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Hogwarts Legacy

How to Catch the Flying Pages - Professor Ronen's Assignment

Nathan Garvin

Before you can begin certain main quests, you may have to meet certain requirements. These most commonly include reaching a certain level and learning specific spells. The first time this will become an issue is following the main quest Weasley After Class, where you’ll be tasked with meeting with Professor Ronen again, who will teach you the useful [Reparo] spell. Learning this spell is a prerequisite for the main quest Welcome to Hogsmeade. This page will cover how to collect the flying pages and learn the Reparo spell in Hogwart’s Legacy.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the first flying page fluttering about under an archway in the courtyard,

You’ll find the first flying page fluttering about under an archway in the courtyard, (left), while the second is floating above the stairs in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower. (right)

How to Catch the Flying Pages in Hogwarts Legacy

After talking to Professor Weasley, you’ll need to meet up with Professor Ronen, who can be found in a courtyard within The Astronomy Wing section of Hogwarts, specifically near the Transfiguration Courtyard Floo Flame. Talk to him and instead of just teaching you the Reparo spell, he’ll task you with catching two flying pages… practice, you see.

To find the first flying page, just turn southeast to find some arches leading to a broken statue. You should see the page fluttering around in the air beyond the arches. To retrieve it you’ll need to use [Accio]; just hold the DualSense-R2 / Xbox-TriggerRight button and press the corresponding button Accio is assigned to (DualSense-ButtonSquare / Xbox-ButtonX).

Once you’ve apprehended the first flying page, head through a door to the southwest, go up two flights of stairs, then turn northeast and look over the stairs you just ascended to find the second flying page fluttering about. Show off your proficiency with Accio to nab this page, too, which will complete Professor Ronen’s little assignment.

(1 of 2) Return to Professor Ronen and he’ll teach you the Reparo spell,

Return to Professor Ronen and he’ll teach you the Reparo spell, (left), which you can test out on a nearby statue. (right)

How to Learn the Reparo Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Snag both flying pages, then return to Professor Ronen in the courtyard and talk to him. This will, after some chatter, bring up the Reparo learning minigame - just press the varying button prompts along the circular path while guiding the cursor with the DualSense-Stick-L and you’ll learn Reparo.

With this new spell in your arsenal, Professor Ronen will prompt you to go give it a try by repairing a broken statue nearby. Turn southeast and pass under the arches where you caught the first flying page and use Reparo when the statue highlight - the default hotkeys should be DualSense-R2 + DualSense-ButtonCross / Xbox-TriggerRight + Xbox-ButtonA. There’s no immediate reward for this, but at least you have confirmation that your new spell works.

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