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The Path to Hogwarts serves as the introduction to Hogwarts Legacy via the majesty of cutscenes and training modes. Wizards and Witches can’t really go wrong with this chapter as everything is more of less laid out for players. Anything we had an issue with or needed time to figure out has been noted in this guide. Here’s what Witches and Wizards need to know about The Path To Hogwarts:

The Path To Hogwarts

The game starts with Professor Fig picking up Wizards or Witches ready to head to Hogwarts alongside George Osric from the UK Ministry of Magic. As we see the Beauxbatons Carriage take off against the backdrop of London’s Big Ben, we know all isn’t well thanks to the appearance of a particular villain that Wizards and Witches will meet in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade later in the game. We don’t do spoilers here at Gamer Guides.

As players get acquainted with the protagonist’s back story, we also get tidbits of Professor Figs and Mr. Osrics’ backgrounds. Professor Fig lost his late wife months before this, but she was working with Mr. Osric regarding Ranrok, a rogue Goblin up to no good. Osric then reveals the Portkey container, made of Goblin metal, which our protagonist notices a glow from and manages to open without any effort on their part.

(1 of 3) From left to right: Professor Fig, Hogwarts Legacy Protagonist and George Osric.

As this leads brilliantly into the overall story ark for Hogwarts Legacy, the carriage is suddenly attacked by a Dragon. Amidst the chaos, George Osric is consumed by the Dragon alongside half of the carriage. It seems the Dragon was being controlled by some form of magic enchanted into a harness, but certainly, all isn’t sound in the Wizarding World. However, Professor Fig manages to secure the Portkey alongside the protagonist and continues through a coastal cliff system somewhere in Scotland, courtesy of the Portkey. Professor Fig introduces some fundamental gameplay mechanics as the prologue of Hogwarts Legacy unfolds.

The pair finds a secret portal with a matching sigil in the Portkey. This transports players to the Gringotts bank, with the Goblin knowing exactly where to take them, too, vault number twelve. The Portkey is a vault key that unlocks a door that was last opened four hundred years ago. As players pass a Gringotts Guard, the protagonist spots the same enchanted band found on the Dragon. Something is undoubtedly brewing in Gringotts.

As the two Wizards enter vault twelve, the Goblin Banker reveals that Gringotts is instructed to close the door once the keyholder is inside. They’re not having a good day, right? Well, that’s until our Wizard or Witch finds another sigil-marked door at the back of the room, leading to a small series of trails for Wizards and Witches to complete in the catacombs of Gringotts.

This is where Wizards and Witches will learn the basics of combat alongside getting into the grove of Hogwarts Legacy puzzle solving. They end up in an ancient-looking room with a Pensieve in the middle. It’s a type of font used for viewing memories, but who’s precisely?

The memory shoes Charles Rockwood and Percival Rackham, two long-past Wizards of Hogwarts, the latter being a wielder of "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic. Only a little is known about Ancient Magic in the Wizarding World in the early 1900s, but maybe the story ark of Hogwarts Legacy can shine a light or two on it.

(1 of 5) The Portkey lands Professor Fig and our Wizard / Witch in coastal Scotland.

They are shown making the trial and rooms that Wizards and Witches have encountered at Gringotts. The Portkey was made to fall into the hands of an Ancient Magic adept at unlocking the secrets of Ancient Magic via a series of trials to ward off anyone looking to use the power for evil. As luck would have it, this point is illustrated beautifully with the Infamous Foe Ranrok the Goblin strolling into the Pensieve chamber looking to claim the Ancient Magic for himself. With a nod to Avalanche for keeping up the Goblin/Ork tradition of cockney villain voice acting aside, Professor Fig and Ranrok begin to dual as the room begins to liquidate and spawn a "Pensieve Protector" iconPensieve Protector.

Two unlikely duos manage to escape the room via a portal leading to the Woods behind Hogwarts Train Station. This leads to a sprawling cutscene of Hogwarts and the introduction of the school. Next is the Sorting Ceremony, over which Wizards and Witches have more control over than they would think in Hogwarts Legacy.

After a pep talk on keeping the strange locket a secret until they know more alongside quick scalding from the headmaster, Professor Phineas Nigellus Black, the Sorting Ceremony begins. This is also an introduction to Professor Weasley, the Gryffindor Housemaster. Certain decisions here will lead the Sorting Hat to house Witches and Wizards appropriately, but players can choose their own house towards the end, regardless. Don’t worry about the answers given and enjoy the immersion.

(1 of 3) Ragrok appears after the Pensieve vision, looking to take the powers of Ancient Magic by force.

More Hogwarts Legacy?

We’re hard at work producing the best guide we can here at Gamer Guides, which includes a detailed Database and Interactive Map. Here’s some of the magical work we’ve done so far:

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