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Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages Challenges & Rewards

Jacob Woodward

If you’re looking to do a completionist run of Hogwarts Legacy, Challenges will be a key part of this. You’ll likely be able to make some progress through these as you go through the main story, but you’ll need to hone in on some of the specific Challenges to 100% them.

The Field Guide Pages Challenges are just that, and are pretty difficult to finish up due to the sheer number of them. Because of this, knowing what you’ll receive for this monumental task would be nice, considering the number of hours you’ll be putting in.

This guide will take you through each of these Field Guide Pages Challenges as well as what Rewards await you if you choose to chase them so you’ll know if it’s worth your while.

What Are The Field Guide Pages Challenges In Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Challenges tab

There are a total of 13 Field Guide Pages Challenges in the game split into 3 separate sections. These sections are:

  • Collect Field Guide Pages In "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade
  • Collect Field Guide Pages In Hogwarts
  • Collect Field Guide Pages In Highlands

Collecting Field Guide Pages in Hogsmeade is broken down into 4, making you pick up a set number of Pages for each. As you would expect, the number increases as you progress through, starting with 2, then moving up to 8, 15, then finally, 25. This will require you to do some serious exploring within Hogsmeade, especially within each of the shops where these Pages are predominantly held.

Moving to the Hogwarts portion, this is obviously going to be similar to that of the Hogsmeade ones, but all encased within the castle. There are 5 task tiers here, making it an even more arduous endeavour. You’ll be starting off easy with only 2 Pages to collect then quickly ramping up to 8, then 15, 25, and last but not least, 50.

This is pretty monumental task and will require you to search in every nook and cranny within the castle. Our suggestion here is that you search each of the classrooms as well as visiting the various sculptures/statues as these places are rife with Field Guide Pages.

Finally, we’ve got the Highlands, an area that’s a later unlock in the game. Field Pages in this region are particularly challenging due to the wide open landscape, meaning that they could be hiding literally anywhere.

Thankfully, the Challenge requirements for this one are akin to that of Hogsmeade rather than Hogwarts. You’ll be starting off at 2 Pages, progressing in increments of 2 until the fifth, and final task which is double that of task 4, coming it at 16.

For our recommendation to find these, do some exploring on your broom and look for small camps and Hamlets as these usually house a Page, probably next to a rare relic of some form or near a stall.

Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Pages Challenges Rewards

As you make your way through the above Challenges, you’ll get some nice little Rewards for your efforts. These Rewards are the same for everyone, contrary to that of the drops you get from chests so we can give you a full list of what you’ll be receiving.

Here are all of the Rewards for each stage within each section of the Challenges:

Hogsmeade Field Guide Pages

Hogsmeade Field Guide Pages Reward 3

Hogwarts Field Guide Pages

Hogwarts Field Guide Pages Reward 3

Highlands Field Guide Pages

Highlands Field Guide Pages Reward 2

As you can see, all of the Field Guide Pages Challenges Rewards are of a cosmetic variety, having no bearing on stats. But, this also means that they’re not an integral aspect of the game to focus on so you can choose to simply choose to spend your time elsewhere, unless you’re going for that 100%.

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