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Hogwarts Legacy

All Treasure Vaults in Manor Cape

Jessica Dillon

There are puzzles scattered all over the world of Hogwarts Legacy. One of the most common types of puzzles you will run into revolves around treasure vaults. There are several treasure vaults located in each region of the game. Once you get to the southern regions of Hogwarts Legacy, these treasure vaults get a bit more tricky to solve. The guide below goes over all the treasure vaults in "Manor Cape" iconManor Cape and how to solve their various types of puzzles.

Manor Cape treasure vault puzzle.

All Treasure Vault in Manor Cape and How to Solve Their Puzzle

There are a total of six treasure vaults in Manor Cape. Like most of the late-game treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy, these can vary in difficulty, and you will need to have unlocked a large number of spells like "Bombarda" iconBombarda and "Glacius" iconGlacius in order to solve them.

Bainburg Treasure Vault in Manor Cape

The treasure vault that is located down the road from Bainburg can easily be found thanks to the moving dragon bush. The cube for the vault is located on the cliff above it. Use "Accio" iconAccio to drop it down.

Bainburg puzzle cube location.

Once this is done, place it on the pedestal and hit it with "Levioso" iconLevioso. Once inside, you will be introduced to a strange puzzle. Using "Revelio" iconRevelio shows you that there is a cube pedestal on the ceiling and a puzzle cube on the opposite side of the room.

Solving the cube ceiling puzzle in the Manor Cape treasure vault.

You will want to use Accio with Windgardium Levioso to float the cube up to the pedestal and then quickly hit it with "Confringo" iconConfringo to open the door.

Bainburg treasure vault map location.

Treasure Vault on The Manor Cape Shore

The next treasure vault is located on the shore of Manor Cape, near the "Cragcroftshire" iconCragcroftshire border. This vault has a puzzle cube right down from it inside of a beached boat. Use Accio to bring the cube to its pedestal and cast Levioso on it to open the door. Once inside, you will find another type of puzzle cube and a floor that moves with it.

Manor Cape shore treasure vault solution.

Use Accio to drag the cube to the right corner of the room closest to the entrance. Once there, jump up on the cube and then onto the ledge of the room to get the treasure chest.

Manor Cape shore treasure vault location.

Treasure Vault at West Manor Cape

This treasure vault is located near the West Manor Cape floo flame. To open this treasure vault, use Accio on the handle. Once the doors open, go inside and head down to the Accio lever puzzle.

West Manor Cape Accio puzzle.

Use Revelio to show which handles you need to pull, and use Accio on them to unlock the room with the treasure chest.

West Manor Cape treasure vault location.

Arrow Puzzle Treasure Vault at Manor Cape

This treasure vault uses two "Depulso" iconDepulso spinners for entrance. When you arrive, there will be some enemies around them. Wipe them out, and then use Depulso on the spinners until each side of the door fully opens.

Depulso spinner outside of arrow puzzle treasure vault.

Once inside, another new type of puzzle will greet you. Use Revelio to show that the blocks in the center of the room are the main part of your puzzle. There will be a loose block right next to them on the right side of the room. Use Accio and Wingardium Levioso to pick it up.

Manor Cape arrow cube puzzle.

Let it descend slightly until the arrow is facing down, and then place it on top of the two cubes next to you. This may take a few tries as you can accidentally flip the arrow back around. Once it’s in its correct placement, the door to the treasure chest will open.

- Treasure Vault Map Location.

Arrow puzzle treasure vault location in Manor Cape.

Spider-Filled Treasure Vault at Manor Cape

This treasure vault is located down the road from the arrow puzzle, near some ruins in Manor Cape. You will need to use "Incendio" iconIncendio or Confringo to burn away the web that’s blocking this treasure vault.

Spider room in the Manor Cape treasure vault.

Once inside, wipe out the spiders and then grab the treasure chest.

Spider filled treasure vault location in Manor Cape.

Hidden Treasure Vault at Manor Cape

The next treasure vault is the hardest to find in Manor Cape. For starters, going to the location shown when using Revelio leads to a wall covered in vines that you can burn away using Incendio or Confringo. All you will find behind the vines are more rocks, though. In order to get inside of this treasure vault, you will need to hop on your broom and fly to the other side of the nearby bridge.

Entrance to the Manor Cape hidden treasure vault.

Here you will find a small dock, and if you drop into the water near it, there will be a dive spot, use it to enter the treasure vault cavern. Once inside, follow the hallway down until you get to a Depulso spinner.

Depulso spinner in the hidden Manor Cape treasure vault.

Keep hitting it with Depulso until all the rocks in the room move to the other side. Once this is done, climb on top of them and then up onto the ledge that has the treasure chest room.

Location of the hidden treasure vaults dive spot entrance.

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