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All Beast Dens in Clagmar Coast

Jessica Dillon

There are several different types of beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, and beast dens can be found in every single region of the map. This includes the late game area of "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast, which happens to be the home to the rare "Graphorn" iconGraphorn. "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast is filled with beast dens, and the guide below goes over where to find every single one of them and what beasts live there.


There are a total of seven beast dens in "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast, two are "Fwooper" iconFwooper dens located right next to each other, and two are "Diricawl" iconDiricawl dens that are on separate ends of the map. Finally, you also have the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn, which can’t be found anywhere else in Hogwarts Legacy.

Beast Type Den Location
"Fwooper" iconFwooper Map Marker
"Giant Purple Toad" iconGiant Purple Toad Map Marker
"Diricawl" iconDiricawl Map Marker, Map Marker 2
"Kneazle" iconKneazle Map Marker
"Puffskein" iconPuffskein Map Marker
"Graphorn" iconGraphorn Map Marker

Fwooper Den

The "Fwooper" iconFwooper den is located in the northwest part of "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast, and two dens are placed side by side. "Fwooper" iconFwooper are flying beasts so you will likely need to use "Accio" iconAccio to pull them towards you so that you can easily capture them in your Nab-sack. When cared for, "Fwooper" iconFwooper will give you "Fwooper Feather" iconFwooper Feathers.

(1 of 2) Two Fwooper den locations right beside each other in "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast.

Giant Purple Toad Den

The "Giant Purple Toad" iconGiant Purple Toad den is located on a small island south of both "Fwooper" iconFwooper dens. This is an easy-to-catch beast and will give you "Toad Warts" iconToad Warts when you care for them.

(1 of 2) Giant Purple Toad den location.

Giant Purple Toad den location. (left), Giant Purple Toad den in "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast. (right)

Diricawl Den

There are two different "Diricawl" iconDiricawl dens in "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast. The first is located below the "Giant Purple Toad" iconGiant Purple Toad Den. The second is on the eastern part of the map, above the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn den. When cared for, you will get "Diricawl Feather" iconDiricawl Feathers.

(1 of 3) Eastern Diricawl den location.

Kneazle Den

The "Kneazle" iconKneazle den is located in the southern part of "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast on the beach, closer to the South "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast floo flame. "Kneazle" iconKneazle are lazy, making them rather easy to catch. When you care for a "Kneazle" iconKneazle in your Vivarium, they will give you "Kneazle Fur" iconKneazle Fur.

(1 of 2) Kneazle den location.

Kneazle den location. (left), Kneazle den in "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast. (right)

Puffskein Den

The "Puffskein" iconPuffskein den is located right below the Clagmar Castle floo flame. This is the easiest type of beast to catch in Hogwarts Legacy, and when you care for them, you will receive "Puffskein Fur" iconPuffskein Fur.

(1 of 2) "Puffskein" iconPuffskein den location.

"Puffskein" iconPuffskein den location. (left), Puffskein den in "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast. (right)

Graphorn Den

The "Graphorn" iconGraphorn is the trickiest beast to capture in Hogwarts Legacy for a few reasons, including that there is only one den in the game, and it’s in "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast. First off, you won’t be able to catch "Graphorn" iconGraphorn until you have received the "Graphorn" iconGraphorn mount from San Bakar’s Trial, an extremely late game story quest. After you complete this, you can only capture one "Graphorn" iconGraphorn at a time, and you must battle them until they are weak enough to put inside of your Nab-sack. "Graphorn" iconGraphorn will give you "Graphorn Horn" iconGraphorn Horns, and you can breed them if you get a male and female pair.

(1 of 2) Graphorn den location.

Graphorn den location. (left), Graphorn den in "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast. (right)


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