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It’s time to head to the Northernmost point of Hogwarts as the broom flies with the following main quest of Hogwarts Legacy, “Fire And Vice.” The good news is it’s close to San Bakar’s Tower Floo Flame, so Witches and Wizards should be able to get there in no time. Don’t forget to activate that beautiful golden active main quest marker to locate the quirky Poppy Sweeting.

Fire And Vice

It turns out she’s heard some of Victor Rookwoods crooks in the Hogs Head saying they have orders to catch our protagonist on sight. She also caught wind of Horntail Hall, the best-kept secret by poachers. While they didn’t go into detail, it was made clear that they were making gold at the expense of innocent creatures. This all links into the area where Poppy is waiting for us, which calls for a little investigation with some help from our friend "Revelio" iconRevelio.

(1 of 2) Don’t be a Muggle; fast travel to the San Bakar’s Tower Floo Flame to get to the Fire and Vice quest quicker.

Don’t be a Muggle; fast travel to the San Bakar’s Tower Floo Flame to get to the Fire and Vice quest quicker. (left), Poppy Sweeting will be waiting for players at the quest marker to tell them about what she overheard from Poachers in the Hogs Head. (right)

Along the path, an awkward encounter plays out with Centaurs, making it quite clear their kind doesn’t want Witches and Wizards wandering outside of School lands. The issue concerns the Poachers, who are also dark magic users and are often linked with the upstanding Witches and Wizards found in and around Hogwarts. This bit of exposition adds a bit of tension to the main quest.

As the duo continues down the path, they reach a freshly left Poachers’ camp. The fire is still smoking, after all. They’ve also left their cages and equipment, so they can’t be too far away, but where? Walking down the pathway toward the cliff face reveals another Poacher encampment, this time with a few hanging around.

While Poppy suggests an approach via "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment, it will also be okay for Witches and Wizards to go with wands blazing. It’s best to kick things off by launching a red barrel for some tremendous explosive area damage, then pick off the Poacher Duelists, "Poacher Tracker" iconPoacher Trackers and the rest with the lovely library of spells players should now have.

(1 of 4) Centaurs aren’t very fond of Wizardkind, thanks to Poachers.

We also noticed that the bridge leading to the suspicious-looking tent collapsed during the duel. Not to worry, just cast Repairo to fix it right up. Don’t forget to cast Revelio around the tent to reveal a small chest with gold stashed away. Then, enter the Poacher Tent for a bit of a shock.

Two full-grown Dragons present themselves fighting in a pit surrounded by hundreds of Poachers to the unlikely duo, who soon realize they’ve found Horntail Hall. It also makes sense why there’s been a sudden surge of Poachers in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade and surrounding areas, who are most likely taking bets and spreading the word, according to Poppy Sweeting. Disillusionment is now the name of ther game while taking advantage of attention being on the fight.

Take out the first "Poacher Stalker" iconPoacher Stalker guarding the doorway by any means possible; he won’t put up much of a fight or alert anyone. Use a yellow-colored spell to break his "Protego" iconProtego or use something nearby to launch at him. The guarded door isn’t accessible, so take the opposing right-hand door and sneak around.

Next up in the long hallway under the bleachers are a handful of "Loyalist Warrior" iconLoyalist Warriors and Poacher Trackers. Again they are straightforward to deal with, even with the basic cast. Don’t forget to use Revelio to find all the chests on this floor too. They’re all easily spottable and include some gear that may come in handy or to sell on and gain even more gold. The Stripped colored House Scarf in the sizeable central chest was the best neckwear we had at this point in Hogwarts Legacy. After the rabble is dealt with, continue down the hallway and up the ladders. A Renaissance Cap and "Wiggenweld Potion" iconWiggenweld Potion are in the piles of sacks and crates up ahead.

(1 of 4) Make quick work of the Loyalists and Poachers with the usual basic spells.

Reaching another balcony, they see a poor restrained Dragon being tortured by poachers just for fun. The time for passive resolve is over for Poppy and suggests evening the score; how could we resist? Head down the passageway, through the door into what looks like a holding area for beasts. Along the bits of gold and Wiggenweld Potions, the duo comes across a caged Dragon Egg. It’s only a level one lock, so players should know the "Alohomora" iconAlohomora spell to unlock this by now.

Finally, let’s take on these Poachers and free that Dragon. Witches and Wizards will kick things off with the element of surprise, which is an excellent time to get a decent upgraded area of effect spell such as "Incendio" iconIncendio cast before laying into them. There’s a good mix of Loyalist Goblins and Dark Wizard Poachers here, so just get stuck in, throw everything possible and take note of dodge and parry prompts.

(1 of 4) Start the ball rolling with the element of surprise. More specifically, throw things at bad people.

We’d recommend saving "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic for the second wave, including the reveal of "Poacher Animagus" iconPoacher Animagus, covered in a purple Protego. A quick flick of "Depulso" iconDepulso will interrupt Poacher Animagus’s spell and put them on the back foot. Supporting them are more Loyalist Warriors, Poachers and Wolf Animagus. The Dragon will also help cut down enemy numbers with an area-of-effect fire attack, which is nice.

Once they’ve been dealt with, use Depulso on the now highlighted hook on the Dragons platform to release her. Multiple Poachers appear to restrain the Dragon as the pin releases from the Dragon’s chains but to no avail. Spitting Fire and destroying them all, our Duo cast a well-timed Protego. Our Protagonist then uses Incendio to burn the roof off the tent to free the Dragon. The issue is that the poor Mother Dragon didn’t realize she left her Dragon Egg, which the fifth year will look after until it is time to be passed over. The “Fire And Vice” main quest ends with unlocking the “Dragon Defender” Trophy / Achievement.

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