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How to Win the Duel in Crossed Wands Round 3

Nathan Garvin

With your first proper main story dungeon out of the way and more combat experience, you’ll be ready to take on the third and final round of the Crossed Wand dueling ring. This page will cover the duel in Crossed Wands, Round 3 in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Win the Duel in Crossed Wands Round 3

After you complete the main quest Secrets of the Restricted Section you’ll have to work your way through another main quest, Tomes and Tribulations, which is basically nothing but talking. After those quests are done, Spell Combination Practice 2 will unlock. Just travel to the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame in The South Wing and seek out a boy named Lucan Brattleby, who will arrange the final round of dueling in this little underground tournament.

(1 of 3) Wait for enemy attacks and counter with !Protego + !Stupefy to break their barriers,

How to Win the Duel in Crossed Wands Round 2

Like the previous duel, you can choose to bring a companion along - Natsai Onai or Sebastian Sallow. You’re also going to be outnumbered again; companion or not, you’ll be facing four opponents, making for a rather hectic bout. Bringing along a companion means some attacks will be directed at your ally, rather than you, and they make dish out a bit of damage, but make no mistake - you’ll have to do the heavy lifting.

We recommend you complete Spell Combination Practice 2 before attempting this round of Crossed Wands, as it’ll introduce you to the essential combination of "Accio" iconAccio + "Incendio" iconIncendio. Hopefully you’ve been using this combo for a while now, but if not, it’s a good time to start. Incendio is by far the single most powerful spell you can cast at this point in the game, and taking out enemies quickly will make this much, much easier. Sneaking in an Accio + Incendio is fairly easy to do and will deplete most of an enemy’s life bar.

While you might have new spells at your disposal, your enemy has new tricks, too. Namely, foes may put up red shields in addition to the yellow and purple they used in the previous duels, which can be countered with Incendio, "Levioso" iconLevioso and Accio, respectively. Running up to hit an enemy with Incendio might not be the best way to go around dropping red barriers, however, as you’ll then have to wait for your primary damage-dealer to recharge to inflict any meaningful punishment on enemies. Instead, you may want to play this fight more passive, wait for enemies to cast spells, then counter with "Protego" iconProtego + "Stupefy" iconStupefy, which will also remove barriers. More importantly, it’ll leave you in a good position to continue an offensive, even if it just ends up being Accio + Incendio.

Keep an eye on your opponents and be prepared to counter with Protego + Stupefy to catch enemies off guard, hit undefended foes with Accio + Incendio every time their cooldowns are up. Be sure to use DualSense-R3 to lock onto targets and concentrate fire. The sooner you’re only dealing with three enemies, the better, and when odds have shifted to 2 vs 2, the fight should be pretty much in the bag. Winning the duel will complete the quest and earn you the Crossed Wands Champion Garb cosmetic.

You can use this bout to make progress on Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2, which requires you to land Incendio five times (you should be able to finish this easily) and dodge roll 10 times (probably better off going for Protego).

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