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Proffessor Hecat’s Assignment 1 gives Witches and Wizards their first fire Spell, "Incendio" iconIncendio. But what needs to be done to add this to a growing arsenal of conjurations and the like? There’s a couple of tasks to complete, which could be completed before this quest is activated. Cool right? Hogwarts Legacy is a bit like that. Let’s go through Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 step by step and bag a cool Spell whilst we’re at it.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1: Incendio

Witches and Wizard need to travel to the Defense of the Dark Arts classroom. Depending on how much of Hogwarts has been explored already, selecting the Defense of the Dark Arts Classroom Floo Light drops right outside the classroom door. From there, poke your head in to have a chat with Professor Hecat about her first assignment.

Fast travel to the "Defense of the Dark Arts" Floo Light to arrive outside the aforementioned classroom. Start Professor Hecat's Assignment 1 by talking to her on the far right-hand side of the room.

After the cutscene exit out of the classroom and take a left passing the Floo Flame before heading down the hallway. Take a left towards the end and another sharp left to go up the smaller staircases and take the facing Hall of Herodiana exit leading to a hanging bridge. Witches and Wizards will now find themselves in Gryffindor Tower. Follow the path round to find another exit, this time leading to a stone bridge. This leads to the entrance of the Clock Tower where we can compete in the two rounds of Cross Wands necessary to complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

(1 of 3) Head across the stone bridge towards Gryffindor Tower and follow it round to reach the Clock Tower.

Witches and Wizards can complete all three rounds of the Crossed Wands side quest at any time. We already completed the first round before starting Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, for example. Dueling as part of a team, the aim of Cross Wands teaches Witches and Wizards how to break an opponents defenses and use combinations of attacks to beat them. Our full guide on Cross Wands rounds one, two and three go into more detail on this.

Once completed, it’s time to tap Lucan Brattleby up for Spell Combination Practice. This is another mini game aiming to get Witches and Wizards used to using various Spell combinations, and is quite good at doing so in our opinion. Not only is it good for muscle memory later on in Hogwarts Legacy, but it a good method to building up "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic meters to perform epic feats of mystical magic thought long gone. Simply pull of the Spells requested in quick succession to complete the training.

(1 of 2) Match the colors of Spells to an opponents shield to down their defenses and start effective combo attacks.

Match the colors of Spells to an opponents shield to down their defenses and start effective combo attacks. (left), After Cross Wands and Spellcasting Training, head back to Professor Hecat to learn Incendio. (right)

Now it’s time to head back to the Defense of the Dark Arts classroom to carry out the final part of Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, Learning the close-range fire Spell “Incendio”. Like with other instances of learning Spells, Witches and Wizards need to move the cursor with DualSense-Stick-R right thumb stick or Mouse mouse whilst hitting the correct face buttons. Feel free to practice Incendio on the training mannequin to the left of the classroom door once completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

Can I Upgrade Incendio?

Wizards can perform some amazing upgrades to their Spells by investing in Talent points. Awarded when reaching a new level, Talent Points change the game for Wizards and Witches, so make sure not to ignore them. We’ve put together a guide on all Talents so Witches and Wizards can plan their upgrade path hassle free.

More Hogwarts Legacy?

We’re hard at work producing the best guide we can here at Gamer Guides, which includes a detailed Database and Interactive Map. Here’s some of the magical work we’ve done so far:

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