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The Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy

Ben Chard

There are many useful features you’ll unlock during Hogwarts Legacy, and none more important than the Room of Requirement. This just so happens to be a Main Quest that you’ll be forced to complete, so there’s no fear of missing out on this handy feature. This page will tell you how to complete the Main Quest and about some of the features.

The Room of Requirement is a Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

When does the Room of Requirement Unlock?

As mentioned above, the Room of Requirement is part of the main story, and as such, you’ll need to progress a little in it before you gain access to it. The Room of Requirement is a Level 6 Main Quest, and it becomes available after the events in the Map Chamber and you’ve completed Flying Class. This is around five hours into the main story if that’s all you’ve been focused on.

All Chests in the Room of Requirement

To begin the Quest, head to the meeting location that Professor Weasley gave you and you’ll find she’s nowhere to be found. Instead, a door will open up, leading to the Room of Requirement, and Professor Weasley will arrive to enter it with you.

Follow her once inside and you’ll stop at a pile of chairs and Professor Weasley will teach you the Evanesco spell to vanish them away, a Conjuring spell useful in the Room of Requirement. Once you’ve successfully learnt the spell, use it on the chairs to make them vanish and acquire some Moonstone in the process.

(1 of 4) You will learn the Evanseco spell here

At this point, Professor Weasley will tell you to go on ahead and explore. Continue along the path and you’ll come across another stack of chairs to use Evanesco on and then as the area opens up a little, look to your left. There’s a crate here you can pull out with Accio, then climb on top of it and do a running jump to the area above. You’ll find a chest here you can loot and then slide back down to your right. Continue down the path and you’ll find more chairs to vanish and after you pass by some Chinese lanterns and another stack of chairs.

You’ll then come across another crate you can pull out with Accio, do so and go in the hole it was blocking. Once you stand up again, look through to the left and pull the crate towards you on the other side. Go back to the main path, look through the planks and pull the next crate with the chest on it towards the hole. Go through to the right one final time, pull the first crate back inside to you and push up against the planks. Levioso this crate and climb up, then levioso the crate with the chest and pull it towards you to open it.

(1 of 4) Pull the crate out to access the area behind it

Once you’ve pillaged this second chest, follow the linear path and you’ll eventually meet Deek, who will soon conjure your own personal Room of Requirement. Begin by using the Desk of Description to identify a piece of gear you have, then follow the tutorial steps to conjure both a Potions Station and a Potting Table to complete the Main Quest.

Decorating the Room of Requirement

At this point, you’re left to decorate the Room of Requirement however you see fit. You’ll get a lot of the recipes for furniture and other such wonders from completing challenges or opening Collection Chests scattered around the world. You can also fast travel back to the Room of Requirement from anywhere, making this handy to grow plants and create potions for your various adventures.

The potions table is just one of the useful features of the Room of Requirement.

You’ll also be able to begin a series of Side Quests related to the Room of Requirement by speaking to Professor Weasley here, starting with Interior Decorating. This will reward you with the Altering Spell and other goodies for use in the Room of Requirement.

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