poison (Tera Type: Rock Rock)


It’s tempting to lead with a Dark type, but beware of Dazzling Gleam.

Geeta leads with Espathra, a pure Psychic type. So no need to strain your brain too much. It can use its signature move Lumina Crash, a Psychic type attack that lowers the opponent’s Special Defense stat by two stages.

In addition, it’s carrying "Dazzling Gleam" iconDazzling Gleam to annoy Dark types, Quick Attack to deal chip damage before you can react and "Reflect" iconReflect to weaken your physical attacks for 5 turns.

Dark types will be super-effective and are immune to Lumina Crash, but may get hurt by Dazzling Gleam. There are some that take neutral damage though, like the recommended Skuntank or "Bisharp" IconBisharp/Kingambit.

Ghost and Bug types should be OK, if they’re fast and not weak to Fairy or Psychic. Otherwise they may not survive two hits of Lumina Crash.

In case of Reflect, make sure at least one of your Pokémon knows "Brick Break" iconBrick Break or have some special attackers handy.


"Gogoat" IconGogoat is a pretty average Grass type. Geeta’s goat can use Horn Leech for STAB and to drain health, "Zen Headbutt" iconZen Headbutt to counter Poison types, "Play Rough" iconPlay Rough for additional coverage and "Bulk Up" iconBulk Up to bolster its Attack and Defense stats.

Most Fire, Ice, Bug and Flying types should have no problems here. Even though Skuntank is Poison, it doesn’t care about Zen Headbutt because it’s also Dark.


There aren’t many Pokémon that can resist everything Veluza is carrying.

Finally, a dual type Pokémon! For attacks, it can use "Liquidation" iconLiquidation and Psycho Cut for STAB, Aqua Jet to try and attack first and "Ice Fang" iconIce Fang to combat Grass types.

Annoyingly, Veluza has a pretty robust move set. Try using Electric, Bug, Ghost or Dark types. As long as they’re not weak to Water or Psychic (especially Water), they should manage.


Oh, another mono type. This Ice type Pokémon can use "Avalanche" iconAvalanche, which deals more damage if the user has received damage on the same turn, "Earthquake" iconEarthquake to mess up Fire, Steel and Rock types, "Body Press" iconBody Press just in case and "Crunch" iconCrunch for additional coverage.

"Avalugg" IconAvalugg is slow, so it can easily take advantage of Avalanche. Also, it has exceptional Defense: you absolutely want to combat it with special attackers. The Tera Lucario is great here, with its "Aura Sphere" iconAura Sphere. Otherwise, any super-effective special attacker (Fire, Fighting, Steel or Rock) should suffice.


Kingambit gets stronger for every fallen comrade.

Kingambit is possibly Greeta’s scariest Pokémon, excluding her ace. This Dark and Steel type can use its signature move Kowtow Cleave, which deals impressive Dark damage and never misses. In addition, it’s got "Iron Head" iconIron Head for Steel STAB, "Stone Edge" iconStone Edge to wreck Fire types and Zen Headbutt to counter Fighting types.

Furthermore, its Supreme Overlord ability slightly boosts its Attack and Special Attack stats for each KO’d team member. If it’s the 5th Pokémon that Geeta sends out, it could be troublesome.

Despite Zen Headbutt, Fighting types are highly recommended since they deal quadruple damage. Kingambit is slow, so unless yours is even slower, you should one-shot it before taking damage (the Tera Lucario won’t break a sweat). Otherwise, Ground types are a solid choice.

Terastallized Glimmora

If you can, Terastallize into a Ground type.

For her final Pokémon, Geeta will send out Glimmora and Terastallize it as the earliest opportunity. It will become a pure Rock type, boosting its Rock attacks further while retaining its Poison STAB.

For attacks, it can use "Tera Blast" iconTera Blast to deal heavy Rock damage, "Sludge Wave" iconSludge Wave for Poison STAB, "Earth Power" iconEarth Power to bully Steel types and Dazzling Gleam to hurt Fighting types.

If you have the Tera Lucario, it should one-shot Glimmora with its Aura Sphere. But if you prefer a fairer match, go with Ground types since they’re super-effective and resist both Tera Blast and Sludge Wave.

After the Battle

Demolish the crystallized flower and the title of Champion is yours! Outside, Nemona will demand a real Pokémon battle now that you’re both Champions. However, you only just beat the Pokémon League, so now’s not the time for a battle.

When you’re ready though, head to the central plaza of Mesagoza for your final battle with Nemona!

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