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Learning how to farm gold fast in Hogwarts Legacy is essential for those looking to grab some cool new clothes or upgrade ones wand core, for example. Gold is the currency of choice in Hogwarts Legacy, which also means it comes in usefull for a variety of things, from buying new wands, equipment, clothes, and so much more. Let’s not waste anymore time and find out how to farm Gold fast in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Farm Gold Fast In Hogwarts Legacy

Farming gold fast in Hogwarts Legacy means Wizards and Witches can grab better brooms for travelling the Wizarding World on, get their hands on better potions and most importantly, buy the best gear and look insanely flash (for an early 1900s Wizard or Witch). The below methods focus solely on getting gold in students robes as quick as possible and in no particular order. We would say the most effective way to farm gold in Hogwarts Legacy is by rescuing beasts, but it also requires some progress in the main story to achieve. Selling equipment is always a good shout, but there’s more efficient ways of doing so whilst upgrading equipment slots too. Let’s get into it:

keep an eye out for those… eye chests. They hold 500 gold each and are a great way to farm gold in Hogwarts Legacy.

Sell Old Gear

One of the earliest ways to farm Gold fast in Hogwarts Legacy is by selling equipment, clothes and the like that isn’t needed. Wizards and Witches will only have a limited amounts of equipment slots to start with, so it’s wise to get ahead whilst making some gold. Whilst unwanted items can be sold at any vendor, we would recommend traveling to Hogsmead to sell wares for the best prices. Plus, one never knows what might be for sale once there, with Wizards and Witches being able to expand their equipable slots by completing Merlin Trials placed throughout the game.

Open Eye Chests

Each Eye Chest has 500 Gold inside, and they can be found in decent numbers around the Castle and Hogsmead. Wizards and Witches will need the following spells to approach and open them however:

  • Revelio - Reveals potentially hidden Eye Chests nearby to find.
  • Disillusionment - Allows Wizards and Witches to approach Eye Chests without being seen.

More Hogwarts Legacy

We’re constantly adding new and informative content to our guides, so make sure to check out the rest of our Hogwarts Legacy pages available for Wizards right now:

(1 of 2) Make easy gold by selling unwanted items at any shop in Hogwarts Legacy. (1/2)

Make easy gold by selling unwanted items at any shop in Hogwarts Legacy. (1/2) (left), Make easy gold by selling unwanted items at any shop in Hogwarts Legacy. (2/2) (right)

Rescue Beasts

For those who have progressed to the point of being able to rescue Beasts for the Brood & Peck store in Hogsmead, this is a great way to farm gold fast in Hogwarts Legacy. This requires the Room of Requirement to be unlocked and the “Nab Sack” ability to be available to catch Beasts (And Levioso to keep them in place when trying to Nab Sack them). As it stands the best beast to catch are Puffskeins, which are easy to find and catch. They can be sold to Brood & Peck for 120 gold, with the best location to farm them being the fast travel location in the East-North Hogwarts region.

Puffskeins also give Wizards unique materials that can be used to upgrade items, so make sure to keep a couple around too. Leaving a nest and returning in three days time (in-game) will also respawn the nest, which makes rinse and repeat gold farming easy thanks to fast traveling.

Open A Shop

Wizxards and Witches can open their own shop in Hogsmead when they progress to a certain point in Hogwarts Legacy. This also means that they can sell items there for 10% more gold, so make sure to only sell items here when the opportunity arrises. This is also a PlayStation 5 exclusive feature, with no official word on if this will come to Xbox, Switch or PC.

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