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Spot Removal Walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy: Bubotuber Locations & Best Choice

Craig Robinson

Hogwarts Legacy has yet another side quest in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade, given to you by a character called Sacharissa Tugwood. Here she gives you a quest outside of the "Dogweed and Deathcap" iconDogweed and Deathcap, asking you to collect Bubotubers in the "Forbidden Forest" iconForbidden Forest. These things are slightly tricky to find, so, here’s a walkthrough of the Spot Removal mission in Hogwarts Legacy, featuring the Bubotuber locations.

Spot Removal Walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

You will have to fight a troll to get some Bubatubers in the Spot Removal Quest.

Once you get the quest from Sascharissa, you need to follow the waypoint into a section of the "Forbidden Forest" iconForbidden Forest covered in a purple circle. However, this area has two "Forest Troll" iconForest Trolls, and has several "Poacher Stalker" iconPoacher Stalkers in the area, so do be careful.

In the purple area, you will also find you have to fight one of the "Forest Troll" iconForest Trolls, thanks to two Bubatubers being in its lair. You’ll want to use your red combat spells to take down the troll. "Bombarda" iconBombarda, "Confringo" iconConfringo, "Diffindo" iconDiffindo, and "Expelliarmus" iconExpelliarmus are all good spells, presuming you have access to them at this point. However, they are not entirely necessary. It is possible to beat the "Forest Troll" iconForest Troll using "Venomous Tentacula" iconVenomous Tentacula, along with "Chinese Chomping Cabbage" iconChinese Chomping Cabbage as well if you happen to carry any of them. So, no matter when you pick this quest up, you should have means to defeat it.

The biggest weakness of "Forest Troll" iconForest Trolls is their staggered mechanic. If you stagger them by using Protecto and then counter-attacking with "Stupefy" iconStupefy will stagger the troll briefly, allowing you to deal bonus damage for a moment. However, if you manage to block the Troll throwing a rock, and then send it back using "Ancient Magic Throw" iconAncient Magic Throw (Z-Key, DualShock4-R1, or Xbox-BumperRight) you will stagger the troll for longer. This is when you want to use all your spells and attacks. You can use your "Focus Potion" iconFocus Potion to lower spell cooldowns and even a Maxima potion for increased spell damage if you want to maximize your damage output while its vulnerable.

As for the poachers, they are not really a threat, so unleash your spells at them all you want.

Bubatuber Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that the trolls and enemy tips and tricks are out of the way, you will need to find the Bubatubers. There are five in total you need to find:

  1. Inside the troll cave. Look north on your minimap and its up against the rock wall.
  2. The northwest side of the troll cave, near the tree roots and vines.
  3. Head to the west side of the purple zone, and find the area the "Forest Troll" iconForest Troll is fighting the Poacher Scouts. Directly east of the fighting are two Bubatubers placed next to some thick trees with roots visible from the ground.
  4. Place your character directly under the quest minimap marker, and head directly south. Move your character to the point the path that goes southwest meets a path heading northwest. Where those roads meet you will find a Bubatuber next to a bush and tree stump using "Revelio" iconRevelio.

See the images below for reference where they are in your game. Once you have all of these Bubatubers, head back to "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade.

(1 of 4) After defeating the troll in the lair, you can find one against the northern wall.

Spot Removal: Best Choice in Hogwarts Legacy

Ask for money, it's the better choice.

Now you’ve returned to the front of the Dogweed and Deathcamp store in "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade, you will need to hand over the Bubatubers. However, there is a choice you can make:

  1. Of course.
  2. Yes, but for a higher price.

If you’re looking for the best choice for your character, the answer is to take the higher price. The reason why is that you will an extra two hundred Galleons. Choosing this answer awards you with 500 Galleons, rather than the base 300 Galleons. You will also get the same outfit reward, the Bubotuber Harvesting Attire. The only way you take the of course option is if you’re role-playing a nice student who is happy to help. There don’t seem to be any negative actions against your character either, so, that’s another positive for asking for more money. After all, you did have to fight Poachers and potentially two trolls.

This concludes the Spot Removal walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy. Good luck finding the Bubatuber locations, and picking the best choice to get that extra money bag!


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