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How to Beat Elite Four Hassel

Vincent Lau

This page details how to beat the fourth and final member of the Elite Four, Hassel. This is a part of the Pokémon League’s Champion Assessment and comes at the end of the Victory Road Walkthrough.

Hassel won't go easy on you, even if you're a student.

Below you’ll find information on Hassel’s Pokémon and what Pokémon you should bring in to counter his!

Recommended Pokémon for Elite Four Hassel

Hassel is a Dragon type expert. Therefore you’ll want to confront him with Fairy and Ice types. Maybe Dragon types if you’re feeling daring (or have high Level ones).

His Pokémon are around Level 60, so you should aim to bring Pokémon of around Level 60+ into the fight.

Here are some Pokémon suggestions:

What Pokémon does Elite Four Hassel have?

Pokémon Level Type
"Noivern" IconNoivern 60 Flying Flying Dragon Dragon
"Haxorus" IconHaxorus 60 Dragon Dragon
"Dragalge" IconDragalge 60 Poison Poison Dragon Dragon
"Flapple" IconFlapple 60 Grass Grass Dragon Dragon
Baxcalibur 61 Dragon Dragon Ice Ice (Tera Type: Dragon Dragon)


Watch out: Noivern is fast!

Hassel’s first Dragon is "Noivern" IconNoivern, which is part Flying. Noivern can use "Dragon Pulse" iconDragon Pulse and "Air Slash" iconAir Slash for STAB, "Hyper Voice" iconHyper Voice for powerful Normal type damage and "Super Fang" iconSuper Fang to halve your Pokémon’s HP.

Ice Pokémon are fantastic, since they deal 4x damage. Fairy and Rock types are also great. However, beware that Noivern is fast and loves using Super Fang to drop your Pokémon to half health, so avoid fielding your trump card at the start, unless it can outspeed Noivern!


"Haxorus" IconHaxorus is a pure Dragon that’s pretty straightforward. It’s carrying "Dragon Claw" iconDragon Claw for STAB, "Iron Head" iconIron Head to punish Fairy types, "Rock Tomb" iconRock Tomb to slow down Ice types and "Crunch" iconCrunch for coverage.

Despite taking super-effective damage from "Iron" iconIron Head or Rock Tomb, Fairy and Ice-types are your safest bet here.


We don't recommend Dragon types, but if they're really high Level…

"Dragalge" IconDragalge is a Poison and Dragon type. Hassel’s can use "Sludge Bomb" iconSludge Bomb and Dragon Pulse for STAB, "Hydro Pump" iconHydro Pump to scare off Ground types and "Thunderbolt" iconThunderbolt for additional coverage.

Keep your Fairy types away; instead, Ice and "Psychic" iconPsychic types should fare well here. Dragalge is on the slow side, so you shouldn’t struggle too much, overall.


"Flapple" IconFlapple is a Grass and Dragon type. This one knows "Seed Bomb" iconSeed Bomb and Dragon Rush (for Grass and Dragon STAB), "Aerial Ace" iconAerial Ace (to counter Bug types) and Leech Seed (to steal health).

Ice types are the best choice, for their 4x damage. Otherwise, go with Fairy types.

Terastallized Baxcalibur

Baxcalibur's Glaive Rush is strong, so be careful

For his last stand, Hassel will send out and swiftly Terastallize his Baxcalibur. Normally a Dragon and Ice type, it’ll become a pure Dragon type, enhancing its Dragon attacks and retaining its Ice type STAB.

For attacks, it can use its signature move Glaive Rush, which deals heavy Dragon damage, but renders it vulnerable on the next turn: all attacks will hit it, regardless of accuracy, and deal double damage.

Besides that, it’s got Icicle Crash for Ice STAB and "Brick Break" iconBrick Break to terrorize opposing Ice types.

Fairy types are highly recommended, so you don’t get hit by Tera-boosted Glaive Rush. Otherwise, if your Pokémon does get hit, you should be fine so long as it’s not your only Pokémon. On the next turn, you can deal massive damage to Baxcalibur due to the secondary effect of Glaive Rush.

After defeating Hassel, you’ll have triumphed against the Elite Four. Yet one more challenge awaits until you’re a Champion yourself–and that’s the Top Champion, Geeta!


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