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The Boathouse is a ways away from Hogwarts Castle, the ‘Mer-Ky’ Depths location. Part of the Great Hall group of Floo Flames at Hogwarts, The Boaathouse Floo Flame can be found on the wooden building next to the door. Wizards and Witches can’t miss it alongside Nerida Roberts, the side quest giver for ‘Mer-Ky’ Depths.

‘Mer-Ky’ Depths

She’ll be sitting on the decking, talking to herself about how she will sort out her Mermaid problem. As Witches and Wizards start chatting to Nerida Roberts, they immediately find out she can’t swim and she’s a ‘Liason to the Merpeople.’ Not the best combination of traits, but we’re here to help at the end of the day.

Nerida is a bit cross that Merpeople aren’t adequately represented at places like the Ministry of Magic, saying they should have the same rights as other creatures such as Goblins and Centaurs. The Merpeople have left her a gift in an underwater cave as a sign of good negotiations between the two races, but she needs someone to go and grab it.

(1 of 3) Find Nerida sat on the decking outside the Boathouse.

There are a few dialogue choices to get more information out of Nerida Roberts; here’s more information on each one to save time for Witches and Wizards:

  • “I can help you.”: This will continue the ‘Mer-Ky’ Depths side quest.
  • “Tell me about wizardkind’s relationship with Merpeople”: Nerida will explain how Wizardkind sees Merpeople as lesser creatures.
  • “What would a liaison to the Merpeople do?”: Nerida wants to exchange knowledge between Wizardkind and Merpeople.
  • “What’s so interesting about merpeople?”: Beware, this sets Nerida on a tangent about her love for Merpeople.

After exploring Nerida Roberts’s personality, Witches and Wizards will notice a marker in the middle of the lake. This is the diving point they’ll need to use to get inside the Leaky Caves, much like secret areas found on the world map.

Once inside, Witches and Wizards will be greeted with a three Moth door puzzle. This one’s quite simple, use Luminose to attack Moths and finish the spell when next to the door. For the two Moths with webbing in the way, just use a fire Spell such as "Incendio" iconIncendio to burn them away. This will then reveal a room with a stone chest inside, Witches and Wizards will find the “Mermish Artefact” inside.

All that’s left to do now is to return to the surface and give Nerida the Mermish Artefact so she can continue her own quest. Players can then choose to give or keep it, but we’d strongly suggest being a legend and giving her the Artefact. Rewards for the ‘Mer-Ky’ Depths side quest include the “Mermish Liason Uniform” and 180 XP.

(1 of 5) The Leaky Caves contains a three-Moth Puzzle door.

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