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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Recover the Helm of Urtkot

Nathan Garvin

The main quest Helm of Urtkot begins immediately after completing Percival Rackham’s Trial. Before you can start it, you must have learned the "Depulso" iconDepulso spell by completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 before you can begin this quest. This page covers the latter part of the main quest The Helm of Urtkot and covers how to retrieve the eponymous helm from the Ashwinders who absconded with it in Hogwarts Legacy.

(1 of 4) Let a Forest Troll and the Ashwinders settle their differences.

How to Find the Ashwinder Camp in The Helm of Urtkot

After going through the Witch’s Tomb, a main quest dungeon replete with treasure and puzzles, you’ll reach your destination only to find that the object of your desires has been pilfered by Ashwinders. Exit the dungeon via the secret door behind the witch’s sarcophagus and once back outside talk to Lodgok, after which you’ll be prompted to tackle an entire camp of foes by yourself.

Summon your broom and fly northwest into the forest, your destination being a small bandit camp. Even if you cleared it on your own at some point, it’ll be repopulated now, and instead of making a dramatic entrance, you should land somewhat south of the camp, perhaps on the road leading to your destination.

While the camp is indeed crawling with Ashwinders, you’ll receive aid from an unlikely source - a "Forest Troll" iconForest Troll. Apparently this massive brute takes exception to the presence of these unscrupulous wizards, and if left to its own devices, it’ll merrily smash them all to pulp. You’re under no obligation to get involved, so just sit back and watch the carnage. Once the fighting is over, step in and finish off any Ashwinders in the unlikely case that they won, or prepare to do battle with the Forest Troll, which may well have a good chunk of life left. You can start the fight out with a "Petrificus Totalus" iconPetrificus Totalus if you sneak up to the troll with "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment, but the best way to whittle down the beast’s life bar (aside from "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic) is to keep your distance, bait it into throwing a boulder at you, block with "Protego" iconProtego, and immediately start mashing DualSense-R1 / Xbox-BumperRight to toss the boulder back at the troll. This will knock the giant down to one knee, allowing you to pelt it with offensive magic (running up and blasting it with "Incendio" iconIncendio is a good source of damage!). Keep it up until the troll falls, at which point you’ll be free to explore the camp.

(1 of 2) Grab the Helm of Urtkot out of a chest,

Grab the Helm of Urtkot out of a chest, (left), then defeat the Ashwinder Assassin and her cronies. (right)

Loot the Forest Troll and the Ashwinders, grab a Collection Chest in a tent to the northwest, then cross a bridge to the north to find another tent. In this tent is a large chest, which contains the pilfered Helm of Urtkot you seek. Be wary, however, as three more Ashwinders - including an "Ashwinder Assassin" iconAshwinder Assassin - will show up when you lay your hands on the relic. The Ashwinder Assassin is fond of using unblockable, high-powered offensive spells, and comes with a purple barrier. That said, she’s not any more durable than most other Ashwinders - we were able to put her down with a simple "Accio" iconAccio, Incendio, "Confringo" iconConfringo combo.

Defeat the Ashwinder Assassin and her companions, then hop on your broom and fly back southeast to Lodgok. All you can do now is give him the Helm of Urtkot and hope the goblin lives up to his end of the deal.

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