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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Gym Test: Find the Sunflora

Shane Williams

This is a guide for finding the 10 "Sunflora" IconSunflora needed before taking on the Grass Gym in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Gym Test: Find the Sunflora.

How To Begin The Grass Gym Test in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The Grass Gym can be found in Artazon, so you’ll want to head out of the east gate from Mesagoza and follow the path all the way east. You’ll want to tackle the Grass Gym once you’re around Level 18, as the Pokemon inside will be around level 16-17. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have at least some Flying Flying or Fire Fire type Pokemon in your team.

In order to start the Gym Challenge you’ll want to enter the Grass Gym Building and speak with the woman at the counter, then she’ll inform you that you need to pass a test before you can face Brassius. Afterwards, she’ll mention the challenge for this gym is a game of Sunflora Hide-and-Seek which will require you to find 10 Sunflora which are scattered around Artazon and bring them to the Sunflora Lawn.

Exit the gym and walk east and you’ll find someone standing next to a Sunflora Statue. Speak with them and you’ll be given a rundown on the task at hand. They’ve asked the Sunflora to hide around the town and you’ll need to find them. If you’re struggling to find them, then we’ve got all their locations below:

Where to Find All Sunfloras

Sunflora Location #1-3

First three Sunflora

The first three Sunflora can be found directly outside the lawn.

Sunflora Location #4

Fourth Sunflora

The fourth Sunflora can be found standing underneath the nearby play area.

Sunflora Location #5

fifth Sunflora.

The fifth Sunflora can be found hiding around the back of the Grass Gym building.

Sunflora Location #6

sixth Sunflora

The sixth Sunflora can be found by heading over to the pool which is located behind the Grass Gym, then walk over to the two stalls in the corner to find it standing beside it.

Sunflora Location #7

seventh Sunflora.

The seventh Sunflora can also be found at the pool, but this one is standing beside the vending machines.

Sunflora Location #8

eighth Sunflora

The eighth Sunflora can be found heading playing a game opposite the last Sunflora.

Sunflora Location #9

ninth Sunflora

The ninth Sunflora can be found standing beside a tree opposite the Grass Gym entrance. However, this one you’ll have a chase after it to initiate a battle, then once you’ve defeated it, it’ll follow you.

Sunflora Location #10

final Sunflora.

The final Sunflora can be found by standing near to the circular building in the center, then follow it around until you see it standing beside a purple plant.

After The Gym Test

Once you’ve found all 10 Sunflora’s return to the Sunflora Lawn and the test will be completed. Now you’ll want to return to the Grass Gym to battle Brassius. If you need guidance on how to defeat this gym leader, then refer to our How to Defeat Grass Gym Leader Brassius .

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