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Hogwarts Legacy

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How To Get & Use Glacius In Hogwarts Legacy

Jacob Woodward

As you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be learning a variety of new abilities along the way. However, a lot of these are tied to Side Quests, and if you’re someone who is just plowing through looking to get to the end as fast as possible, you may miss them.

One example of this is the "Glacius" iconGlacius spell and this guide will not only be revealing how to get it, but also how to use it effectively so you can get the most out of this interesting ability.

How To Get Glacius In Hogwarts Legacy

As alluded to by the name of the spell, this one is centered around freezing. Therefore, you’d potentially expect this to be learned through a class with one of your Professors, maybe Defence Against The Dark Arts class, nullifying those dark wizards.

However, this isn’t exactly how to get Glacius. Instead, you’ll be heading to the master of brooms - Madam Kogawa who will be providing you the spell after completing one of her Assignments.

That’s right, this spell isn’t taught in a class as such, you’ll just have to successfully finish an Assignment to do so. The Assignment in question here is Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 in which tasks you with popping balloons both at the "Quidditch Pitch" iconQuidditch Pitch as well as "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade Station.

Madam Kogawa's Assignment 1 description

This becomes available after completing the Jackdaw’s Rest Main Quest so if you can’t see the aforementioned Assignment on your Quest list, this may be why.

Once you do this, return to Madam Kogawa who will be kind enough to provide you with what you need to learn Glacius.

How To Use Glacius In Hogwarts Legacy

With all of the information above, you should now have unlocked Glacius. As previously talked about, this is a freezing spell, categorised as a Control spell, so certainly not one you’re going to be charging into battle with it, so knowing how best to use it is key.

We believe that Glacius is most effective when you’re battling multiple enemies. This is due to the fact that you can use it to freeze a foe, no matter if they’re long or short range, and then either dispatch them as they’re frozen, or take on the others in your path with the extra time you have.

Using Glacius against Poachers in Hogwarts Legacy

Combining Glacius with a Damage spell such as "Confringo" iconConfringo, "Expelliarmus" iconExpelliarmus, or even your basic cast, is especially useful to get rid of enemies at a much faster rate.

Additionally, if you choose to, you can enhance the effects of Glacius by putting a Talent Point into "Glacius Mastery" iconGlacius Mastery. This will cause actual damage to frozen enemies that are in the vicinity of your target once hit. This is especially nice considering that the base Glacius spell does not inflict damage so you can whittle down those enemy HPs even quicker.

Glacius Mastery description in Hogwarts Legacy

All in all, Glacius is a nice back up spell that excels in situations where you’re surrounded. Add Glacius Mastery into the mix, and you’ll be improving its effectiveness even more, allowing you to even the battlefield.

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