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Best Cosmetic Mods for Hogwarts Legacy

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page will offer a guide on all the best PC mods for beautifying and customising your character in Hogwarts Legacy. Here you’ll find links to all the best mods for changing up cosmetics and appearances.

How to Install Mods for Hogwarts Legacy

Installing mods can seem daunting but it’s actually way easier than you’d think, especially if you use Using Nexus Mods is a way safer way to download and use mods, and you’ll be able to manage your mods by using their mod manager tool, Vortox. When you download Vortox, you’ll need to go to the Unmanaged Games tab and click on Hogwarts Legacy. This will prompt you to download an extension but once that’s done you can use Nexus Mods to download your desired mods. Then you can use Vortox to enable or disable any mods you’ve downloaded - definitely a lot easier than messing around with files yourself!

Hogwarts Legacy Long Hair Mod

Listen, sometimes you want your character to have long, flowing locks and we’ll be honest, the current hair selection is seriously lacking in this department. Luckily, there’s a mod that’ll give you extra long hair. The physics are a bit whacky and the hair is currently not compatible with robes (lots of clipping and glitching) so you’ll need to work your outfit around your hair to make it look good.

This lmod gives you the option to finally live your long hair dream (Credit: ll500 on NexusMods).

Professor Garlick’s Hair Mod

Professor Garlick is a fan favorite in this game, and one of the best things about her unique character design is her gorgeous long braids. A lot of players weren’t all that happy with the hair selection, and seeing Professor Garlick’s amazing hair felt like a huge missed opportunity! Well, guess what?…There’s a mod for it! The hair physics will also be a bit crazy with these braids too, as they do blow around in the wind.

Now you can have braids as wonderful as Professor Garlick's! (Credit: Pyrebird on NexusMods)

Hogwarts Legacy Make-up Mod

This mod is currently a work in progress, but it allows you to switch up the complexion of your character and make it look as though they’re wearing make-up. Some of the make-up choices work on darker skin tones, whilst others are still a work in progress, but the modder is working on this. The mod allows you to add different make-up types which enhance blush and eyeshadow color and it works on masculine and feminine presets.

The mod brightens complexions and adds higher contrasting blush and eyeshadow (Credit: ZINXTO).

Hogwarts Legacy Mini Skirts Mod

This is a great mod for players who want a bit more of a modern look to their character. The long skirts are naturally very Victorian and modest, which is the period the game is set in, but if you’re looking to modernize, one of the easiest ways is to use a mod that shortens skirts. This mod is perfect because the skirts aren’t too short, but still change up the look a lot!

(1 of 2) These mini skirts

These mini skirts (left), really change up the look and vibe of the outfits (Credit: Badcutter on NexusMods). (right)


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