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Flying Class and learning how to get a Boom in Hogwarts Legacy is where the game seriously opens up, allowing Witches and Wizards to travel the Wizarding world in style. Fast Traveling via Floo Flames is a great and often necessary mode of transportation throughout Hogwarts, but nothing beats hopping on a broom and taking in the beautiful vistas and surroundings in real-time. Although, we wouldn’t recommend traveling North to South every time Wizards needed, there’s just not enough time. Let’s get into everything needed to complete Flying Class and how to get a Broom afterwards.

Flying Class With Madam Kogawa - Hogwarts Legacy

Wizards and Witches will unlock the Flying Class main quest once they have found Richard Jackdaw’s ghost and ventured into the Forbidden Forrest to find Jackraw’s Rest. This even is roughly six to seven hours into the main storyline of Hogwarts Legacy, so if none of this sounds familiar chances are there’s a ways to go yet. Once recovered from the ordeal, head over to the North Courtyard of Hogwarts and look out for a rack of school-owned Broom Sticks. This is where Wizards and Witches will meet Madam Kogawa, the Professor of flying.

(1 of 3) Find Madam Kogawa, the Flying Professor, in the Hogwarts Courtyard.

This is where the fun begins. After a snappy cutscene, Wizards and Witches will need to summon a broom into ones hand by flicking the DualSense-Stick-R right thumb stick. A fun little moment for fans of the Harry Potter series of films and books. Then it time to take flight, with altitude being controlled with the DualSense-Stick-R right thumb stick and movement with the DualSense-Stick-L left thumb stick. We would reccommend plugging in a controller for the PC release thanks to the mechanic bining solely to W-KeyA-KeyS-KeyD-Key WASD keys, which warrants a curse in itself.

Madam Kogawa will instruct Wizards and Witches to fly through three hoops to get students used to controlling Brooms again, but that’s not where this lesson ends. A cheeky student by the name of Everett Clopton extends an invitation to fly through the grounds of Hogwarts for a bit of a thrill ride. He will also advise about learning forward for a temporary speed boost, which is achieved by holding down DualSense-L2 L2, Xbox-TriggerLeft , LT or MouseLeftButton Left-Click.

How To Get A Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

This exciting excursion sees out the end of the flying lesson, which has already ended by the time Wizards and Witches approach the courtyard. Madam Kogawa, whilst impressed, is hanging around for a solid scolding and a points deduction, but it’s no big deal. The most exciting part of this lesson is still yet to come however. Before shuffling off, Everett Clopton on Ravenclaw mentions about nipping into "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade to buy a Boom. This then leads our Wizard or Witch to Albie Weakes’ Shop, which can be fast traveled to by selecting the Floo light to South Hogsmeade.

(1 of 2) Pick a Broom that looks the best, as they all perform and cost the same anyway.

Pick a Broom that looks the best, as they all perform and cost the same anyway. (left), Fly anywhere in Hogwarts bar Hogsmeade. (right)

On arrival in Hogsmead, simply bear left and follow the mini map to reach Albie Weakes’ Shop. Some inquisitive Wizards and Witches may have noticed that this shop was closed the last time they paid Hogsmeade a visit, which was down to supply chain issues according to Albie. Anyway, simply approach him, run through the dialogue and pick the best looking Broom. Slight spoiler, each Broom performs and costs the same, so just pick the one that appeals to one the most.

Can I Upgrade My Broom?

After buying the Broom, Alfie starts banging on about developing an upgrade for Brooms that solves the loss of speed at higher altitude problem. He’ll ask for assistance in his research by competing in races and feeding back information on performance. It would be daft not too, right? He’ll even through in a discount when upgrading, although we think he should give us an upgrade for helping him in the first place!

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We’re hard at work producing the best guide we can here at Gamer Guides, which includes a detailed Database and Interactive Map. Here’s some of the magical work we’ve done so far:

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