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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get and Use Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy

Craig Robinson

"Bombarda" iconBombarda is the final red combat spell you will get in Hogwarts Legacy. Here, you will learn how to cast an explosive blast, capable of hitting multiple foes in a small area But, to grab it, you must first complete the beast assignment from Professor Howin. Here is everything you need to know on how to get and use Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy

How to get Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy

You need to capture some more beasts before you can get Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy.

To get Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy, you must advance to the winter term. Once you get there, you will get an assignment from Professor Howin detailing that you need to capture a "Diricawl" iconDiricawl and a Giant Purple Toad.

The quest is fairly easy to complete, requiring you to go to the Dens that the quest will lead you to if you track it. However, these critters will require four progress bar marks to catch, which means they can get away if you’re not careful. We recommend using the following spells to make this quest easier:

  1. "Disillusionment" iconDisillusionment
  2. "Arresto Momentum" iconArresto Momentum
  3. "Levioso" iconLevioso

Disillusionment is useful to get right up to unsuspecting magical beats, reducing the chance of them running our of range of your Nabsack. Meanwhile, Arresto and Levioso combined will slow the enemy down, and keep them from running away on the ground. Once you activate both spells, then you can use the spell to begin to capture the beasts in your Nabsack. You shouldn’t have any issues capturing them as long as you followed these tips.

Once you have acquired both pets, return to the Beasts class during the day and complete the lesson. Now you’ve completed that, you will now need to speak to Howin, and learn to cast Bombarda. By doing this assignment, you will likely get the Spell Master trophy, but only if you’ve done all the other assignments before this part.

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The Spell Master

Learn all spells

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How to use Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy

Bombardo is one of the best spells for AOE damage in the game. It also serves as strong single target damage too!

The main use of Bombarda is to deal some very strong damage to your foe, which can splash onto nearby enemies and replicate the damage dealt. This makes it one of the best spells for fighting multiple close enemies at once.

However, there are several ways to make it better. Firstly, the talents in the spells section called "Bombarda Mastery" iconBombarda Mastery, which unlocks at level 16, will increase the explosion radius for the spell. This will be a must-use, as the base radius of the spell is rather small.

To make this blast radius easier to land on multiple enemies, you will likely want to use some other items too. For example, using a "Mandrake" iconMandrake in combat will temporarily stun enemies. If you use this while enemies are close together, you can guarantee to hit several enemies with your Bombarda.

Another good synergy with this spell is to cast it alongside "Transformation" iconTransformation. When you get the "Transformation Mastery" iconTransformation Mastery talent, it will turn enemies into explosive barrels. Turning an enemy into that, and then using Bombardo will cause this spell to detonate easily, dealing, even more, burst to the target, and anyone close enough to the barrel.

If you want to use even more AOE damage, then you can use the "Diffindo" iconDiffindo spell, as long as you have selected the "Diffindo Mastery" iconDiffindo Mastery for it. This is because this allows the slice you throw to go through multiple enemies. You can easily clump enemies back together using the group "Levioso Mastery" iconLevioso Mastery or "Accio Mastery" iconAccio Mastery talents.

Using all of these tips together will allow you to do as much damage to many enemies, and control them the best you can. Good luck using Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy, and having fun blasting those pesky "Poacher Ranger" iconPoacher Rangers, "Ashwinder Scout" iconAshwinder Scout, and many other enemies away.

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