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All Collection Chests in The South Wing

Scott Peers

There’s a total of 5 Collection Chests to be found in The South Wing of Hogwarts Castle, in Hogwarts Legacy. To open all of them, you’ll need Level III in the "Alohomora" iconAlohomora spell, and you’ll also need the "Glacius" iconGlacius spell. The last puzzle in the Clock Tower Courtyard provides you with two Collection Chests in the same room. You’ll earn rewards such as Wand Handles and Conjuration recipes for these chests.

All Collection Chest Locations in The South Wing of Hogwarts Castle

Faculty Tower Collection Chests

Faculty Tower - Hidden Toad Room

Reward: Wand Handle

To find this Collection Chest, travel to the Faculty Tower Floo Flame and head south down the spiral stairs. Turn left at the bottom to see a toad sitting on a pedestal. You need to interact with this to be transported to a hidden room, where the Collection Chest can be found.

(1 of 2) Interact with the statue of the toad to enter the hidden room.

Interact with the statue of the toad to enter the hidden room. (left), You'll find the Collection Chest inside the room. (right)

Faculty Tower - Hidden Room Behind the Fire

Reward: Wand Handle

Go to the Faculty Tower Floo Flame and head down the corridor to the southwest. Turn right as it opens up to a larger space and walk through the door here. Go straight ahead up four flights of stairs until you encounter a door which requires Level III "Alohomora" iconAlohomora to unlock, just to the left of a cabinet of curiosities. Once you’ve opened the door and you’re in the room, look ahead to the fireplace. You need to use the "Glacius" iconGlacius spell on this to douse the fire, then go through it to find a hidden room up the stairs. You’ll find the Collection Chest in this room.

Clock Tower Courtyard Puzzle Collection Chests

There are three Collection Chests associated with the Clock Tower Courtyard puzzles. You will need to have access to at least Level I in the "Alohomora" iconAlohomora spell to access them, and you’ll also need the "Glacius" iconGlacius spell. The key to completing these puzzles is freezing the giant pendulum in place as it passes the same symbol on the clock mechanism which can be found on each of the puzzle doors. We’ll show you how to complete these below.

Clock Tower Courtyard - Collection Chest Puzzle 1

Reward: Conjuration

The first puzzle can be completed from the ground floor of the Clock Tower. The icon associated with the locked door here is on the far left of the mechanism, as you’re facing away from the courtyard entrance. You need to wait for the pendulum to swing to this point, then use "Glacius" iconGlacius to freeze it. The door to your right will then open, and you can enter to loot the Collection Chest. If you still need help with this, see the gif below.

Clock Tower Courtyard - Collection Chest Puzzle 2

Rewards: Conjuration and Wand Handle

The second puzzle will grant you access to a room which contains two Collection Chests. You’ll need to unlock the door to the staircase on the southern side of the ground floor using the Level I "Alohomora" iconAlohomora spell. You can then make your way up four flights of stairs until you reach a balcony. From here, turn left and go through the archway leading to more stairs. At the top of these you’ll see the pendulum swinging from a higher point, with four symbols in front of you. The door containing the Collection Chests is to your right, down one flight of stairs. Once again, you need to freeze the pendulum in place using the "Glacius" iconGlacius spell when it reaches the symbol shown on the door. You can then open it and loot both chests.


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