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How to Evolve Bisharp into Kingambit

Vincent Lau

This page explains how to catch "Bisharp" IconBisharp and evolve it into Kingambit in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Kingambit is one of the newly added Pokémon that evolves from an existing Pokémon. However, it has one of the trickiest methods of evolving.

Where to Catch Bisharp

(1 of 2) Bisharp love to roam the bamboo forest.

Bisharp love to roam the bamboo forest. (left), Paralyze and Sleep will help you catch it. (right)

First, you’ll need a Bisharp. You can evolve one yourself from a "Pawniard" IconPawniard, but if you haven’t, they’re relatively common in the bamboo forest in North Province (Area Two). That area is right outside the Pokémon Center near the Fairy Crew’s base.

The Bisharp here are over Level 50, so your Pokémon should be a similar level, unless you’re feeling very brave! In any case, it’s a Dark Dark and Steel Steel type. So avoid using Fighting moves, as they’re liable to KO it.

To make things easier, you should apply Paralyze or Sleep, with moves like Nuzzle, Yawn, etc. "False Swipe" iconFalse Swipe is a bit painful to use since Bisharp resists it. So you may prefer to weaken it with low damage moves instead, like Water Gun etc.

How to Evolve Bisharp into Kingambit

(1 of 4) Teach Bisharp a Fighting move for an easy time.

After obtaining a Bisharp, we recommend teaching it a Fighting type move via TM. "Brick Break" iconBrick Break is a solid choice. If you just caught it, obviously heal it up!

Now return to (or head to) the bamboo forest where Bisharp spawn. Keep running around until you find a Bisharp surrounded by a small group of Pawniard–it must be in a group, not a lone Bisharp! This Bisharp will be holding a "Leader’s Crest" iconLeader’s Crest item. Send out your own Bisharp to fight the Bisharp. Then use a Fighting type move to KO the opposing Bisharp.

Afterwards, repeat this two more times. Once you’ve defeated a total of 3 Bisharp leading a group of Pawniard, Level Up your Bisharp. This can be done by battling or using candies, but not by auto-battling with Let’s Go.

If you followed our instructions, your Bisharp will evolve into Kingambit. In doing so, it will learn its signature move, Kowtow Cleave, a strong Dark type move that never misses.

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