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List of All Hogwarts Legacy Companions & Stories

Craig Robinson

RPGS have interesting characters, some of which become your friends and allies as you journey through a game. Hogwarts Legacy has four companion characters, each offering a unique tale and somewhat fitting to their respective house. Here’s a closer look at the Hogwarts Legacy companions, and how the feature works.

Here's a closer look at the Hogwarts Legacy Companions and how the feature works. Image via Warner Brothers.

Hogwarts Legacy Companions: The Four Companion Characters

In total, there are four companions in Hogwarts Legacy. These are:

  1. Sebastian Sallow - Slytherin
  2. Natasi Onai - Gryffindor
  3. Poppy Sweeting - Hufflepuff
  4. Amit Thakkar - Ravenclaw

It’s important to mention you are not restricted to certain companions based on the house you choose. You will naturally play with all four of these characters if you so choose to, and therefore, have access to all their quest lines and rewards.

Each of these characters have a unique tale to tell and will offer various rewards if you so choose to venture through their story lines and build a familiar relationship with. Moreover, progressing along with their companion storyline will reward the player with new things. So, if you want to become the best wizard you can be, then you need to follow suit with their story lines.

Note, these companions have their own quest lines, and will naturally require you to keep up to pace with them. Some of the quests, such as Sebastian’s “In the Shadow of the Relic”, will require the player to be around level 25. The same is said for each of the characters, each offering harder challenges as you and your companions naturally get further into the storyline.

Below we’ll give you a bit of a preview of each character, without dropping too much of a spoiler for these characters. That way, you can get a feel for which of these characters you will be the most interested in pursuing along the way.

Hogwarts Legacy Companion: Sebastian Sallow

Sebastion Sallow is the Slytherin companion in Hogwarts Legacy. This character’s back story is about having to venture into the Dark Arts, not for personal power and other villainy, but, to save his sister from an affliction. As you venture through this story, you will learn more about the Dark Arts, and by doing so, you can learn more Dark Arts spells, and maybe pick up an unforgivable spell along the way?

Hogwarts Legacy Companion: Natasi Onai

Natasi, originally a student at the African magical school, came over to Hogwarts after her family took a job. Now, she studies at Hogwarts, just like every other student. This is key to her storyline. As a fiery Gryffindor resident, she wants to do what she can to protect her new home, which is revealed at the start of the game, when you first arrive to Hogwarts. Expect Natasi to be the character you come across when you’re going after the Poachers and Goblins, which are all a part of the main storyline.

Hogwarts Legacy Companion: Poppy Sweeting

Poppy Sweeting is the Hufflepuff companion in Hogwarts Legacy. She very much defines Hufflepuff, with her nature being kind, compassionate, especially towards animals. In fact, Poppy loves animals so much, you will consistently encounter her protecting nature, which likely means she likes fighting Poachers, and saving the critters. Expect Poppy to be the one you encounter when you look for magical beasts too.

Hogwarts Legacy Companion: Amit Thakkar

Amit Thakkar is your stereotypical Ravenclaw character. This companion is all about knowledge, with a thing for Astronomy, and ambition that will make him become an ambitions wizard historian. However, he’s not the one who will assist you in the fights. So, the storyline will likely have you learning and getting things to make the school smarter, rather than going out of their way to fight off poachers and other ne’erdowells.

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