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Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Walkthrough: Climb the Battlements

Craig Robinson

The High Keep is one of the main story quests you get during the Autumn term, which requires you and Natty to sneak into Falberton castle. While inside, you will be looking for answers that will pin Rockwood onto the strange occurrences around Hogwarts. However, breaking in and climbing the battlements can be tricky. So, we’ve made this walkthrough for Hogwart’s Legacy’s The High Keep mission. You’ll be able to climb the battlements in no time and get straight back into playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy - The High Keep: Climb the Battlements

(1 of 3) To begin climbing the battlement in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to head over to the scaffolding on the ground.

To begin climbing the battlements in Hogwarts Legacy, you must scale the wall on the right. Look for where the rubble is along the grass, and you’ll find a wooden scaffolding you can climb. This leads you to a hole in the wall allowing you to enter the battlements.

Now you’re on the lower battlement, you want to turn left, as there is a room with a locked gate. You need to use "Depulso" iconDepulso on the wheel crank in the wall to the left of the door. Your spell will hit the mechanism with enough force it will open the door and lock it open. When inside, you can then use "Accio" iconAccio to drag the box in the room out onto the battlement. Before you go, there’s also a collectable note and a lootable chest inside!

Now the chest is out, you will need to drag it to the right of the lower battlement. Drop it where the stonework fades, and you can see the light above. You then need to cast "Levioso" iconLevioso. Once the box settles in place, floating in the air, you can jump and climb on top. The box now acts as a floating platform allowing you to climb over, and complete the Climb the Battlements part of this Hogwarts Legacy quest.

Enter the Gatehouse: The High Keep Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough

Lift the Portcullis and then Accio the wall handle to complete this stage of the High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Now it is time to enter the gatehouse. Here, you need to continue to walk around the catwalk where you can see the board covering the hole in the wall. Head over to the end of the pathway, where there is a window, and cast Accio. This will drag the crate in the room closer to the window. Now, head back to the wooden board, destroy it, and crawl through into the room

Once inside, you now need to raise the portcullis. To do so, you need to once again cast Depulso on the turning wheel on the left side of the room. Hit it enough times to raise as much of it as possible, and then use Accio on the brass handle on the wall where the portcullis is raised. What this does is drag a platform out, which will prevent the portcullis from falling down.

Get to the Roof

(1 of 2) Once again, levitate another box and use that as a platform in the High Keep mission.

Once again, levitate another box and use that as a platform in the High Keep mission. (left), Going invisible makes it easier to fight Poachers in the High Keep mission of Hogwarts Legacy. (right)

Now that you and Natty are separated, you will need to climb to the castle’s roof and rescue Highwing. To do so, you need to scale another scaffolding and climb the outside of the tower. Follow it along until you come across an area with a staircase leading to another outside bit below. Use "Revelio" iconRevelio, and look for the blue box behind a wall. You need to look at it through the gap in the wall, and cast Depulso to knock it down to the stair area below. Now that’s done, you can then drag to over the broken stairs using Accio, cast Levioso, and then jump between the broken parts of the staircase.

When you reach the other side, we recommend going invisible using "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment. The reason is that some "Poacher Tracker" iconPoacher Trackers, "Poacher Duellist" iconPoacher Duellists, and "Poacher Stalker" iconPoacher Stalkers occupy the area. Doing so makes it easier to pick off some enemies. You will likely alert most of them anyway, so getting a few free beat downs makes life easier when you do fight. You can also use Repulso to fling some of the enemies off the castle wall and get easy home runs that way. Now they are done, unlock the locked door using Alohomora.

Now you need to navigate the rest of the roof area. Once again, cast Disillusionment, as Poacher Trackers will spawn in later on. Being invisible at the start of it means you can wait for them to pass and cast your stealth takedown spell when behind them. It allows you to fling the rest off the castle wall with ease, or beat them however you see fit. With that done, now you just need to continue to climb the tower to get to the roof. There are a few things to loot around here, so feel free to loot as many chests and bags as you can find before reaching the top.

Once you’re at the top, you will get the cutscene, with you and Natty escaping with Highwing and a friend. You will complete The High Keep in Hogwarts Legacy, and unlock your flying mount once the escape is over. Congratulations, you have now completed Hogwarts Legacy’s The High Keep Mission!

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