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How to Defeat the Troll at Hogsmeade

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page will detail how to defeat the "Armoured Troll" iconArmoured Troll that attacks "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade during the ‘Welcome to "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade’ side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. This is the first real boss battle that players will likely face and this page will guide you through all useful spells and tips for beating the troll quickly and easily!

How to beat the Armoured Troll Boss in Hogsmeade

Once you’ve done your shopping and met back up with your companion, you’ll suddenly be interrupted by a huge "Armoured Troll" iconArmoured Troll stampeding into "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade. After a brief cutscene, you’ll be introduced to the dodge attack when the troll comes barreling towards you! This move will come in handy throughout the entire boss fight so make sure to memorise the controls!

Dodge the Troll!

Since this is the first boss fight in the story quest, it won’t be too difficult. But it does introduce a couple of new mechanics so might be a bit tricky at first! The first thing that might catch you out is that you can’t use "Protego" iconProtego to defend yourself. Since this troll is not using magic, "Protego" iconProtego will do little to deflect its physical blows.

Instead, you’ll need to be constantly dodging its attacks rather than trying to face them head on. Because the troll isn’t a magic caster, you’ll find his attacks easy to predict. He will bash his club around quite slowly but with a lot of force, and if you’re caught out you’ll get knocked to the ground and take quite a bit of damage. He will also occasionally charge at you if you’re far away so make sure you dodge from those attacks too!

We learned the hard way that "Protego" iconProtego doesn't shield you from the troll's attacks!

Additionally, the troll is immune to "Accio" iconAccio and "Levioso" iconLevioso, meaning you can’t lift him up into the air or drag him closer to you. So since this is such an early fight, you’ll only have your basic cast! That being said, there are a few other things you can do to increase your damage!

Basic casts are the only spell you'll be able to use in this fight.

For instance, you may spot around the boss fight arena several barrels and boxes. By interacting with them you can throw them into the trolls face automatically. Just focus your attention on one of the barrels and interact with it, then it’ll get lobbed right into the troll, dealing a fair bit of damage! These throwable objects will constantly respawn too, so you can keep using them to whittle down the troll’s HP. Just make sure you don’t get caught out by the troll’s attacks and dodge where necessary!

Throw barrels at the troll!

Another thing you can do to deal damage is to try to get behind the troll. This can be a little tricky to do but if you roll behind him, your spells will do extra damage when you hit him from behind. This tactic and using throwable objects will require constant moving around the arena, so make sure to use dodging to your advantage! When you hit one of the breaks in his HP bar, you’ll momentarily stun him and this is a great opportunity to try to get behind him.

The troll's back is weak - try to get behind him!

The troll has a big HP bar but using both throwable objects and basic casts should get him low quite quickly. Your companion will also be doing some damage too but it’ll mostly be down to you! If your health bar gets a little low (its the bar on the bottom right), consider taking a health potion, you should have a few in your inventory from when you were with Professor Fig! And if you do end up failing, you can just try again!

When you’ve whittled down the troll’s entire health bar you’ll be prompted to use "Ancient Magic" iconAncient Magic to finish him off!

Finish the troll off using some ancient magic!

Video Guide: How to Beat the Troll


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