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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Gym Test: Find Mister Walksabout!

Jessica Dillon

Gym challenges are a bit quirkier than in previous games. For the Electric gym, you are going to be part of a live stream to help Iono attract more viewers. To do this, you are going to be playing a relatively easy game of where’s Waldo. If you don’t feel like trying to figure out where Mister Walksabout is hiding, or he’s simply avoiding your grasp, then check out are guide below for a quick and easy solution to this gym challenge.

Start of Iono’s stream during the Electric Gym Challenge.

How to Play Mister Walksabout Gym Challenge

All you need to do is move your control stick to the location where the director is hiding and press Joy-Con-ButtonA. This will lock in your choice, and if you’re correct, you will proceed on to the next stage. All in all, this challenge should only take you a couple of minutes to complete.

If you would like a rock ground-type Pokemon to make this task a bit easier, then head north from Levincia, and you will find some "Diglett" IconDiglett, "Silicobra" IconSilicobra, and "Rolycoly" IconRolycoly wandering around that are close to level-appropriate.

Mister Walksabout Location 1

At the cafe table.

The first location is at the second cafe table on the right side of the map.

Battle 1
After finding the first location, you will be challenged by a gym trainer. You only need to defeat a single lvl 22. "Luxio" IconLuxio to win. For this challenge, use a ground or rock-type Pokemon to make quick work of Luxio. Luxio only is able to use Electric-type moves, be wary of him charging up.

Pokemon Level Type
"Luxio" IconLuxio 22 Electric

Mister Walksabout Location 2

Behind the Pokemon Center counter.

The second location for Mister Walksabout is a bit harder to pinpoint as there’s more going on in this map. You can find him situated inside of the Pokemon Center, at the station where Nurse Joy usually stands.

Battle 2
This is the last battle that you will have to endure for this gym challenge. The strategy is the same as the first, use a rock or ground-type Pokemon or attacks to make quick work of the trainer. This time, you will be facing off against two Pokemon instead of one, but they both only use Electric moves other than tackle.

Pokemon Level Type
"Tynamo" IconTynamo 22 Electric
Flaffy 22 Electric

Mister Walksabout Location 3

On a boat beneath the arena.

The final Mister Walksabout Location is on the right side of the map. He is sitting on the boat directly below the Pokemon arena. After you identify him, you will be able to challenge Iono by heading back inside the gym. A guide for defeating Iono and getting your Electric gym badge can be found here.

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