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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to Pass the Champion Assessment Interview

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the Pokemon League Interview mission, as well as the Pokemon Scarlett & Violet Champion assessment, and the answers. Follow our Pokemon League Interview guide closely so you can get all the answers correct and not have to retake the test, as that is a mechanic of this feature.

Pokémon League Interview: Champion Assessment Answers

You can access the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Champion Assessment once you’ve completed all 8 Gyms and earned their respective badges! This is a part of the final Champion Assessment, which comes at the end of the Victory Road story path.

Time to test your memory!

Pokemon League Interview: Champion Assessment Answers for Rika

Before you can take on the elite four will be to answer Rika’s questions in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet champion assessment. They all pertain to why you want to become a Champion and they also test your memory skills! Below you will find all the questions you can be asked, their answers, and the ones you should choose.

  • Question 1: How did you get here today?
  1. I walked
  2. I rode on my Pokémon
  3. I came by flying taxi

Either pick the 1st or 2nd option depending on whether you rode on Miraidon/Koraidon or walked by foot - easy start!

Did you head to the Pokémon League building via your Pokémon mount?

  • Question 2: Which School are you enrolled in?

This next question is testing how well you know your school! Your school differs depending on which version of the game you have. Your options are:

  1. Manzana Academy
  2. Naranja Academy
  3. Uva Academy

If you are playing the Scarlet version, choose Naranja Academy and if you’re playing Violet, pick Uva Academy.

  • What brings you to the Pokémon League today?
  1. I came to catch Pokémon
  2. I came to become a Champion
  3. Just for fun, I guess…

Just to be safe, we’d recommend going for the 2nd option, ‘I came to become a Champion’, since you can’t catch Pokémon during your Champion assessment and you don’t wanna come off as nonchalant with the 3rd option!

  • What do you intend to do if you become a Champion?

This next question seems a bit vague, as it’s asking you what you want to do when you become a champion:

  1. I want to become even stronger
  2. I want to battle Nemona
  3. I want to find treasure

The 1st and 2nd option are the safest bet given that finding treasure isn’t really relevant to becoming a Champion. It’s important to remember which answer you give to this question as you’ll be asked about it later!

  • Which Gym was the Hardest?

This is a personal question, of course, so you can choose whichever you like. However, your answer to this question will matter when you come to answer the next questions! So make sure you know exactly which gym you’re choosing or you’ll fail!

  1. Cortondo Gym
  2. Artazon Gym
  3. Cascarrafa Gym
  4. Levincia Gym
  5. Medali Gym
  6. Glaseado Gym
  7. Montenevera Gym
  8. Alfornada Gym
  • What was the name of the Gym Leader?

Depending on which gym you chose as the hardest, you’ll need to pick the corresponding Gym Leader. Observe the table below and pick the right leader!

Gym Leader
Cortondo Gym Katy
Artazon Gym Brassius
Cascarrafa Gym Kofu
Levincia Gym Iono
Medali Gym Larry
Glaseado Gym Grusha
Montenevera Gym Ryme
Alfornada Gym Tulip

This question might catch you off guard! Do you remember which gym belongs to which leader?

  • What Pokémon did the Gym Leader Use?

Once you’ve correctly chosen a leader, you’ll next have to tell Rika what type of Pokémon they used! See the table below:

Leader Pokémon type
Katy Bug
Brassius Grass
Kofu Water
Iono Electric
Larry Normal
Grusha Ice
Ryme Ghost
Tulip Psychic
  • What was your Starter Pokémon?

Next up, Rika will ask you to recall your first Pokémon. Hopefully, you remember which of the Pokémon you started with! Choose from the following depending which you picked out of the three starters.

  1. The Grass Cat Pokémon (= Sprigatito)
  2. The Fire Croc Pokémon (= Fuecoco)
  3. The Duckling Pokémon (= Quaxly)

Which Starter Pokémon did you choose?

  • What do you intend to do if you become a Champion?
    This is a repeat question in which you’ll need to remember the answer you gave to the same question earlier. The options are:
  1. I want to become even stronger
  2. I want to battle Nemona
  3. I want to find treasure
  • Do you like Pokémon?

And then the final question: Do you Like Pokémon? This is a simple yes or no answer, but you should definitely say yes!

If you mess up any of the questions you’ll be forced to take the interview again, but if you’ve passed you’ll know immediately after completing the final question! Now onto the Elite Four battles. One step closer to becoming a champion - woo!

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