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Hogwarts Legacy

All Treasure Vaults in Poidsear Coast

Jessica Dillon

Treasure vaults are a way to get great gear while playing through Hogwarts Legacy. There are several of these vaults sprinkled around each in-game region, and they can be found by flying around and using "Revelio" iconRevelio. "Poidsear Coast" iconPoidsear Coast is no exception to this rule, and there are many vaults, all ranging in level of puzzle difficult to open. The guide below goes over every puzzle vault in Poidsear Coast and how to get the treasure from each one of them.

Treasure vault in Poidsear Coast.

All Treasure Vault Locations and Puzzles in Poidsear Coast

There are a total of seven treasure vaults in Poidsear Coast. These can all be done rather quickly, pending you have unlocked all three levels of "Alohomora" iconAlohomora, have unlocked Windguardium "Levioso" iconLevioso, and have access to the "Glacius" iconGlacius spell.

Easy Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast

This treasure vault should be your first stop on your journey, as it’s easy to get into. The treasure vault is in an open cave. All you need to do is walk right in and open the chest.

The easiest treasure vault in Poidsear Coasts Location.

Poacher Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast

This treasure vault requires the use of "Incendio" iconIncendio or "Confringo" iconConfringo to open. To get inside, you will need to wipe out the nearby poacher camp, and then use level III Alohomora to open the cage.

Imprisoned treasure vault cube.

Afterward, use the "Accio" iconAccio and Wingardium Levioso spell to move the cube onto its pedestal. Once it’s there, hit it with a fire spell, and the treasure vault will open up.

The poacher guarded treasure vault in Poidsear Coast.

Locked Level I Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast

This next vault is located near the center of Poidsear Coast, right down from the Phoenix Mountain Cave Floo Flame. You simply need to unlock this treasure vault using Alohomora I. Once inside, you will run into a pile of floating leaves.

Enchanted leaves in Poidsear coast treasure vault.

You will need to run up to the leaves to make them disappear. From here, go to the corner of the room down from your location to touch them again. They will now move across the room and then up until the corner across from their starting location. Finally, they will appear in the middle of the room before moving back to their starting point. Simply walk up to them here to reveal the treasure vault’s chest.

Level I locked treasure vault at Poidsear Coast.

The level one locked treasure vault location in Poidsear Coast.

Locked Level II Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast

There are a few enemies around this treasure vault. When you arrive, get rid of them and use Alohomora II to unlock the door. Once inside, you will be attacked by several "Inferius" iconInferius. Use Confringo or Incendio to set them on fire so that they become vulnerable to your attacks.

Inferius rising up in Level Ii lock Poidsear Coast treasure vault.

Once they are dealt with, use Revelio to expose the magic walls and claim the treasure behind them.

Level II locked treasure vault in Poidsear Coast.

Locked Level III Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast

This is another easy vault, provided you have unlocked Alohomora III. It is located in a cow pasture down a short flight of steps.

Treasure vault in the cow pasture at Poidsear Coast.

Simply open the lock and head down the hallway until you find the treasure chest.

The Level III locked treasure vault location in Poidsear Coast.

Glacius Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast

This is another treasure vault that can be a bit confusing. The cube is located down the road to your right in a small coffin.

Treasure vault cube in a coffin.

It’s guarded by a few enemies that can use transformation magic, defeat them and grab the cube with Accio and Windgardium Levioso. Bring the cube back to its pedestal and hit it with Glacius to open the treasure vault.

Depulso spinner inside of a Poidsear Coast treasure vault.

Once inside, hit the spinner with "Depulso" iconDepulso until the rubble moves to the other side of the room. Once this is done, climb up the stack of rubble to get the treasure.

Glacius puzzle treasure vault in Poidsear Coast.

Wizard Chess Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast

The last treasure vault is located at the edge of Poidsear Coasts northern tip and "Marunweem Lake" iconMarunweem Lake. To open this vault, you will need to use Depulso on both of the spinners until each section of the treasure vault door is completely open. You can do these one at a time.

Depulso spinner outside the wizard chess treasure vault in Poidsear Coast.

Once you are inside, things get a bit more complicated. You will notice that a game of wizards chess is set up in the room. You won’t be able to interact with any of the pieces. Instead, use Revelio to show a glowing blue pot near the coffin at the end of the room. You will want to cast Wingardium Levisoso on this pot and move it to the chess board.

Creating a wizard chess piece in Hogwarts Legacy.

Once there, place it right in front of the white queen and use the "Transformation" iconTransformation spell to change it into a piece and win the game. After this, the treasure chest will appear.

Wizard chest treasure vault location in Poidsear Coast.

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