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The Hippogriff Marks The Spot

Jessica Dillon

There is no shortage of side quests to find in Hogwarts Legacy. While some of them are out in the open, and most of them are located in towns, there are a few you will need to go off the beaten path to find. One such quest is none other than The Hippogriff Marks The Spot. This quest is both tricky to start and hard to complete when you finally make your way to the map location. The guide below goes over how to complete The Hippogriff marks the spot in Hogwarts Legacy and how to solve the "Hippogriff" iconHippogriff statue puzzle

Lighting the "Hippogriff" iconHippogriff Statue torches in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Start The Hippogriff Marks The Spot in Hogwarts Legacy

You will need to go to Poidsear Castle to start this quest. This is located in "Poidsear Coast" iconPoidsear Coast, and the quest marker is extremely easy to miss as there isn’t an NPC to give you this side quest. Once you get to the castle, you will need to land and grab the map on the table in the tent nearest to the cliff. Ashwinders will attack you while you’re doing this, including an infamous enemy named "Iona Morgan" iconIona Morgan.

You should also head to the village right above this location and speak with Agness to start the quest Rescuing Rococo, as they both take place in the same ruins. Once you have the map, get on your map and fly to the southmost coast of Lake "Marunweem" iconMarunweem. Here you will find some more ruins and Ashwinders. You can defeat them or ignore them. Your quest takes place under the ruins.

How to Solve the Hippogriff Statue Puzzle

Once you get inside the ruins, you will immediately be greeted with a cube puzzle similar to the ones you use to open treasure vaults. Use "Accio" iconAccio to move the cubes onto their matching pedestals. Cast a fire spell like "Incendio" iconIncendio on the left cube, and use "Glacius" iconGlacius on the right one. This will open the wall in front of you, head inside, and you will see the "Hippogriff" iconHippogriff statue shown on the map.

Several Ashwinders will also be inside, make quick work of them and then equip "Confringo" iconConfringo and "Glacius" iconGlacius. You will be lighting and extinguishing the torches until they match the picture.

The solution to the "Hippogriff" iconHippogriff Statue puzzle.

Once this is done, a treasure chest will appear further up in the room. This will give you a new set of gloves to accessorize with.


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