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Hogwarts Legacy

How To Complete The Admittance Key Hogwarts Secret In Hogwarts Legacy

Jacob Woodward

If you weren’t aware, while there are a bunch of puzzles to complete in Hogwarts Legacy, there are specific Hogwarts Secrets, tied to a Challenge that are even more hidden than the usual unknown entities.

There are three of these Hogwarts Secrets in total; the Viaduct Bridge puzzle, the Clock Tower Door puzzle, and the one we’ll be detailing here - The Admittance Key.

This guide will take you through exactly how to complete The Admittance Key Hogwarts Secret so you can pick up some extra rewards and uncover an area of the castle few even know about.

The Key Of Admittance Hogwarts Secret Prerequisites

Before we get into the steps, let’s talk about prerequisites.

You’ll need to have unlocked "Alohomora" iconAlohomora Level 3. This is done by gathering Demiguise Moons for Gladwin Moon after completing his initial Quest. Also, for our method, and for ease, you’ll also need a broom, which you’ll likely have anyway.

Where To Use The Key Of Admittance Complete The Hogwarts Secret

Now you’ve got the prerequisites out of the way, you can begin.

So, to start this Hogwarts Secret, you’ll first need to pick up The Key Of Admittance. However, you’re not going to find this important item simply lying around in the castle. Instead, some serious digging is required.

The Key Of Admittance is actually located within the Headmaster’s Upper Study, a very tucked away place that you will not have visited before.

Now, if you’ve scoured the Hogwarts map looking for a marker of some form, you’re going to be looking forevermore. This is because the Headmaster’s Upper Study is not on there, you’ll have to search or come across it yourself. Thankfully, we know the precise location and a handy shortcut for getting there.

To get to the Headmaster’s Upper Study, you can hop on your broom outside and look toward the highest tower of the castle. This is above The Grand Staircase area so use that as a guide. Fly up there and you should be able to land on a small circular area.

The Headmaster’s Upper Study locked door

You’ll know you’re in the right place because the door has a Level 3 Lock on it. Use the Alohomora spell to get inside and once in there, you should be able to see The Key Of Admittance on the desk. You’ll also earn yourself the Room with a View Trophy for getting to the top of the castle.

The Key Of Admittance location in the Headmaster’s Upper Study

Pick up the Key and exit the way you came in. Now, your next destination is the "Trophy Room" iconTrophy Room Floo Flame so fast travel there to make it easier.

Once at the Floo Flame, follow the curved path all the way until you reach the gated entrance up to the next level. Cast Alohomora and head up the staircase to the very top.

The Trophy Room locked gate

You’ll then be met with a very strange looking locked door that cannot be opened using the spell.

This is where you use The Admittance Key. Once you use the Key on the door, you’ll enter an unlocking cutscene and then you’ll be able to enter, completing the Hogwarts Secret.

The Key Of Admittance locked door

Don’t just turn back when unlocking the door though as inside, you’ll be able to open some chests and acquire a Field Guide Page for the Book Of Admittance.

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