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Hogwarts Legacy

What Happens if You Blackmail Cressida - Flying Off the Shelves

Nathan Garvin

When it comes to magic in Hogwarts Legacy, wording matters more than intent, and every spell is a potential monkey’s paw awaiting the slightest error to take advantage of. One student at Hogwarts has a habit of making these sorts of annoying mistakes. This page will cover the side quest Flying Off the Shelves, including how to catch the flying books and what happens if you blackmail Cressida.

How to Start Flying Off the Shelves in Hogwarts Legacy

This quest will become available after you complete the main quest Charms Class. To start it, head to The Library Annex and find a girl named Cressida Blume, who is complaining about some mishap. Talk to her and she’ll reveal that her custom charm went awry when she confused the Latin word for “feather” and “bird” - instead of lightening her load, she caused it to take flight! Since she’s a habitual menace to the library’s tranquility and hence, is at odds with the librarian, she’ll need you to recover the flying books for her. Agree to help, then head down the nearby stairs and take a right through some doorways to reach the library.

Search for the flying books in the library, and wrangle them with Accio.

How to Catch Cressida’s Flying Books

The effects of Cressida’s baffling Latin incompetence should be immediately apparent when you enter the library, as you’ll spot two books flying around the central part of the library. The high ceiling and low shelves here should make catching the first two tomes pretty easy, just get within range and hit them with Accio (DualSense-R2 + DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-TriggerRight + Xbox-ButtonX).

The locations of all six books follows:

  • Flying above the tables in the center part of the library.

  • Following a square route that loops through the arches on the ground floor. Occasionally flies over the location of the first tome (above), albeit at a higher elevation.

  • In the northern corner of the library, on the ground floor. You’ll find this book flying near the ceiling under the arches.

  • Head upstairs and search the northeastern end of the library. This book flies around at a moderate elevation, making a long circuit of the bookshelves here.

  • Go upstairs and head to the southern half of the library. This book is flapping around near the windows. Not to be confused with [Field Guide Page] flying around nearby - you’re looking for a book, not merely a page.

If you’re having trouble spotting them, these books glow blue if you cast Revelio.

(1 of 2) One of the books - Cressida’s diary - reveals that Cressida has some negative opinions of her classmates.

One of the books - Cressida’s diary - reveals that Cressida has some negative opinions of her classmates. (left), If you blackmail Cressida over the contents of her diary, you’ll earn 300 gold in addition to the normal rewards. (right)

What Happens if you Blackmail Cressida?

Gather all five books and return to Cressida, where you’ll get the option to give her the books, no strings attached, or you can pick the dialog option “Perhaps a reward - to keep the diary a secret” followed by “Perhaps I’m not.” to demand a reward… lest the contents of her diary find themselves somewhat more public. Doing this will earn you 300 gold, but the absolute thrashing Cressida is going to give you in her diary… Yeah, she doesn’t really have much to threaten you with. Whether you blackmail Cressida or not, you’ll also obtain the Avian - Grey wand handle.

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