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How to Use Incendio in Hogwarts Legacy

Ben Chard

There are many spells to master in Hogwarts Legacy, and Incendio is the first damage class spell you’ll learn. Mastering this spell will allow you to deal lethal damage to enemies when you find yourself up close with them.

Incendio is a powerful damage spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

Learning Incendio

During the Main Quest, Find the Secret in the Restricted Section, you will be asked to visit Professor Hecat to learn some more defensive spells before heading to the library with Professor Fig. This Quest is available around five hours into the game if you’re doing a mixture of side content and main quests. You cannot miss this spell, as you’ll be required to complete Hecat’s assignment before you can continue on with the main story.

She’ll begin another Assignment at this point, in which you must complete two tasks for her before returning to learn Incendio. The first task is to win two rounds of the Crossed Wands Side Quests, these are duels against fellow students such as the one you completed during your first Dark Arts lesson where you learned Levioso. The second task can be completed at the same character, learning about spell combinations in battle using the practice dummy.

(1 of 2) You will have to complete two quick assignments for Professor Hecat

You will have to complete two quick assignments for Professor Hecat (left), after which she will teach you Incendio. (right)

Complete both of these tasks and return to Professor Hecat to have her teach you the incantation for the Incendio spell, your first damage-class spell and one that can pack a punch if you know how to use it.

Using Incendio in Battle

When you learn this spell, it’ll be the first time that you have more spells than you can equip right now so head to your spell list by pressing DualSense-DPad-Right and you can assign it to one of your four slots.

The role of Incendio in battle is perhaps different to what you may expect in other games with fire spells. In Hogwarts Legacy, Incendio is a spell that will deal heavy damage, at the cost of rather limited range. This means you would need to get up close to your enemies to hit them with the ability.

This is where Spell Combinations come into play, consider using Levioso to raise your target, Accio to pull them closer, and then use Incendio to hit them while they’re immobilized in the air. Not only will you deal heavy damage in this combination, but you’ll also gain back some energy for your Ancient Magic.

You can use Incendio after a combo using Levioso and Accio to deal massive damage to your enemy.

Beyond the high damage that Incendio inflicts, it will also inflict a damage-over-time effect for a few seconds and should you then cause a collision with said enemy, you’ll create an incendiary burst creating major damage over a larger area, potent indeed!

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