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How to Win the Duel in Crossed Wands Round 2

Nathan Garvin

After indulging in the initiate round of Hogwart’s not-so-secret dueling ring, you can attempt the adept round, which features craftier, more able, and more numerous opponents. This page will cover the duel in Crossed Wands, Round 2 in Hogwarts Legacy.

(1 of 2) If enemies use advanced magics on you, quickly hit the button prompt to escape.

If enemies use advanced magics on you, quickly hit the button prompt to escape. (left), You can make your life a lot easier by countering enemy wand attacks with Stupefy. (right)

How to Win the Duel in Crossed Wands Round 2

The second round of the Crossed Wands questline will become available after completing Crossed Wands, Round 1, and since you need to complete both to complete an objective for the man quest Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1, you might as well finish this duel when it becomes available. To start it, just talk to Lucan Brattleby, who can be found near the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame in The South Wing.

This duel is more complex than the last one, pitting you (and perhaps a partner) against three foes. Sebastian joined you during the first duel, and he’ll tag along again, if you wish, but you should know from experience to be wary of his competence. With three foes, you’ll be under even greater pressure, so keep an eye out for yellow prompts around your character indicating that an attack is incoming and block any incoming attacks with Protego (DualSense-ButtonTriangle / Xbox-ButtonY). Being wary enough to perform Stupefy counterattacks, will greatly help with this fight. In addition to normal wand attacks, your foes are also keen on using more powerful spells - when under their effects you’ll get a button prompt, which will allow you to break free if you’re quick enough.

(1 of 3) Use Levioso to thwart yellow barriers,

In addition to a more varied offense with a greater volume of attacks, your foes will also employ more defensive magics, as well. The yellow barrier which needs to be countered with Levioso (DualSense-R2 + DualSense-ButtonCircle / Xbox-TriggerRight + Xbox-ButtonB-Filled) is back, and in addition some enemies will use a purple barrier that requires you to counter with Accio (DualSense-R2 + DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-TriggerRight + Xbox-ButtonX). Locking onto enemies (DualSense-R3) will make it easier to pick out targets based on their defenses, but once you’re appropriately breached a foe’s barrier, you can punish them with wand attacks, as per usual. It’s best to focus on one enemy at a time, counter their barrier, whittle down their HP and repeat, all the while keeping an eye out for incoming attacks. Despite being hectic, as long as you don’t over commit you should be fine.

Defeat all three enemies to wind the second round of Crossed Wands and complete this side quest.

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