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Hogwarts Legacy

Tell Claire About Her Brother or Lie - Brother's Keeper

Nathan Garvin

Once you reach "Upper Hogsfield" iconUpper Hogsfield, you’ll unlock two quests, one of which is Brother’s Keeper. A lady named Dorothy Sprottle is worried about the prolonged absence of a fellow resident, and seeks outside help with resolving the matter. This page will cover the side quest Brother’s Keeper in Hogwarts Legacy, including whether or not you should tell Claire the truth about her missing brother.

Travel to !Upper Hogsfield and talk to Dorothy Sprottle to get this quest started properly.

How to Start Brother’s Keeper in Hogwarts Legacy

This quest will be discovered when you reach Upper Hogsfield, and you could conceivably complete it as soon as you learn the "Incendio" iconIncendio spell. Since it’s a bit far afield (north and slightly east of "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade), you may want to wait until you have a broom, as it’ll make reaching Upper Hogsfield easier. When you arrive, talk to Dorothy Sprottle and she’ll tell you that a villager named Bardolph has gone missing after cavorting with some Ashwinders, and will suggest you talk to Claire - Bardolph’s sister - before searching for the wayward man.

You’ll find "Claire Beaumont" iconClaire Beaumont tending a stall in the center of the village. Talk to her and she’ll spare some extra details about her brother, and like Dorothy she’ll mention his woollen jumper as a noteworthy, identifying accessory. Talking to Claire is, however, completely optional.

(1 of 4) Bardolph’s location is northwest of !Upper Hogsfield - a relatively simple journey by broomstick.

How to Find Bardolph Beaumont

When you’re ready to hunt for Bardolph, make your way northwest of Upper Hogsfield. You’re ultimately looking for some ruins atop a hill between the "North Ford Bog" iconNorth Ford Bog Entrance Floo Flame and the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame - this trip is trivial if you have a broom. When you arrive near the ruins you’ll encounter a host of "Inferius" iconInferius enemies, who will be at least Lv16, regardless of your own level.

These enemies are quite durable, but are limited to melee attacks (albeit, lunging attacks that can cover a fair bit of ground). Their most notable feature, however, is their invulnerability to damage unless they’ve been struck with fire magic, first. For all intents and purposes you can treat this as a somewhat more restrictive red shield, although unlike barriers, "Stupefy" iconStupefy will not render them susceptible to harm. Incendio will be your best friend for this fight, and while immune to damage, "Accio" iconAccio will still draw Inferius enemies close enough for a followup Incendio. In addition, there are several explosive barrels lying around that you can telekinetically toss (DualSense-R1
/ Xbox-BumperRight) at your enemies, which may render several of them receptive to damage. If you’re willing to use Arcane Magic, these finishers will bypass the immunity of Inferius enemies.

Keep exterminating Inferius enemies until eventually a more powerful Inferius will shuffle out of the ruins - "Bardolph Beaumont's Corpse" iconBardolph Beaumont’s Corpse, which you’ll identify by its woollen jumper. Defeat the corpse, at which point you’ll be prompted to inform Claire… whether you talked to her previously or not. You can search the area around the ruins to find some notes that paint Bardolph in a benevolent - if foolish - light, but it seems he knew he was playing with fired, and got burnt anyways.

Return to !Upper Hogsfield and either tell Claire about Bardolph’s demise, or make up a rather uncomforting lie.

Should You Tell Claire the Truth About Her Brother?

Find Claire tending her stall in the middle of Upper Hogsfield, where you’ll get two options: tell Claire the truth “I’m afraid he’s dead.” or tell Claire a… frankly uncomforting lie “He’s decided to pursue a new life.” Your choice surprisingly doesn’t matter, as Claire is distraught either way… although not distraught enough to stop tending her stall or deter you from completing a second quest involving her, [Breaking Camp].

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