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5-Star Tera Raids are where trainers begin to start getting incredibly useful item drops with level 75 Pokémon rocking five perfect IVs (Individual Values). This means players are getting high value and desirable Pokémon with five out of six statistics being at their peak. It’s a good place to start for trainers looking for Pokémon to breed for competitive play, or for great competitive Pokémon off the bat.

Another solid reason to fight in as many 5-Star Tera Raid battles as possible is for the items. We’re talking guaranteed "Exp. Candy L" iconExp. Candy L and "Exp. Candy XL" iconExp. Candy XL with chances to get some rare valuables. There’s even solid chances to get useful items such as Mints, Herba Mystica and more. The best part is that 5-Star Tera Raids aren’t too challenging providing trainers know their typings and have a level 80+ Pokémon to fight with.

Grimmsnarl appears in a 5-Star Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

All 5-Star Tera Raid Drops

The below table give trainers a good idea of what they can expect in each 5-Star Tera Raid. There’s some variables as stated in the table, but there’s also some guaranteed drops in the mix too. Regardless of strategy here, it’s always worth taking on one of these Tera Raids when stumbling across Crystals in Paldea or via the Poké Portal:

Tera Raid Item Drop
"Ability Capsule" iconAbility Capsule x 1 (8.7% Chance) "Bottle Cap" iconBottle Cap x 1 (8.7% Chance) Current Standard Type Feather x 2 (43.48 % Chance)
Current Standard Type Feather x 3 Current Tera Type Shard x 1 (17.39% Chance) Current Tera Type Shard x 2
Current Tera Type Shard x 2 (For Hosts) EV Lowering Berry x 3 (34.78 % Chance) "Exp. Candy L" iconExp. Candy L x 1
"Exp. Candy L" iconExp. Candy L x 2 (47.83 % Chance) "Exp. Candy XL" iconExp. Candy XL x 1 Herba Mystica x 1 (10.87 % Chance)
Mint x 4 (10.87 % Chance) "Nugget" iconNugget x 1 (21.74 % Chance) Pokémon Material x 2 (23.91% Chance)
Pokémon Material x 3 (For Guests) Pokémon Material x 5 "PP Up" iconPP Up x 1 (13.04% Chance)
"Rare Candy" iconRare Candy x 1 (17.39 % Chance) "Star Piece" iconStar Piece, "Big Mushroom" iconBig Mushroom or "Big Pearl" iconBig Pearl x 1 (53.17 % Chance) -

All 5-Star Tera Raid Pokémon

There’s a healthy selection of final evolutions and harder-to-find Pokémon in the mix for 5-Star Tera Raids. With appearances being random, it’s always good to check daily spawns wither on the map of Paldea or Tera Raids via the Poké Portal for those with a Switch Online Membership. Tackling these Teraltalized Pocket Monsters is a great way to fill out a trainers Pokédex whilst gaining some impressive clout for anyones team. Catch ’Em All in the table provided below:

"Abomasnow" IconAbomasnow "Altaria" IconAltaria "Amoonguss" IconAmoonguss Annihilape
"Appletun" IconAppletun Arboliva "Arcanine" IconArcanine Armarouge
"Avalugg" IconAvalugg Baxcalibur "Blissey" IconBlissey Bombirdier
Brambleghast "Braviary" IconBraviary "Breloom" IconBreloom "Bronzong" IconBronzong
"Camerupt" IconCamerupt Ceruledge Cetitan "Clawitzer" IconClawitzer
"Cloyster" IconCloyster "Coalossal" IconCoalossal "Copperajah" IconCopperajah "Corviknight" IconCorviknight
"Delibird" IconDelibird "Ditto" IconDitto Dondozo "Dragalge" IconDragalge
"Dragapult" IconDragapult "Dragonite" IconDragonite "Drifblim" IconDrifblim "Eevee" IconEevee
"Eelektross" IconEelektross "Falinks" IconFalinks "Flapple" IconFlapple "Florges" IconFlorges
"Froslass" IconFroslass "Gallade" IconGallade "Garchomp" IconGarchomp "Gardevoir" IconGardevoir
Garganacl "Gengar" IconGengar "Glalie" IconGlalie Glimmora
"Goodra" IconGoodra "Gothitelle" IconGothitelle "Greedent" IconGreedent "Grimmsnarl" IconGrimmsnarl
Gyrados "Hariyama" IconHariyama "Haxorus" IconHaxorus "Hippowdon" IconHippowdon
"Honchkrow" IconHonchkrow "Houndoom" IconHoundoom "Hydreigon" IconHydreigon "Indeedee" IconIndeedee
Kingambit "Krookodile" IconKrookodile "Luxray" IconLuxray Mabosstiff
"Magnezone" IconMagnezone "Mimikyu" IconMimikyu "Mismagius" IconMismagius "Mudsdale" IconMudsdale
"Noivern" IconNoivern "Oranguru" IconOranguru Orthworm Palafin
"Passimian" IconPassimian Pawmot Pinchurchin "Polteageist" IconPolteageist
"Raichu" IconRaichu Revavroom "Rotom" IconRotom Sableeye
"Salamence" IconSalamence "Scizor" IconScizor "Scyther" IconScyther "Slaking" IconSlaking
"Slowbro" IconSlowbro "Slowking" IconSlowking "Staraptor" IconStaraptor "Talonflame" IconTalonflame
Tatsugiri (Cury Form) Tatsugiri (Droopy Form) Tatsugiri (Stretchy Form) "Tauros" IconTauros (Fire)
"Tauros" IconTauros (Water) Tinkaton "Toxtricity" IconToxtricity (Amped, Scarlet Exclusive) "Toxtricity" IconToxtricity (Low Key, Violet Exclusive)
"Tsareena" IconTsareena "Tyranitar" IconTyranitar "Volcarona" IconVolcarona "Weavile" IconWeavile
"Zoroark" IconZoroark - - -
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