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Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood Trial: Puzzles & Chests

Craig Robinson

The Charles Rookwood Trial is the second trial in Hogwarts Legacy. Players will need to wander through another ancient magic maze, solve puzzles, and fight another big sentinel if they intend on cracking on with the main story. To offer some assistance, here is a walkthrough for the Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood trial, showcasing puzzle guides, how to get chests, and fight the baddies.

Charles Rookwood Trial Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy

Use the cube from under the floor and place it next to the wall. Then Leviosa it, and use it as a platform the climb the gilded wires to reach the top.

Once you’ve made it into the Rookwood castle, your job is to the enter the ancient magic area. Upon entering the room. You will see a hallway. Head down it, and head p the stairs to the right. Doing so will cause you to go deeper into the ancient magic, revealing one of those magical doors. Now that’s done, head back down the stairs and go through the magic door. One of the walls will open up on the left, allowing you to grab a fenced block with "Accio" iconAccio. Move that over to the wall on the right, and then cast "Levioso" iconLevioso. You may now use the block as a climbing frame and get to the next stage of the Rookwood Trial.

You can also get one chest in that room by walking through the blue side of the portal and getting a chest in the corner of the room.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Charles Rookwood Trial: 2nd Puzzle and Chests

The blue portal will get you access to retrieving all the chests in the second puzzle room of the Rookwood Trial.

Moving into the next room, you have a magical door, a long, winding, moving floor, and some platforms on the side. But, before you go looking for things, you need to check the ancient magic, which you will find on the right of the magical door. Activate it, and you can begin this puzzle. Firstly, if you intend to get chest rewards, you need to shoot the button on the back wall and rotate the magical doorway. The trick is to spin the blue part of the magical doorway to face south. You can enter the blue portal and immediately get a chest in the doorway. There’s also a platform leading to another ledge with a chest.

Now, there’s another chest on the left-hand side of the room down a different corridor. While you’re in the blue reality, you will see a metal fence on the doorway, barring you from entry. However, inside the room is a box you can pick up through the fence using "Wingardium Leviosa" iconWingardium Leviosa to raise it over the fence. Once it is in the main puzzle room, you may enter the red portal in the magical doorway and loot the chest.

Now you have the chest rewards in the room, you need to move the pillar blocking the pathway to the original reality. You can move the block out of the way by facing the magical doorway with the blue portal. Now you’ve moved it, you need to head back into the red portal and move through the corridor into the next room.

Trial 2: Third Puzzle and Chests

Rotate the door around, go through, and then spin it around again.

Move along into the next room, before coming to another magical doorway. Interact with the ancient magic in the center of the circle. After that, you need to shoot the switch on the wall, then walk into the portal on the right. Now head back through when the portal is now a red color. You will arrive back into the center of the circle, and have access to a chest.

Now you’ve done that, head back through the portal to the pathway on the right, and shoot the switch again. This will allow you to path back into the circle’s center, and keep the platform on the left active for you to cross.

Trial 2: Puzzle 4 and Chests

Get the pillar into the other reality and place in the exact same spot.

The next room has another rotating door, with more cubes that turn into platforms. When you enter the red portal, there’s also a big Pensieve Protector in the area, so you will need to deal with that.

Once that’s dealt with, you will need to move the cube from the other side of the portal, into the red existence. When the cube is in the red existence, you can set it in the exact same spot you found it. So, when you return to the blue existence with the materialized bridge, it will be a pillar. Once it’s in position, go into the blue world, and climb on top of the pillar. You can then shoot the switch on the wall on the right, and bring the bridge to you. Jump on, and then shoot the witch again to get to the other side.

Also, there is only one chest in the room. You must get to the platform above and interact with it to loot it.

Once you leave the room, there is a long corridor with two more enemies in the area. They tend to guard another chest you will encounter before entering the fifth and final room.

Trial 2: Puzzle 5 and Chests

Different enemies are in different realities. Make sure to us the door to see the other half of the foes.

Now you are entering the final room of the Charles Rookwood Trial in Hogwarts Legacy. You will need to fight a few Pensieve Sentry and Pensieve Protectors. The trick here is that some of the enemies are in the blue reality, while others are in the red. Both sets of enemies can attack you, regardless of your dimension. So, you will need to beat one set of enemies, then move on to the other.

The tricky thing about this combat puzzle is that it is sometimes difficult to see other reality enemies. We recommend trying to bait the other reality enemies towards the portal, and then running onto the other side of the doorway. You can then use moves like Accio to drag them through the portal into your reality or use Leviosa to keep them in the air while you attack them.

This ends all the puzzles and chest you can find in the Charles Rookwood Trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

Pensieve Guardian Boss Fight

Here is how to defeat the Pensieve Guardian in the Rookwood Trial 2 in Hogwarts Legacy.

The "Pensieve Guardian" iconPensieve Guardian is similar to the last boss you fought in the first trial. However, he has a slightly improved move set. Remember to dodge the red attacks, such as the foot stomps that send the red lines of energy at you. You can also dodge the white flame move too by standing outside of the its radius, You may also block certain moves using "Protego" iconProtego. You can block the the one where he throws the mace’s ball of light at you. You may also counterattack the red energy that floats in the air and attack you in the second phase of the fight.

Lastly, we recommend using your new spell, "Diffindo" iconDiffindo, which you should have if you have been doing your Sharp assignments. This is one of the stronger spells you have unlocked. You can use this alongside other weakness apply moves, like "Expelliarmus" iconExpelliarmus, which amplify your attacks onto the target, alongside "Confringo" iconConfringo. The combination of these three skills will make beating this boss easier. Don’t forget to use your "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic bar on this enemy too, as you can deal nearly 2000 damage per use, which is 10x higher than Diffindo damage!

When it is done, you will have completed the Charles Rookwood Trial in Hogwarts Lgeacy, Now it’s time to go back, get a new memory, speak to the old Professors and learn more about the tale.

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