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All Balloon Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Craig Robinson

Balloons are just one of the many Highland collectables out and about in Hogwarts Legacy. Players will need to find 32 balloon locations across the map if they want to check these challenge rewards and 100% completionist. Luckily for you, we have found all 32 Balloon locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

Below you will find each major and minor region all separated. You will also find each section as a world overview with map markers to help you find those locations, and then scrollable images that match with the instructions on how to get each one.

All North Ford Bog & Hogsmeade Valley Balloons

As there are only a few balloons in the very north of the Highlands, we have lumped together the North Ford Bog and Hogsmeade Valley together for convenience. Please see the map overview for exact locations, followed by screenshots and notes to find each one specifically.

(1 of 4) A map overview of "North Ford Bog" iconNorth Ford Bog and "Hogsmeade Valley" iconHogsmeade Valley Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy.

  1. The first set of balloons in North Ford Bog is directly above the hamlet of "Pitt-Upon-Ford" iconPitt-Upon-Ford. Teleport, or fly over to the Hamlet’s Floo Fame, then simply look up. You can find them in a circle.
  2. The other North Bog Balloon is towards the southwest side of the Bog. You will find area with lots of waterways next to the eastern cliff. The balloons flow along the cliff and above the waterways.
  • Hogsmeade Valley: The only balloon in Hogsmeade Valley is southwest of "Upper Hogsfield" iconUpper Hogsfield Hamlet. Look southwest, and the balloons flow between the trees and the nearby hills.

All Hogwarts North & South Balloon Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

In total, you will find five balloons in the Hogwarts South region, and one in the North region. For convenience, we have lumped these six balloon locations into one section. See the map overview with the overworld balloon markers, along with notes to find each with images specifically.

(1 of 6) Map overview of Hogwarts North and South Balloon locations in Hogwarts Legacy.

  1. Madame Kagawa Assignment provides two balloon spawns here. The first is flying above "Hogsmeade" iconHogsmeade train station on the region’s east side. The other Madam Kagawa Assignment balloons are directly above the Quidditch Stadium.
  2. You can find a set of balloons directly at the southern exit of Hogwarts floating above the first cliff.
  3. There’s another set of balloons in Hogwarts South under the Viaduct train bridge. Head south from Hogsmeade Station, until you reach the large stone viaduct the train line goes over. You will find balloons near the cliff side.
  4. Continue to follow the train tracks down, and you will encounter more balloons on the west side of the train tracks, southwest of "Aranshire" iconAranshire.
  • North Hogwarts: There is a Floo Fame called the Mooncalf Den northwest of the Quidditch pitch. Teleport or fly to that, and then fly around on your broom along the map barrier. As you enter "North Hogwarts Region" iconNorth Hogwarts Region, you will find balloons curving around the barrier.

All Hogwarts Valley Balloon Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

There are seven "Hogwarts Valley" iconHogwarts Valley Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy. Below are screenshots for each one, and instruction on how to find them. We have also included a regional map with markers indicating where they are.

(1 of 9) Here are the locations of the "Hogwarts Valley" iconHogwarts Valley, "Feldcroft" iconFeldcroft and Cavern balloons on the world map.

  1. There are balloons to the east of "Brocburrow" iconBrocburrow.
  2. In the center of Hogwarts Valley, you will find a bridge that leads from the road west of Broburrow. Keep going west from the bridge, and you’ll find balloons flying above the nearby patch of trees.
  3. Follow the train line south of "Aranshire" iconAranshire, all the way close to "Keenbridge" iconKeenbridge. You will notice some balloons flying over the track.
  4. Some balloons are flying over Keenbridge, which only spawn during Madame Kagawa’s Assignment 2.
  5. To the west of Keenbridge, several balloons fly above the hill.
  6. Follow the streams southwest of Keenbridge to their source on the hill. You will encounter some balloons flying overhead.
  7. The final set of balloons are near the Goblin mine called the Mine’s Eye. Head south of the Mine’s Eye to the construction platform, and you will see balloons near the mine cart tracks.

While you’re in the region, you may as well head south and enter the Cavern with Goblin Loyalists. That’s because the Cavern balloon is in the southern entrance to the cavern.

  • "Coastal Cavern" iconCoastal Cavern: Head into the southeast side of the Coastal Cavern, and cross through the Loyalist-infested tunnel. You will get access to the north Poidsear Floo Flame when you reach the other side. Directly ahead is a collection of balloons that drop into the water below. There’s also a Field Page if you cast "Revelio" iconRevelio too!

All Feldcroft Balloon Locations in Hogwarts Legacy:

There are six "Feldcroft" iconFeldcroft Balloon locations in Hogwarts Legacy. Below are screenshots for each one, and instruction on how to find them. We have also included a regional map with markers indicating where they are. Note that this map overview also shares the markers with the Valley and the "Coastal Cavern" iconCoastal Cavern as well.

(1 of 7) Here are the locations of the "Hogwarts Valley" iconHogwarts Valley, "Feldcroft" iconFeldcroft and Cavern balloons on the world map.

  1. To the south of "Irondale" iconIrondale, you’ll find a chasm with flowing water. There are balloons in the chasm too.
  2. Go to the Floo Flame in the "Feldcroft" iconFeldcroft catacombs, and then look over the cliff’s edge. You will find a set of balloons flying over the water.
  3. Head northwest from the Catacomb Floo Flame, and you can find a set of balloons flying over a field to the south, southeast of Feldcroft Hamlet.
  4. Move towards the cliff’s edge southwest of Feldcroft Hamlet. More balloons are off the coast.
  5. Move north of Rookwood castle in Feldcroft, as you will encounter balloons in the bay
  6. Continue moving north from Rockwood castle, and then move east once you reach the cliff edge on the other side of the bay. Balloons are floating in that direction.

All Poidesar Coast and Marunweem Lake Ballons in Hogwarts Legacy

Moving on into the southern areas of the overworld, we are now targeting all the balloon locations across "Poidsear Coast" iconPoidsear Coast and "Marunweem" iconMarunweem. likewise, you can find an overworld map pins, image, alongside notes on each location and their accompanying photo.

(1 of 5) An overview of the balloon locations for this region.

  1. There are balloons at the south of the waterway on the west side of Poidsear.
  2. Fly over to the South Poidsear Floo Flame, and you will see balloons going around the southern cliff.
  3. Head northeast to the next waterway on the east side of northern Poidsear. There are once again balloons at the bottom of the waterway, where the water meets the bay.
  4. Find the Marunweem Lake Floo Flame, and then head directly east to find the next set of balloons over the cliff.

All Manor Cape, Calgmar Coast and Cragcroftshire Balloon Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Finally, we have the three remaining regions of Hogwarts Legacy, which are "Manor Cape" iconManor Cape, "Clagmar Coast" iconClagmar Coast, and "Cragcroftshire" iconCragcroftshire.

(1 of 6) An overview of the balloon locations in this area.

  1. Move towards the West Manor Cape Floo Flame, and look for the balloons floating beside the cliff’s edge on the manor’s west side.
  2. Head directly south of the manor to find more balloons floating on the west side of the cliff’s edge.
  3. Look for the South Clagmar Coast Floo Flame and head over to it. To its northwest, you will encounter balloons floating along the southern cliffside coast.
  4. Find the watery border between Clagmar and Cragcroft. Along the watery passageway, you will encounter balloons near the landbridge between both regions.
  5. The final set of balloons in Hogwarts Legacy is directly above the "Cragcroft" iconCragcrofts Hamlet.

This concludes all the Balloon location in Hogwarts Legacy. You now know where exactly to find all 32 balloons in the Highlands and complete this challenge. Need help with any other collectables? Why not read our other all collectable pages:


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